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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Saturday It's me Carl and I am back with an 18 an Hour part-time skip the interview work From home job but before I jump into the Video if you are looking for more Non-phone jobs data entry chat make sure You guys hop over check them out on the Non blog remember to Share the video we're trying to get to 100 000 subscribers before the end of the Year we do real giveaways on this Channel we're giving away 10 brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys just make sure you go Tell a friend spread the word come back Leave us a comment don't forget to smash The red subscribe button turn on the Bell notification and make sure you Thumbs up the videos hop over to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for Omni interactions the owner of the Company guys reached out because they Need more agents to fill these positions So make sure you guys check it out make Sure you share it with a friend this is A skip the interview beginner friendly Company so make sure you guys apply for Omni and don't forget to sign up for Branded surveys we got some people here That make upwards towards fifty dollars A day be sure to check it out the link Is down below in the comment section

Let's get into the video so the company Is litera and I hope I'm saying that Correctly they're looking to feel their Evening reading tutor work from home Position so it says here that litera Education is looking for a passionate Virtual Reading tutors to support Learners in grades k through eight now It says starting in January of 2023 the Tutors can be located in any time zone You must have availability between 4 pm And 8 PM Eastern but you can be in California Pacific or you can be in some Of the other State Central like Texas Are you ready to be a part of an amazing Fully remote team helping students Succeed now it says that their mission Supports Equitable high quality tutoring Working with students in school Districts across the United States our High dosage tutoring model pairs Students with the same tutor for two to Three sessions a week the tutoring takes Place one-on-one or in small groups During the school day or after school Sessions are typically 30 45 or 60 Minutes now for this role they're Looking for tutors to be available Between the hours of 4 pm to 8 P.M so if You're looking for something part-time Guys and again this is not a full-time Job this is a contract remote position And they do offer flexible schedules now It says the role is perfect for you if

You are interested in earning Supplemental income on with the flexible Schedule we do not guarantee a set Number of hours per week once you are Matched to students and assigned a Schedule we ask that you commit to that Schedule in order to provide the Students with a consistent tutoring Experience and to build a strong tutor Student relationship now for this one Guys the requirements experience working With students in some capacity Relatively consistent availability for a Recurring regular schedule that will Support the litera high impact tutoring Program preferred High Comfort level With online tools and Technologies now a Bachelor's degree is preferred however Guys it is not required so if you don't Have a degree you still can apply for This job strong communication and Interpersonal skills ability to Effectively instruct and engage the Students desktop or a laptop using the Chrome brow browser with a reliable and Stable internet connection you must Reside in the continental United States Alaska or Hawaii so I know we have some People that are looking for work from Home jobs that live in Hawaii so if you Are watching the video and you live in Hawaii guys you can apply for this job So this is what you guys have to do Submit your application you will

Complete a brief recorded video sharing Your interest in joining the mission Driven tutor team so it's not like You're doing an interview with someone Because the video will be recorded Attend a virtual meeting consisting of a Five-minute mock tutoring demo so the The meeting could be with another tutor Or someone from the litera company and a Mock demo is not a interview so Google That or YouTube it there are plenty of Videos on YouTube showing how to do the Mock tutorings and then you will review And sign the tutor agreement and you Must pass a background check so let's Scroll on down to the benefits you will Work 100 percent remotely with a Consistent schedule receive ongoing Support from the terra's tutor Operations team and invited to become a Part of the litera tutor virtual Community the pay rate is 18 per hour With successful completion of a Self-paced course designed to support You in delivering the provided Curriculum so I got again guys this one Is posted over on the two chicks Blog The link will be right below the video In the description box so you guys can Check out litera they are looking to Feel their evening reading tutor online Work from home job the pay is 18 an hour You can be located anywhere in the USA And the hours of operation that they're

Looking to feel so our 4 P.M to 8 P.M Eastern Standard time but you do get a Flexible schedule and you can just skip The interview and go right into the Application process so make sure you Guys go over to Google type in litera Education check out their reviews know Something about the company guys you Want to know something about the company That you are working for even though This is not a interview type of position But if you are doing that demo and you Are doing it with someone you may have Some questions to ask so jot down those Questions before you apply for this job So that way you are prepared and you are Not surprised make sure you share my Video with your friends and family Members be sure to come back over here Guys and leave us a comment down below And then you want to hop on over to Facebook and you want to join our group The name of our group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us over on our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page Because we're giving away two additional Brand new laptop computers again Absolutely free anybody can win just Come on over there follow us and then Start sharing our content or you can tag Or you can share our content to some Groups if you are joining any groups or Are if you are a part of any groups and

They let you share content please feel Free to share the content as well and Then you want to follow us on Instagram And on Twitter two chicks with the side Hustle on Twitter guys we're doing a Pop-up giveaway so this means that we Are going to pop up and give something Away on the live stream before the end Of the year and right now we have no Idea what we're going to give away so it Could be a hundred dollar cash app it Could be a hundred dollar gift card from Walmart or Amazon it could very well Much so be a brand new laptop computer You just never know what we are going to Pull out of our hats and give away so Make sure you are over there on Instagram share us in your stories put Us on some reels tag your friends your Family members on whatever we have Posted over on their platform my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye [Music]

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