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Hey hey hey this is Tangy from two Chicks with the side hustle coming at You with another work from home position But before we get started do me a favor Hit that red subscribe button also hit That Bell notification button so you can Be notified whenever we post a new video Or do a live stream and on this channel Remember sharing is caring so share one Of our videos with your friends family Anyone who is interested in working from Home and you could be entered into a Drawing to win a free laptop so make Sure you are sharing and get entered Into one of those drawings well today Guys we are going to talk about a side Hustle Um and this is a transcription type side Hustle the company is literally and what Literally is is they are a a company That focuses on reading for younger Children so basically what you will be Doing is a scorer you will be scoring And transcribing children reading so Basically uh children will be reading School-aged children and they'll be Sounding Out words and you want to make Sure uh the phonemes I think I'm Pronouncing it right uh basically uh The Consonants and the vowel phonemes and Things like that you have to be able to Type out so Um basically if you have words you need

To type it out phonetically using phone Phonemes I think that's how you Pronounce it so busy would look like B-i-z-e-e and circus and and things like That Um you know it's you would type it how It sounds so we so that is what you'll Be doing and they provide training so You will be getting Um training in how to do this so Basically how you get started is you Would go and apply on lit Literally's website and you would create An account and you would read the text Testing instructions so whenever you Transcribe you always have a set of Instructions that you need to follow so Uh you would follow those instructions They will score because you'll do like Six uh trained recordings and then you Will type those out and they will score Those and then that is how you will be Picked to work for literally so Basically the things that you transcribe They will grade those and either you Will be allowed to work or not Um basically literally plays pays per Audio minute and they start out at 50 Cent per audio minute so let's not get That get that uh confused with per Minute per audio minute so it's 50 Cent Per audio minute so say if there's a Minute worth of recording they pay 50 Cent for that minute of recording now it

May take you five minutes to type it but You're only getting paid 50 Cent for That one minute of recording I don't Want anybody to get confused with the Pay rate 50 Cent per audio minute is Different from 50 Cent per minute you're Not getting paid 50 Cent per minute You're getting paid audio minutes so if It takes you two hours to type one Minute worth of work you're making 50 Cent for that app uh two hours or Whatever so make sure you understand That before you start into the Transcription World Um so that really translates to about Thirty dollars an hour per audio hour so If you can type all of the work in an Hour you'll make thirty dollars an hour Which is great but maybe if it takes you Two hours to type 30 in audio hour so That means you'll make fifteen dollars An hour so basically a lot of people end Up making about ten dollars an hour with Literally which is good Um so which is good some people great People who are good can do Um 30 to 40 minutes of audio within an Hour which is comes to about Seventeen Fifty to twenty dollars an hour but Average it's about ten dollars but if You become good at it you can earn good Money with literally and again they pay Through PayPal so make sure you have Your PayPal

Um I would say this is a great side Hustle this is an independent contract Just click apply here this position is On our non-phone blog so make sure you Just click apply here to apply have a Great day bye-bye

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