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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back I'm back with Another video for you guys and in this Video right here we're going to be Talking about five insurance companies That have work from home jobs okay so I Wanted to go ahead and bring you guys This video because I've never done a Video like this on the channel of course You've seen a few insurance companies Here and there but I want to come to you Guys with a list of insurance companies That have work from home jobs they also Have hybrid jobs and on top of that some Of these companies will provide you with Equipment so what I'm gonna do is I'm Gonna go over the companies and show you What jobs they have at the time of me Filming this video I cannot promise that These jobs will be open at the time that This video goes live so this is for Informational purposes keep these Companies on your radar if you are Interested in applying for jobs with These companies so let's go ahead and Get straight into it the first company We're going to be talking about is the General of course we've seen plenty of Commercials with the general and again They do have remote jobs they don't have A whole lot but they do have a few so to Go to their career section you would Simply go to about the general and go to

Careers and then you can view their Current job openings okay so let's go Ahead and try to see what they have so They're showing you some hybrid jobs Right off top and then they're also Showing you some jobs that are open to Remote so let's just go ahead and just Say remote if that's what you're looking For oh let's see here what they have at The time of me filming this video to Have a senior field appraiser that's a Remote job they also have a specialty Claims adjuster that's going to be a Hybrid job so they also have the auto Liability claims adjuster too let's Click on it and see what this job is all About so as you see they're giving you a Minimum compensation and a maximum Compensation so yeah I like the fact That they let you know the minimum and The maximum compensation they do have a Work day application so workday Applications are pretty pretty quick so You know won't take you long to apply For any job with this company if you're Interested okay the next company on the List is going to be Progressive and I Have applied and interviewed with Progressives if that video is not Already out that video should be out Soon I did tell you guys all about my Interview experience and the experience That I had with Progressive and just to Let you know they do respond pretty

Quickly regarding their jobs okay so Let's go ahead and try to see what jobs They have Progressive generally has all Types of jobs between claims adjusting And customer service jobs so it's just Gonna depend on you and what exactly You're looking for you can filter out The jobs to say remote or you can just Scroll the list it's totally up to you But most of these jobs are going to be Remote jobs so as you see they have the Call center Representatives at the time Of me doing this video and their costs And representatives they used to pay Around 16 an hour but they have raised The rates so now these jobs pay between Like 19 and 21 an hour and they look to Be hiring for March of 2023 so if this Is something you're interested in Definitely go ahead and check them out Now Progressive will provide you with The equipment and they'll also you know Help you get your license if you need a License for the particular job that You're applying for they definitely Offer you a lot and the interview with Them is not too bad like I said I did a Video on that it should be coming out Soon or it's already out they also have Centralized claim adjusters insurance Agents administrative assistants so they Have quite a few remote jobs and they're Always hiring for remote jobs so you Don't ever have to you know wonder if

They're hiring they are always hiring so Definitely check them out some positions Include a five thousand dollar starting Bonus so we're gonna go ahead and move On to the next company and the next Company is going to be Bloom so the Company Bloom insurance has merged with Advice so now they're pretty much called Advise but I do have some subscribers That did get hired with Bloom now they Don't have quite a few jobs at the time Of me doing this video These are the Jobs that they have now and the ones That don't mention a city and state are Remote so let's look at The Client Solutions manager I do have some Subscribers that I've gotten hired as Quality assurance reps with this company So definitely check them out and see What they have you can go to Glassdoor To find out the pay for some of these Jobs most of the time Glassdoor will Have that information for you definitely Check out Bloom like I said they tend to Have quite a few remote jobs at a time So maybe at the time that I come out With this video they will have a few More for you so now we're going to move On to the next company that's going to Be Nationwide so yes Nationwide does Have remote jobs as well and Nationwide We'll get back to you quickly whether It's denying you or letting you know That you are moving on to the next step

Of their process so let's take a look And see what they have and again you can Just type in remote to just filter those Out you can type in hybrid totally up to You but as you see here 195 jobs found At the time of me filming this video Tons of different jobs now if you're Looking for a specific type of job you Can go here and just pick which one You're looking for whether it's going to Be sales technology claims legal Customer service you can definitely just Filter those out save yourself some time And then those jobs will come up for you So let's look at the claims specialist Again they do have some jobs that are Starting in January interviewing is Going to start in January start dates in February so yeah they have quite a few Jobs here they also have some sign-on Bonus jobs as well and again this is Going to be a work day job a work day Application and as I said those don't Take long once you autofill your resume Most of everything will be pre refilled For you so it won't be a long Application process for you at all so Let's go ahead and move on to the next Company that is going to be Allstate and Allstate has been featured on YouTube as A company that has work from home jobs For many many years so nothing new to See here but I still want to go ahead And show it to you guys now I will say

Allstate will provide you with the Equipment for their job so that's good But they do have corporate careers Agency careers of course you would check On the corporate careers and you can Just learn and search there we have Administrator jobs they have information Security product manager staff internal Auditor they also have Regulatory Compliance lead so quite a few remote Jobs in many different areas of course If you're looking for your entry-level Customer service you can find that also And they do have some sign-on bonuses With some of their jobs also and I don't Remember them to have long applications With their jobs I've applied with them Before they can take a while to respond Just depending on what type of job You're applying for they do have Benefits and everything and like I said You can watch videos on them you can Read reviews and just kind of see you Know which type of job that you would be Interested in so definitely go ahead and Check them out last but not least guys We have State Farm and State Farm has Remote jobs also now they don't always Have a whole bunch of jobs in a whole Bunch of areas but they do have remote Jobs they tend to have mainly hybrid Jobs but again they do have remote you Just have to look and find those and you Can just go to join their corporate team

You can also go to the different Categories to see what they have so Let's just say you want to do customer Service you can check that out you can Also type work from home they are very State specific with their jobs so keep That in mind candidates that reside Outside of the state of Nebraska will Not be considered for this this Particular job so make sure you're Paying attention to all of that but some Of their jobs do have sign on bonuses as Well I've never applied with State Farm That I know of so I'm not sure if their Application process is long I've seen This type of application before most of The times it doesn't look to be too long So definitely go ahead and check them Out but yeah I just wanted to go ahead And come to you guys with this video Just letting you know some insurance Companies that do hire for you to work From home if you do have experience with Insurance definitely check these Companies out and see if they have Something that you'll be interested in I'll leave their career sections in the Description bar for you to check out so You already know if you have any Questions or comments you can leave Those below and as usual I thank you Guys so much for watching and I'll see You in the next one

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