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Happy Thursday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job no Interview Um you can start working immediately my Name is Theresa swapp and I'm going to Go ahead and dive right into this job Okay so I am talking about the company Ref rev is currently higher right now This is a free last job so you'll be a 1099 job you can work anywhere okay so You could earn money transcribing Caption or subtitle from anywhere Anytime so you can create a work a Flexible work schedule where which Allows you to work as much or as little As you want whenever you want Um this is a great opportunity if you Are trying to make extra money Um this is a great side hustle so I get Opportunity Um again I'm trying to help a lot of People you know so you won't fall short A lot of times people will go homeless Because they're gonna prepare a plan I'm Giving you a great side hustle side Opportunity that some people are making A living just doing this here you can Choose from 100 jobs enjoy selecting From a variety of projects that actually Interests you they have network of Customers means they study stream of Freelance jobs to choose from they Always costly having jobs available for You to do freelance jobs and the great

Thing about this company is you get paid Weekly you'll receive weekly payouts by PayPal for all works completed relevance On time independable I have used rev Before for closed capture and they have Been very great for what I'm doing so There is a difference with Transcriptions you're basically Listening to audio and video you're also Are actually typing what is being said You label speakers these are the ranges That you're getting per audio in video Minutes captioner is basically you're Watching the videos actual type what's Been said and you're going by the convey Sounds and you type on it with videos And the ranges are around their salary Here but you can make them a little bit More money that can add up to over a Thousand or two thousand a month it just Depends on how you work this again you Got to put in the work you know there is A saying what comes easy won't last and What last one coming easy so you will Have to put in the work to do this so Start making money in three easy steps Basically what you'll do is you're going To take a quick quiz to just demonstrate Your English language and ground skills You're going to submit a transcriptions Or capture sample which will be reviewed To ensure it meets customer quality Expectation and then if you're approved You'll be able to register and start

Earn right away so you can start Actually working today once you go Through all these these steps here okay Now this person here she said my first Week I made 70 dollars my husband gave Me the I believe it when I see it speaks So that the following Monday I was Paying my 70 and I could have been Happier here because of this company Because of the hard work I put in I'm Glad to say that I helped helped my Family so many times Financial so this Is a great opportunity now um there are Some free practice places that you can Go and practice your transcriptions it Is go transcribe Um you can play hit this play button and You can type what you hear and it will Score you as well as audio Transcriptions you're gonna go from here And type you know choose transcript test Number one two you can go and practice That too as well okay now to give you a Little bit more information about rev When we go into details I got this Information on a Blog with the work at Home woman and she talks about how much Money can you make on rev because that's A big issue for a lot of people again She goes in more to details about what Is real it's an option that many muted Intermediate transcriptions could should Consider so if you are brand new to Transcribe they will hire you as an

Entry level position as well as if you Have more experience our real works have Paid you know getting you from per audio Minute this Real review will cover Everything you need to know to help you Decide if you should apply for a Freelance transcribe or capture the role Okay so Basically rev is a popular website that Helps people get their audio and video Content converted to tax Um they offer transcription subtitle and Capture service and charge by the minute Okay so for those who don't know a lot Of times when you look at a video you See words appearing on the screen those Are texts those are captioners Um for people and people make passive Income so it says how to make money with Real transcripts transcriptionist is Like typing and you have to be pretty Fast real transcription opportunity is One of the best of remote workers you'll Be tasked with listening to audio and Video content and then you have a Caption like what I just went over you Must watch the videos and you go down They have they also have foreign Subtitle translators so if you're in a Um another country you can do that to Make passive income the job requirement Is you must have a strong English Learning skill to be able to transcribe Audio accurate you also need a desktop

Or laptop computer and reliable internet To complete your work this is a perfect Freelance job for beginners Transcription so since you don't need Any product experience and currently rev Is higher freelance in the United States Including California Australia Canada Island Mexico Netherlands at South Africa the UK so they are hiring Worldwide okay now again How much you can make we went over the Salary here but the average monthly Earnings for top transcriptions on the Platform is eight thousand four hundred And ninety five dollars per month this Could be a great side hustle to make a Little extra cash you can I am giving You uh ways of making multiple strength Income not seven but eight so you need To hop on this grab it before it goes This is a great company to work for to Make some extra cash here okay now if This video has been helpful thus far Make sure you subscribe to the channel And give this video a thumbs up and Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on your notification if you want to Receive more jobs where there are Non-phone work from home jobs 2023 no Talk or for no jobs jobs that you can Start working today Um no experiences required skip the Interview if those are the type of jobs That you want to see making sure you

Subscribe to the channel and turn on all Your notifications and I do want to Leave you some encouragement words Because I know that a lot of people are Needing this here is I always tell you Is to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made for you but it starts with you you Have to believe in your mind you have to Have that mindset that is the only way That you're going to move from point A All the way to C okay stay away from Naysayers you don't want to be around Somebody to say hey you can't find a job Nobody would never hire you you're not Able to do this put surround yourself Around positive people that are doing Things you got this and don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it if you don't know Something always Google use Google as Your friend to teach you how to do um Transcription Stuff how to type whatever The case may be learning where there are Free things out there that can get you To the next level but you got to take The action faith without works is dead So go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs I Believe in you you got this if anybody Never tell you you back is keep pushing There is a job out there with your name On it but again you have to believe go Out there today and take this job grab

