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Happy Friday everyone I am back with Another word from home job these remote Jobs are hiring immediately so you need To jump on the bandwagon and go ahead And grab these jobs before they're no Longer available because they go just Like this okay and just make for sure That you watch the videos all the way Through because I do have some more Valuable information to share with you So we're going to go ahead and dive Right into the job okay now as you can See on the screen we're talking about Clean space they're currently seeking Bookkeeper office assistant to work from Home now even though it says Florida Don't worry about it you can still apply For the job anyway according to hiring Manager when I scroll down here I know That you want to know what the pay is Because I always want to know what I'm Getting paid too Um the pay as you can see is between 28 To 36 dollars an hour Um they do offer uh PTO as well as you Can work 20 to 25 hours a week unless a Part-time Arrangement was made so they Can consider part-time and again as you Can see on the screen immediate higher Okay so when we go into details about Um the company I always want to know Um a little bit about what who was I Working for you know what is this Company's all about clean space is a

Cleaning business with government and Commercial clients along the east coast So that's basically what it is it is a Clean business okay so when we go in a Little bit deeper about this job here When we go in you're going to verify Accuracy of billing data corrected any Errors you're going to also create Itemized statement bills in force Invoice and other necessary billing Documents which may require calculation Of credit terms shipping charges Discounts and cost of goods and then You're going to also record amounts due For item purchase or service rendered as Well as you're going to perform General A bookkeeping working on a job coach Basis which may include inner data and Maintaining records invoice and Supporting documents of amounts due for Items purchased are service rendered as Well as you may be a little firm According to hire manager but it is not A Call Center contact customers and Subcontractors to obtain verifying Update account information when Necessary it is only net when it's Necessary so it is not a call center as Well as you're going to do email Document and schedule management and Then you're going to perform other Related duties as a sign okay now When you go down and hear a little bit Further it talks about accounts payable

Too as well is what you're going to be Doing Um just going to go over briefly you Know you can read on your own time You're going to ensure that all payments Are set on time and then you're going to Submit the certified payroll sheets to The government on a monthly basis in the Form of a single PDF with a cover sheet And invoice okay and then they're hiring For multiple positions as you can see They're hiring for accounts payable and They hire for accounts receivable as Well as when you go up here they're Hiring for bookkeeping so they're hiring For other positions too as well Um they want you to be able to uh work Eastern Time Zone that is New York time And again this is admitted higher They're looking to hire somebody Immediately when you go down a little Bit uh farther here the skills that they Require you to have is good Understanding of clerical and Administration procedures excellent Written in verbal communication skills These are the skills that you need to Implement into your resume excellent Organization and time management skills Attended to details and then as well Ability to be certified for payroll Reports and then proactive and ability To solve problems as they arise and then They want you to be proficient in

Microsoft Office Suite or similar Software I tell you to go to Microsoft 365 is free if you don't know Excel PowerPoint they will show you you There's different videos that you can Learn this within five or ten minutes Okay and then the education again is Only a high school diploma or equivalent Is required and then I mean this is a Great opportunity to look at the pay Again 28.36 uh and 28 between 28 to 36 000 Hour grade mcom so if this is something You're interested in all you have to do Is Click right here apply for this job Once you click the apply for this job This is what the application look like You just put your information in Um see how easy it is put all your Information in And then you just keep feeling Everything out remember that your Application has to have some keywords in There too as well as your resume and Then you have to submit application that Is what your application Um look like so you can go ahead and Start Um performing a job so I want to say if This video has been helpful so far Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so when I upload new

Videos you'll be notified plus that will Give you more time to apply for these Jobs before they're no longer available Because these jobs go just like this I Want to tell you Is to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made for you you got to believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will go out there today and grab what is Yours Um don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It I know a lot of y'all are getting Disencouraged because you're filling out Applications and you're getting Rejections after rejections rejection is A part of life it is not the end of the World it happens to everybody it Happened to me when I was looking for a Job but you cannot give up you got to Continue to figure out and say what is I'm doing wrong is my resume tailored to Each job that I'm applying for what About my application is I'm also um Tailoring my application to the job Wreck or the job post you got to Continue to ask yourself that and Surround yourself around people that Have your best interests people that are Speaking positive and speaking life of Yourself because what happened is when You're around people that are speaking Negative events you're going to pick it

Up and you want to think positive you Can do this you could do anything if you Put God first and you put your mind to It you can do it don't ever let nobody Tell you you cannot you can I believe in You but you got to believe in yourself So go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs there Is a job with your name on it and you're Gonna find what you're seeking real soon But you have to believe everything Starts in the mind okay so go out there And apply today now you know that I Always talk about having a backup plan It all means necessary Um a lot of people want to go back to School but they cannot afford it Um it's some high school students Juniors to seniors that are uncertain About what they're going to want to do With their life and they just don't want To take out any loans which I can Understand this is something for you or If you just want a career change this is Something for you Um no experience no degree you can make Anywhere between 60k to 100K course Careers have partnered with a lot of Fortune 500 companies that are looking To hire you into a entry level position Whether it's a text sales digital Marketing or information technology People are coming out even before they Finish the course making over 80k a year

