Teleperformance Pay $18 to $21 per hr |Mandarin Interpreter/Work from Home Review US & International

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Teleperformance pays 18 to 21 per hour Mandarin interpreter work from home Review Africa at work from home jobs Pronounced AF free QT Teleperformance Language line Solutions Link in Description job title Mandarin Interpreter under the category of Teaching this as a remote work at home Job for all anywhere in United States This is a full-time position Note 1 Review was from a Russian interpreter so We have reason to believe this position May be open to International candidates Please check pays 18.50 per hour job description work at Home bilingual Mandarin to English video Interpreter Video Phone interpreter Offers paid interpreter training and Continuous development medical dental Vision EAP accident Insurance disability 401K employee referral and advancement You will be responsible for handling Calls on demand and rendering the Meaning of conversations between English And Mandarin speakers You will work from your remote home Office it is essential to ensure a quiet And secure environment must maintain Punctuality and availability during Scheduled work hours Qualifications fluent in Mandarin and English ability to provide cultural Competency and an excellent listening Skills must be adapt to LLS technology

Must be 18 years of age legally Authorized to work in the United States High school diploma or equivalent Based on your location a post offer a Pre-employment and or drug screening may Be required you will need a high-speed Internet connection no less than 5 Megabits per second and upload speed of 3 megabits per second Your home office should provide space For a backdrop five feet by seven feet A direct connection from modem to Desktop or laptop must be able to Operate keyboard mouse webcam and use a Headset for prolonged periods of time Must be able to use company provided Software and systems this job will be Opened until filled under the eeoa Indeed rates Teleperformance 3.5 stars On reviews there are over 36 000 mixed Job reviews with over 12 000 being 5 Stars over 8 000 being 4 stars over 7000 Being 3 stars and over 5000 being one Star One former Telephone video interpreter Rates three stars says None there was a Lack of communication within management Another former employee from Russian Rates five stars and says a great and Friendly place to work Due to varying ratings let's read and See what others have to say [Music] Thank you

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