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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job Um this job is no experience needed and They will provide your equipment and you Will make 740 per week before I give you The information make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all of my videos to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third job even a side hustle and Remember this channel is all about none Phone work at home job leads they go out Every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time so if you're looking for a Work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel so Let's go ahead and dive right into the First job now we're talking about the Company core Tech they're currently Seeking Administrative Assistant to work Remotely now this is a contract position Where they want you to work one years But don't be Um Panic there's different contract Position last two three four five years And even they will hire you on permanent That permanently that's what happened to Me and as you can see on the screen the Pay is 18.50 per hour that is where I Got 740 dollars per week so what you do Is multiply I'm talking about if this is A full this is a full-time job where

They want you to work 40 hours so if you Multiply 40 times 18.50 that is how you Get seven hundred and forty dollars per Week okay now this job only requires a High school diploma or equivalent and Basically what you'll be doing is you're Going to support Finance team by Manually invoicing 150 plus cases for Their customers daily and the client When you go down a little bit further Here the client will provide your laptop Keyboard mouse Monitor and headset so This company will provide your equipment Here and then they're also saying little Or no prior Revenue experience so you Don't need any experience it's to apply For this job or get this job that is Where I came up with no experience Needed okay now to give you information About cortex it is a certified minority Owned full service Staffing firm that Focus on contract contract to permanent And direct hire professional at all Career levels so we're going to go more Into details about What you're going to be doing they're Going to want you to perform routine Data entry and when you're talking about Dating entry there are different places That you can go for free to practice Your daily entry and one of them is Officialtypaintest.com you can practice Your typing test your 10 key tests this Is the 10 key tests which is daily entry

Where you can practice the numbers and Symbols numbers only zip code and then You can also do your typing test as well As this is just type oftest.com where You can just only practice your typing Skills so I'm just trying to help you so You can take advantage of different free Tools to get you where you need to be When it talks about create and edit and Documenting spreadsheets there is a free Place that you can go and learn this I Got this information by Googling this on Microsoft 365. all you have to do is Watch the video it will teach you all You need to do for free to create an Edit file so you can get closer to Getting this job okay now when you go Down a little bit father it talks about The required skills affect communication Skills organizations strongly detailed Organization and then it talks about Strong computer skills experience Microsoft Office Word Excel and Outlook So you can go to Microsoft 365 and you Can learn word excel PowerPoint Outlook Any other things for free so if I wanted To learn word all I need to do is click On word and it takes you up to these Different things here all you need to do Is click on it and everything it will Show you a video so all you have to do Is watch the video and it's going to Walk you through so you'll be an expert On how to do Word and Excel and

PowerPoint so if you go through it for Excel and PowerPoint you will come up With it I can click on Excel so I can Show you if I'm looking for rows how to Do rows or columns there's a video that Shows you how to do it so that's why I Tell you all the time is don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs go out there and research These different things tools that you Need to do or the requirement on the job Post that you can go ahead and learn Because these jobs they're going to Train you the way that they want you to Be trained here so take advantage of That and again Um the duties that they require little Or no prior relevant experience And in this role you're going to support One or several department for Professional division heads officers our Manager you're going to coordinate Meetings and conference calls you're Going to create an edit documents Spreadsheets and presentations as well As you're going to remain knowledgeable Of business unit policy okay now again You may there is a little bit of phone Coverage according to hire manager that Means only as needed basic it's not a Call center where calls are back to back It is only as needed that means every Once in a while so you may have to you Know just reach out just a little bit or

Answer just a little and again it's a Little foam it's not call centers you May not have to do that within five Months or so so if you're interested in Applying for the job this is a great Opportunity make sure you go ahead and Apply right here where it says apply for This job today okay now don't this point Qualify yourself before you apply for These jobs okay I gave you in free Information to go in and learn the Skills you need to get this job you know Knowledge is power take advantage of Google Google is your friend if you Don't know anything Google it people are Teaching you how to do everything as you Can see how to do work how to do Excel How to do PowerPoint how to do daily Interest get you started so you can go Ahead and apply for this position in Order to get this job too many times we Don't have confidence in ourselves we Don't believe in ourselves we think that We can't get a job nothing good can go Our way you you know you got to get it's All start in the mind you have to speak Life over yourself I keep saying the Power of the tongue determines life and Death if you say something it will come To fruition but you got to speak life Over yourself and say look I'm going to Learn this I'm gonna use the free to to Get me to from point A to point Z and Big consistent in your job search is

What's going to get there you have to be Applying if you really really need a Work from home job or a side hustle you Need to be applying every single day Spending an hour to applying for Different positions and setting yourself Up just in case if something happened to You on your job like it happened to me Before you remember I was telling you About Um I went I changed jobs and I went There and they lied and said that I was Talking and they fired me had I not Planted that seed four five six months Ago I would never had that job offer Where they find me on that Friday four Hours after I got fired a company that I Applied for like three four five months Ago call me in for an interview on that Same day and I was hired on the spot had I not did that I would not had a job to Go to Monday so always get out there and Put your applications out there are Resumes out there I don't care if you Have to go through 10 000 jobs applying For jobs within that ten thousand job You're going to have multiple Multiple positions that they're going to Offer you jobs so you're gonna have to Make a decision on which job that you Want to get so go out there and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Today keep pushing don't give up there Is a job out there waiting for you but

