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Foreign Everybody welcome back to my channel I Hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and I'm back with another Video for you guys and in this video Right here I'm coming to you guys with Two data entry jobs okay so of course we Love the data entry jobs and I found two In one day and I was like let me just Put them in the same video the first Data entry job is coming from the Company simply insured and make sure you Check out their career section they do Have other remote jobs but today we're Going to be talking about their data Entry associate job so this job doesn't Pay much as 15 an hour but it is a Pretty you know entry-level job and You're gonna get a two thousand dollar Annual bonus and with this job right Here you will review prepare and submit Customer applications to insurance Carriers for approval you're going to be Responsible for reviewing and compiling Necessary information ensuring the Application packet for completeness and Accuracy and verify proper formatting And submitting the application using the Carrier specified Channel you're going To also conduct administrative tests That support the submissions process and You will be collaborating with other Members of the team to quickly resolve Issues you're going to also improve

Their internal processes and identify Opportunities for gaining efficiencies With their carrier processes and you Would be a good fit for this job if you Have one to two years of experience in Customer service or sales be highly Productive also a passion for helping People and familiarity working with Support ticketing and or CRM software Tools so the application for this job Isn't long at all definitely check this One out if you are interested okay so Let's move on to the next job and this One is with the company Ashfield engage And they're looking for a healthcare Data entry specialist and this is a Full-time job it does say that it's a Temporary project with the opportunity To interview with other teams internally In terms of the compensation at the time Of me doing this video I'm not sure but If I found the pay for this job you'll See it on the screen right now with this Job right here you will be maintaining Excellent quality standards for all all Client programs you gotta accurately Transcribe and data enter information Required by individual programs and Correctly capture in specific program Databases you do need to be flexible and Have highly effective transcription and Data entry skills and you must Safeguard Patient privacy and confidentiality You're going to also manage day-to-day

Activities of patient and health care Provider support requests and you're Going to perform intake of cases and Capture all relevant information in the Case management system you'll ensure all Support requested is captured within the Case management system and Route it to Appropriate next steps using decision Tools and reference guides and you're Going to ensure timely and accurate Processing of requests including Reviewing documentation escalating Complex cases and accurately Transcribing and documenting information Received via form into client databases You would need to have your high school Diploma for this job a bachelor's degree Is preferred excellent verbal written And listening skills also knowledge of Reimbursement mechanisms for medical and Pharmacy benefits Proficiency in Reviewing intake documents proficiency With Word and Excel and analytical Thinking okay so let's look at the Application for this job it's a workday Application their applications aren't Long at all of course if you're Interested in this job or the other job You can find the links in the Description bar and of course if you Guys have any questions or any comments You can leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck

To those who apply for the jobs

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