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Happy Thursday Two chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with another high paying Work from home job with this company Guys you can make up to five thousand Eight hundred dollars per month be sure To smash that red subscribe button turn On that Bell notification thumbs up These videos and make sure you share we Do real giveaways on this YouTube Channel and we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers they are Absolutely free to you guys everything That we give away on the channel is free So we even pay for the shipping make Sure you go spread the word tell a Friend come back leave us a comment down Below don't forget to go back check out Their live stream guys that we posted on The channel yesterday we talked about Some skip the interview companies that Are hiring right now make sure you guys Hop over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Don't miss the boat get Omni Interactions in your basket be sure to Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job you guys are looking For and if you are looking for the Non-phone jobs go over check them out on The non blog Remember to sign up for Branded surveys The link is down below in the comment Section let's go ahead and roll into the Video so the company is called the

Hartford they are looking to feel their Workmen's compensation claim Administrator I was going to say Adjuster claim administrator position so It says here that the workers Compensation claim administrator role You will work within established Procedures in adherence to statutory Regulatory and ethical requirements our Dynamic team of claim professionals Provide superb customer service with Evaluation and disposition of claims While adhering to our corporate claims Excellence policies now at the Hartford We respect our employees for their Unique prospective ideas and solution Questions so the responsibilities Effectively manage workers compensation Claims requiring coverage and Compensation ability investigations as Identified from first notice of loss in Multiple jurisdictions identify Co-morbid conditions Prior conditions That may affect the original or ongoing Compensation ability Decision of the claim provide benefit Oversight and file disposition Appropriate for a claim complexity and Adherence to statutory guidelines for All claims so basically guys it just Sounds like you're processing the claims Making sure that everything is intact You will leverage a network of internal Partner resources such as nurses

Utilization review and subject matter Experts to help with the disposition of The claim identify and investigate Potential fraud of course red flags Inclusive of referral to SIU provide Exceptional customer service by Establishing and maintaining productive Business relationships with internal and External customers through written and Verbal communication utilize critical Thinking skills together and analyze Data info to and from inform critical Claim decisions such as coverage Analysis compensate ability decisions Escalation of injury complexity attorney Representation and potential red flags Leverage contemporary technology to Achieve accurate and efficient claim Outcomes consistently demonstrate Professional diplomacy during all Interactions with customers contribute To Courageous culture that promotes Collaboration and inclusive to maximize Operational performance and employee Engagement Embrace a culture of Continuous Improvement now there are Some qualifications for this job it says Here prior Workers Compensation Insurance claim handling is preferred Demonstrated passion for delivering a Superb customer experience ability to Meet productivity Targets in a Fast-paced team-oriented environment Excellent written and communication

Skills with the ability to resolve Service issues possess strong time Management organizational skills ability To adapt and flourish using industry Changing workflows demonstrates activity Listening to attentively meet the needs Of our customers and exhibit empathy During difficult situations ability to Self-manage competing priorities while Delivering accurate work within the key Timelines strong computer Proficiency in The MS office suite word excel Outlook And PowerPoint now a high school diploma Is the required if you have a bachelor's Degree it is only preferred you don't Have to have a bachelor's degree in Order to apply for this job it is 100 Remote as you guys can see here the pay Is 46 000 to 69 000 per year and this Company guys they will provide free Equipment so you guys can do the job so Again the company is called the Hartford They are looking to feel their workers Compensation claim administrator Position 100 remote it is full time you Do not need a degree however you will Need a high school diploma to apply for This job and the pay is 40 36 000 to 69 000 a year and the company Will provide you guys with equipment now With this company guys you will have to Do an interview so please make sure you Go over to Google before you apply type In the Hartford jot down some

Information about the company guys make Sure that you are prepared and not Surprised again the company is the Hartford make sure you share my video There will be a link posted right below The video in the description box so you Guys can apply for this one make sure You share tell a friend all of that good Stuff we are trying to get to a hundred Thousand subscribers before the end of The year so make sure guys that you tell A friend you take the video link or you Can take the blog link and share it on Your social media platforms stick it in Some Facebook groups they have plenty of Groups on Facebook where you can share This information or you can get in Messenger put all your friends in the Messenger and talk about the work from Home jobs make sure you guys hop over to Facebook join us we have a group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye and for those Of you that don't know a lot of jobs are Not posted on this YouTube channel However we do have a plethora of jobs Posted in the group some of them we have Talked about on this channel but a lot Of them we have not so stay in the loop Make sure you come over there again the Group is kiss that cubicle goodbye while You're over on Facebook make sure you Follow us on our two chicks with the Side hustle Facebook business page Because we are doing another giveaway

Over there on their platform so this Increases you guys chances of winning a Laptop again so we're going to give away Two laptops absolutely free over on Facebook make sure you guys are Following us you can tag a friend you Can share the post if you have a Facebook business page and you want to Tag us on your page you can do so you Have our permission to do that as well So make sure guys that you hop on over There and check us out we're trying to Get to a hundred thousand followers on That platform and I believe we have Right around like 52 000. so help us get To 100K on their platform as well and Then you want to follow us on Instagram So we got a lot of giveaways going on With our brand so on Instagram we're Doing a pop-up giveaway before the end Of the year right now I have no idea What we are going to give away but guys Come on over there to Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle share the Content tag a friend put us in your Stories or your reels and be sure to Tell somebody my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video Bye YouTube [Music]

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