Potting Insulin Plants from Cuttings | Costus Igneus for Diabetes

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Africa at work and grow work and grow Ideas off-grid living becomes Self-sustaining learn to work from home Grow your own foods grow your own Medicines from cabbage to cannabis Spinach to shrooms today we're learning About the insulin plant Okay this Is the insulin plant So if you're prone to diabetes or Pre-diabetes this is a plant you may Want to work with these here are Actually clippings from my mother plant Which I'll put in a picture somewhere Over here I clipped these in probably November of Last year Uh the technical name for insulin plant Is cotus igeus I-g-e-u-s in case I didn't pronounce That right so what we're going to do Today I've just broken that one What we're going to do today is we're Going to take these and plant them in Pots so if you're into alternative Medicine herbs medicinal medicine this Is the video for you so what we have up Here we have our clippings from last Year We have a little labels We have our pots to plant them in we Have our water over here and this here Is some soil That I actually grew my cannabis plants

In And so I'm going to use this soil I put A picture of my cannabis plants up here Somewhere so let's get started we're Going to move this to the side Somewhere so I won't break it Take out one of our pots I like to Always label my pots in fact I'll label This after I get it potted So I'm basically gonna Just rake up this old soil That I use for cannabis And I'm gonna put some soil in here Try to pull it up to the top Now With the insulin plant you can take the Leaves as it grow you can actually eat The leaves if you want or you can Dr What I like to do is I'll dry them out In my hydrator And then I'll grind them up in my Grinder And I'll mix a little bit of Pepper with Them because as you know pepper Always enhances any vitamin that you Have you want to put a little bit of Pepper with them I always I try to use It maybe like four to one like if I have Four teaspoons I'll put one teaspoon of Pepper in it and then I'll put them in Capsules And I always use the organic capsules So here

We have that filled up to about there I'm gonna put a little hole in it right Here And let's start with our first one Which one comes out easier as you see They really really rooted here So they're going to be kind of Tangled Up What I'm gonna do is I'm going to Um Actually pot these and probably give Them to family and friends You could plant these out in your yard If you know someone that has diabetes You can give them a little bit of this Don't want to leave I'm outside on my Balcony so I don't want to leave the Roots out in the sun For so long so I'm going to put it just Back in this glass here Okay Then we're gonna stick this in here like So And then we're gonna top this off With some more soil I'm gonna pull it up Because I didn't put the root all the Way down When I have room for it to grow And then whoever I give it to they can Take it out and they can either re-pot It or they can put it out in your yard Okay So there we go this is all planet

So I'll take a little water here and Pour over it I like to pour the water until it comes Out of the bottom and let it drain and Sometimes as you're pouring the water Over it The soil would You'll see the soil go down some so you May have to put a little bit more soil In it Now this soil is mixed with a lot of Organic ingredients because when I grow My cannabis it's all organic No chemicals in it So it probably has Um Still a lot of nutrients still in here It's water that one Okay So this is the first plant that I have Repot it And before let's see Let's label it Insulin Plant And today is what is two oh 214. today Is actually Valentine's Day so happy Valentine's day everyone So take my label It's dry Here and then I'll just put it over here So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to Plant uh repot all of these and then I'll come back and show you

Okay so we're back and I have them all Um repotted into these plant pots here And I decided to actually put more than One plant in here just in case Um I had some left over and I'll sell Them by the time the spring and summer Comes and it should be about four plants In this one and I'll sell them for about Twenty dollars but if you look you can See that there's this is a plant that's A plant and see this little shoot coming Up here that's also going to be another Plant there and so To determine how much water to put in Like if you're feeling this right here You have the water that's falling out The bottom of it this is nice and heavy So you can tell that that plant has Enough water this one right here is kind Of light So you can basically judge by how heavy It is so I'm going to put a little bit More water in here And so we came out to have three six we Have nine plants here And the soil in another video I'll give You an um an idea of how to make your Nutrient-rich soil because that's the Soil you can grow your cannabis in You'll have organic cannabis a lot of Y'all are smoking that cannabis with Um chemicals in it so that's going to be The end of this video again I hope You've enjoyed it please subscribe and

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