This job go ahead and apply even though You don't think you're qualified they do Hire entry-level position it says in There no prior experience you can be Trained okay so go ahead and apply today For this job okay now you know that I Always talk about having a backup plan It all means necessary and again I Believe in eight multiple strengths Income not seven you need to prepare Um in case something can happen I know Passive income is like if you have your Own business but it's okay to have a Passive income but it's also fine to Have side hustles side Gates Opportunities and have a backup plan as Well and it is with course careers we All know that text sales is high in Demand digital marketing and information Technology when you do your research People are making anywhere between 60k To 120 okay and no prior experience no Degree is required of course careers Have partnered with four different Fortune 500 companies that drops the Degree experience only for course Careers graduates and you want to get on The bandwagon today and sign up because This has been a life changer for so many People Um their family their life has been Changed if you have been sitting on a Job for years and you're not moving up This is for you if you're a high school

Student a junior or senior that is Uncertain about what you want to do with Your life after you graduate from high School this is for you or maybe you just Want a career change this is for you This is for anybody that wants to change Here so how this work text fails there Are more than 300 000 opening jobs at Average starting salary is between 60 to 80k digital marketing is more than 200 000 opening jobs a average starting Salary of 40 to 60k a year information Technology is more than 200 000 opening Jobs ever started salary of 40 to 60 Kids here now digital marketing Information Technology you're not on the Phone tech sales you will be on the Phone you'll reach out to potential Buyers that are interested in buying a Product safe for example if you're Working for Google companies will reach Out to you for a particular product that Is that is selling at Google okay now I Say look at the testimonies always see What other students are saying there's a Lot of people that are speaking good Things about course careers so I Suggestion to go ahead and watch these Videos on your own time if this don't Get you pumped up I don't know what it Will this is a great opportunity where You can go and you can finish this Course less than three months because People have finished this course within

A week versus if you went to a University a trade school college you'll Be in school for four or five years come Out with a degree don't have an Experience being rejected go back to School change your major and you just Keep going doing the same thing over Again these companies will hire you Because you have course careers on on Your resume So when we go into details how it works You just sign up for their free intro Course and the interim course is going To give you more information about text Sales Information Technology as well as Digital marketing and at that particular Time you can tell if it's a good fit for You so if it's a good fit for you don't Procrastinate take action go ahead and Sign up today so you can go ahead and Change your life for yourself and your Family and then you enroll in the course Again it is a self-paced course you Complete the course in a few weeks to a Couple months depending on how much time You commit to it you will learn Everything required to land your first Position and then you start your career You'll start applying the skills you Acquire from the course in a new career You would they will teach you exactly How to label entry level position Through inside the knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for

Resume applications how they interviewed And so much more because they partner Directly with companies that want to Hire these students draw dropping their Degree in experience requirement for Their graduates okay so when I go into One of these jobs here are job titles if I choose tech sales This is what you will see again it talks About the course time the job openings And average starting salary these are One of the companies that you'll be Working for okay and then you go down it Talks about Um the career the daily life of it Responding to emails and Calendar Checking calendars researching companies And editing New Prospect making phone Calls to people your Outreach and then You go down a little bit further It tells you who is the tech sales Course for your background this is what You'll be going over in the class sales Basis sales skills if you were going to Do text sales sales technology sales Process interview prep and then here are Some more testimonies watch the Testimonies and this is how much the Price is free the introduction course is Free it is a one-time fee of 499 you Cannot go to a trade school a university A graduate school paying only 499 They're trying to make it affordable or You can do a four payment plan of a

Hundred and fifty dollars you there's no Contract or hidden fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee so make sure You go ahead and sign up today so you Can go ahead and change your life and Change your family life so go hit that Sign up button today or sign up right Here and go ahead the information is in The YouTube description bar I can use my Coupon code which is the rest of all Accounts 50 you'll receive 50 off okay So this is a great opportunity for you You may not use it share it with Somebody else that can benefit from this And again my YouTube channel is all About non-fall work at home job leads That go out every single day at 7 A.M Such a standard time make sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a five hustle if You would like to support the channel Make sure you hit the join button there Is a short video explaining the benefits Of becoming a member of the YouTube Channel make sure you check out the Community tablet all the time when I Upload new videos I post it in there When I do pose quotes when I go YouTube Live I post in there too as well Speaking of YouTube live I went YouTube Live with March 7 2023 thank you so much

To everyone that already participated And showed up if you didn't show up you Can always watch the replay there is a Replay that you go in and see what I've Talked about here again Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you have to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab one of these Years by apply for these jobs there is a Job out there being made for you and Don't forget to check out the video that Is appearing on the screen either at the Top or at the bottom there are more Remote jobs out there at least that can Help you get close to Landing a job These companies are still hiring thank You so much for watching and I'll see You in the next video bye

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