And it can happen to you A lot of times People are procrastinating okay I will Take this course but I'm going to wait Until next month I'm gonna wait to two Weeks and two years pass by and you Still haven't taken the course text Sales is high in demand if you do your Research as well as Information Technology digital marketing you can This is a life changer for so many People whether if you're struggling Living paycheck to paycheck and you need To support your family or yourself this Is a life changer for you you got to get Out there and take action and stop Procrastinating okay I am going to be Taking the course digital marketing Um real soon okay I'm gonna do it in in Next month because that is the only time That I have free time to do this But we're going to go over this here Again Tech sales is that you're on the Phone you're reaching out to potential Buyers you get paid hourly plus Commission to and the commission check Is really good for a lot of people Um there is more than 300 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 60 to 80k a year digital marketing is More than 200 000 opening jobs average Salary is 40 to 60k a year you're not on The phone with that and then Information Technology you're not on the phone with This one either it's more than 200 000

Opening jobs average starting salary of 40 to 60k a year okay now I suggest you To always go and look at the testimony Seeing what people said about course Careers because they're always Interviewing on their students that Completed the course they go back as Students that been out of the course for A year they go and see where they at This is very interesting in going and Checking out this will get you pumped up And say look I'm gonna go ahead and sign Up because I want a change in my life I Want to do something totally different I Don't want to stay in the same boat all My life it's not meant for you to Struggle it's meant for you to thrive so Um go and just watch these videos and How it works is that you need to start a Free intro course and then in the intro Course it's going to tell you all you Need to know about digital marketing Text sales and information technology And at that time you kind of tell if This is something you want to do if this Is something that you have always been Wanting to do enroll in the online Course this is a self-paced course you Can begin learning you complete the Course in a few weeks some people have Completed the course within a week if You look at the testimony or a couple Months depending on how much time you Commit you will learn everything

Required to land your first position And then you start your career you start Applying the skills you acquire from the Course in a new career they'll teach you Exactly how to let an entry level Position through Insider knowledge of How to apply to companies what they look For in resumes application how to Interview and so much more because they Partner directly with companies that Want to hire you hire you Into a entry-level position dropping the Degree and experience required for the Graduates okay now when you go down a Little bit where we're going to go up Here and I'm going to choose actually Information Technology this is what Pulls up they tell you how long is the Course eight weeks but it could be Shorter or could be longer it just Depends on how much time you depend on It it tells you the openings in the Starting salary it could be more this is The company that they are partnering With some of these companies but they're Partnered with many other companies and Then when you go down a little bit Further Um it talks about the day in the life of A information technology so you kind of Understand basically you will respond to Emails and assign and accept any new Tickets in the queue so this is more of Like a chat job here and then when you

Go down a little bit further again they Do offer flexible education they tell You the qualification really you do not Have to have a lot of experience Um to do Information Technology nor a Background it tells you what you will Learn in the class this is what you'll Go over in the class and then also These are the testimonies where you can Go and watch the video and see what Other people have to say and this is the Price again there's a free introduction Course the total price is 499 dollars But if you use my coupon code which is The rest of 50 you will receive 50 off The 4.99 or you can choose a four Payment plan of 150 where you pay every Two weeks no contract or hitting fees Along with a 14-day money-back guarantee I believe you need to go ahead and Invest in yourself in course careers has Been a life changer this has had this is A very affordable course you know that When you go to community colleges trade School University it is more over 50k or Over 100k going back to school a lot of People are are taking out loans a lot of People are in debt and with course Careers you do not have to take out any Loans it is just a one-time payment fee And they are working something out with You where you can pay either the full Fee or you can do four payments of a Hundred and fifty dollars every two

Weeks this is a great opportunity so Make sure you go ahead and sign up today That information is in my YouTube Description bar and remember make for Sure that you are watching the videos All the way through because that really Helps my channel I have valuable Information in all my videos that I Would love to share with all of y'all And my channel is all about none from Working home job leads so consider Subscribing by hitting that red button Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on your notification so every time I upload new videos you'll be notified Um if you would like to support the Channel or become a member of the YouTube channel I would love to have you All you have to do is click that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the Channel and don't forget to check out Your community tab that is where I Engage with you every single day and Remember to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it it starts with you You gotta believe if you don't believe Nobody else will so go out there and Grab what is yours today by applying for These jobs and remember to check out the Video that is peering up at the top at The bottom there are more work from home Job leads to increase your chances of

Filing a work from home job so make sure You watch those other videos too as well Again I'll see you in the next video bye

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