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Foreign Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and this one right here is coming From the company Takaya tree okay and They're currently looking for a Performance coach a quality assurance Customer support rep and if you know Anything about these jobs you're not Going to be talking on the phone but you Will be monitoring phone calls and Emails so it's a pretty cool job okay We're gonna get into the details you can Work this job remotely from anywhere I'm Assuming they're saying anywhere in the U.S so let's go ahead and get straight Into it you're going to be responsible For monitoring and measuring the quality Of inbound and outbound calls workflows Emails and text of the PCC agents you're Going to motivate and Coach agents to Improve performance while tracking and Documenting quality sessions and Performance Trends okay so with this job Right here they want you to have two Plus years of experience and quality Assurance related to monitoring and Coaching for performance and a call Center environment you must be Experienced with detailed auditing Across multiple channels and workflows And previous experience with providing Feedback to leaders identifying Trends

And making recommendations you do need To be comfortable motivating and Developing top performers while holding Agents to minimum performance and Process standards and you do need to be Organized previous experience working in A fast-paced or startup environment is a Plus an exceptional written in oral Communication skills so with this job Right here you can work remotely across The us or you can work in their Headquarters in NYC they do have Benefits and the shop does pay between 50k and 55k annually and they do have a Pretty quick application as well okay of Course if you're interested in applying For this job you can find the link in The description bar if you guys have any Questions or any comments feel free to Leave those below and as usual I thank You guys so much for watching I'll see You in my next video and good luck to Those who apply for the job

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