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Thank you hey welcome my name is Shea From dreamhomebasework.com make sure you Hit that subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel hey welcome everyone I am back Today with some more hot to work from Home job alerts today I've found a Couple of different positions that does Not involve a phone or experience and You can be able to work from home Part-time on your own schedule so keep Watching to learn more this video is Sponsored by Telus International they Are currently hiring personalized Internet assessors better known as us Raiders to basically just rate search Engine results you will basically search The internet rate text images ads and Much more this is a very easy part-time Non-phone job that you can do completely From home as long as you have a desktop Or laptop a smartphone must be a U.S Resident and also you must have an Active Gmail account you will be able to Earn 14 per hour just simply completing Basic internet search tasks so if you Are interested in applying I'll make Sure I leave the link below for you to Apply today the company that I would Like to feature today is data Force this Company has been rapidly growing over The years they have built a team of over 1.3 million people worldwide who enjoy

The flexibility and the financial Benefits of working from anywhere around The globe now I am sitting on their Official careers page and if you scroll Down there are a few remote positions That I would like to highlight that does Not involve you talking on the phone you Will see that they have a variety of Long-term and short-term projects in Different countries also in different Languages The first position that I would like to Highlight is the online data rated Position this is a remote job part-time Completely work from home you will work 10 to 20 hours per week the pay is not Stated on this job listing so that is Something that you would have to reach Out to them and just you know to find The average salary now for this position You will simply review evaluate and Report the accuracy of online search Results you will also provide Information to help improve online Search results now you will not have a Set schedule you can choose the hours That you want to work as far as the Requirements for this role you need to Be able to read and comprehend English Training materials will be provided you Will need to be able to understand Feedback must be legally eligible to Work in the U.S must be 18 years of age Must have lived in the U.S for at least

The past five consecutive years have a Reliable computer as well as Internet Connection also they are looking for you To have reliable anti-virus software so You don't you know have anything that is Spamming your computer so yes if this is Something that sounds interesting to you They don't require experience and I do Urge you to go ahead and apply right Away the next position that I would like To touch on that they are hiring for is A quality assurance specialist this Position is available in multiple Languages I want to highlight the English remote role that is flexible you Are hired as an independent contractor Which means you are responsible for Managing your own taxes they are looking For someone ASAP the starting pay is Around 21 per hour now this is a Short-term project it will only last About a week So for this role you are responsible for Reviewing written content to ensure it Complies with their guidelines as well As spelling and grammar roles they are Looking for someone that is very fluent In English or the language that you Speak in you need to have excellent Written and reading skills familiarity With Excel and Word and also this is a Part-time role of eight hours you need To be able to work at least eight hours They require a degree but that will not

Stop you from getting the job that is Just a preferred qualification so yes Apply with this company today they are Looking for people to start right away I Hope you guys really enjoyed this video And the opportunities that I share with You today don't forget to give it a Thumbs up as well as share with your Family and friends that may be looking For this type of work please also let me Know if you guys need additional help With your resume I am in the process of Getting some templates put together for Those who have experience as well as is Those that does not have experience I Want to help you guys have the best Chance of Landing a work at home job so I want to provide templates as well as Cover letters and reference Pages for You guys to access so please let me know If this will be a help to you on your Work at home journey I wish you guys Nothing but the best take care if you Are looking for more ways to make money From home as a beginner online make sure You pick up my guide 20 beginner Friendly ways to make money online with 150 companies I made sure that I did all The research for you guys I researched Over 150 companies that you guys can be Able to sign up with apply with also You'll be able to learn different ways To avoid scams how to identify if a Company is legitimate or not you know

Different sites that you can be able to Check you'll find a lot of good nuggets In this video whether you are a team Stay at home mom you are retired and you Just wanted to transition to working From home so make sure you pick up that Guide I'll leave my link in the Description box below I appreciate you Guys for watching take care guys Hey welcome back everyone I hope you Guys are having a wonderful day so far I Am back with another hot work from home Job alert I want to share several Companies that will pay you to review And edit content online you can do this Whenever you want no interview is Involved so we're going to take a quick Look into all of their websites so keep Watching to learn more

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