You got to take the first step is to go And apply today for these jobs so go on Out there and apply today now I am Talking about a great online course that You can go and you can take and you Don't have to have experience or degree Is required if you do your research Research text sales and information Technology is high in demand here and to Give you a little information about text Sales Tech sales you're going to be on The phone because you're going to be Reaching out to potential buyers Um that are interested into your Products like if you're working for Google Now information technology is More of a chat job where you are dealing With customers through queues and Tickets so if you're aiming you don't Want to be on the phone then you need to Go for information technology and if you Don't care on which one then you can do You know make a charts on if you want to Do technology sales or information Technology but Tech sales is over more Than 300 000 opening jobs right now and You can make anywhere between 60k to 80k A year information technology is more Than 200 000 open jobs and you can make Anywhere between 40 and 60k a year now I Always say go and check out the Testimonies because this is very Important so you can see what everybody Have to say now the testimony is great

Is that this girl is 19 years old and She works at Starbucks again you have to Start somewhere and I don't think it's Meant to be at a particular place for a Year two years especially if you're not Moving up she was not moving up at Starbucks she was a manager she was only Getting paid 17 an hour and she ran Across course careers took the course And now she's making 60k a year working From home and this can happen to you the First step that you have to do is sign Up for the free introduction course and Basically what the free introduction Course is going to do is going to give You all the information you need about Information technology and to become a Text cell to see if it's the right fit For you once you feel out that it is a Good fit for you to stop procrastinate Go ahead and sign up today it is a Online self-paced course that literally Takes some people few weeks to a couple Months depending on how much time you Commit and you will learn everything Required to land your first position and The great thing about this course Careers Is that they have an internship where You get paid 15 to 20 dollars an hour And you work for a company for three Months you're gaining your experience a Lot of people know when you go to College you go out there you get the

Degree and you go out there and apply For jobs so guess what you can't find a Job because you don't have the Experience and what do people do they go Back to school change they major get Another Um Major and they get that degree and they Come out and it's the same thing they Don't have a degree with course careers You're getting the experience you're Getting paid to get the experience where It is easy for you to go out there and Get a job it is a win-win we also know That everybody's not going to get a Full-blown scholarship some people are Going to get a full ride scholarship Some people may get a scholarship but It's not enough to pay for your tuition Okay and a lot of people do not go to College because they don't have the font So if you know someone out there a high School student uh that are Juniors and Seniors and uncertain about Um what to do with their life tell them About course careers if you are looking For a career change or if you've been to College and you just want to do Something totally different this is for You okay so take advantage of this so What once you get through going through The course that you will start applying The skills you learn from the course They will teach you exactly how to land

An entry level position or internship by Giving you an insight outer knowledge of How to apply companies what they look For in your resume application how to Prepare for interviews and so much more They have partnered with companies that Want to hire students into entry-level Position and internships dropping the Degree and experience requirement for Course careers guidelines and it is a Win-win situation but anytime when you Talk about a course it is very Affordable okay it's only 499 dollars How much will it cost if you went to a Community college how much will it cost If you went to a university a trade School graduate school you'd be out of 100K a year or more All you have to do is pay 499 or you can Do a four payment plan of a hundred and Fifty dollars every two weeks they're Making it convenience for you and they Are so guaranteed that you're going to Do really well in this course is they Have a 14 day money back guarantee all You have to do is Um contact them they the course is fully Refundable within 14 days of purchase no Courses ads all you do again is contact Them and they will refund your money on The average you would make over 800 a Week as a help desk professional so Basically the course pays for itself During just the first four days on the

Job take advantage of this Text cells is in demand right now Information technology is a demand You got to take the steps the first step Um this will change your life making Over 100k a year a lot of people need That cost of living is going up but your Pay rate is their pay rate rate is Staying the same so if you ever wanted To be a tech sell or information Technology this is your time to go ahead And sign up today and get started um the First step is take the free introduction Course to see if it's a good fit if it's A good fit sign up and start taking the Course today this is a great opportunity To change your life and be successful in This and start making money today so go Ahead and take advantage of it again it Is in the information it's in the YouTube description bar and remember Subscribe to the channel click that red Button don't forget to turn on your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you will be notified And if you would like to be a part of The member YouTube membership you're Welcome to join click that join button There's a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member check out The community tab that is where I engage With you all the time remember watch the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in all of my

Videos and this is a non-foam work from Home job Um YouTube channel and remember don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it you got To keep pushing got to believe and you Have to keep applying because there is a Job out there with your name on it so go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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