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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They are hiring Amelie so make for sure That you jump on the bandwagon today not Tomorrow not next week but today and go Ahead and apply for these jobs because These jobs go just like this so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're talking about the company's dye Flow they're currently seeking marketing Research analysts to work from home okay When you look at here Zola zoflow is Looking to hire somebody to work Immediately they have an immediate Opening for this position here okay so You want to go ahead and jump on the Bandwagon today before this job is no Longer available this is an excellent Position for someone who is independent And looking to establish and re-find Their SAS marketing skills and expertise Okay now when you go down here a little Bit further some of your primary Responsibility is to identify the Personal appropriate contacts for the Account based marketing activities your Efforts will have a direct daily impact On your growth in terms of both Awareness and revenue this road will Touch a wide range of marketing distance Operation brand product demand Communication and analyze the sets of Execute campaign based on defined Objectives now when I went and

Researched what is the salary for this Position again the starting salary is Thirty dollars per hour according to Glassdoor it could be more if you have More experience okay now when you go in They're talking about the perfect Candidate for this position you know Your way around both Microsoft and G Suite so if you don't know Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint you can always go To Microsoft 365 they do have free Things that you can learn word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft Teams and in assets take advantage of All these free things always Google Things also if you don't know G Suite Suite you can Google learn G suite for Free these are all the things that came Up on Google and you can just click on These things and it takes you to free Um things where you can learn G Suite in Within five minutes so you can go ahead And apply for the job okay and then you They also want you to have Proficiency In English and you're not scared to use Your skills and speak and write fluent Again you have good relationship with Microsoft Excel Our Google spreadsheets and had an Opportunity to use it in your Professional work environment Um you have no trouble collaborating Remotely a troubleshooting minor Technology issues on your end you know

How to explain what you do to your Grandparents your detail or do you Understand the importance of correct Data and higher issues you have are a Great combination of team players an Independent person you're able to work Independently but also open to Collaborate and bring amazing atmosphere To your team and then here are some of Your responsibilities again you're going To identify in sourcing contact Information for personal specific roles For their account based marketing Activities you're going to keep their Database cleaning up to date you're Going to be working within their Marketing system to identify new Segments and opportunities pursue suede By campaign okay and then also Um again this is a great opportunity for Someone and if you feel like you're a Good fit for this position and all you To do is scroll down and click out this Information and hit apply some Application alone some applications are Short and again they are hiring Immediately so you need to jump on the Bag wagon today and apply for this job I Want to leave some encouragement words With you because so many people just Need somebody just to encourage them and Tell them everything is going to be all Right I don't care if you're in the Process you need a job you know

Everybody needs a job to pay their bills You know if you don't have a job just Remember God is going to provide for you Until he found that job that you're Looking for It takes time for so many people to file A job some people found a job within a Month some people found a job within a Week or two but you staying in your own Lane okay your race is different you got To keep applying every single day for These jobs you got to keep pushing you Got to keep applying and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs too many times people look at A job and they talk theirself out of it I don't have the experience I've never Done marketing research analysts before I've never done this okay even though You may not done the job before you got To go in and try you have to have a will In mind a willing heart a willing Spirit In order to get these jobs nobody is Better than you the only difference that A lot of people have is they have the Heart okay that's on anything running Track running a business going back to School when you compare apples to apples You compare other people to you they're Nothing nobody's different they're not Different the only difference is they Have a heart they have a willing mind And will the spirit to go out there and Make it work and you have to be the same

Way I get a lot of people not getting Encouragement words you can't get Encouraging words for your family your Friends Um co-workers neighbors nobody encourage You but I'm here today to encourage you And say you got this you can do this you Know you got to keep pushing you gotta Have faith and don't give up okay these Jobs there are tons and tons of remote Jobs out there okay and so many people Get scared because there's so many People applying for one job so what if a Lot of people applying for one job there Is a job being made for you you have to Make sure that your resume is tailored To each job that you're applying for and You got to go out there and grab what is Yours today okay stop speaking death of Yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death you got this And stop progressing a lot of people Well I will wait till tomorrow to apply I will wait to next week These jobs move just like this you got To make a decision to go ahead and apply Today even though you're not interested In a job go out there and take action And apply you don't want to be homeless Nobody don't have no reason to be Homeless out there you just gotta apply For these jobs even though you don't Feel like it and you just think in your Mind that nobody's not going to give you

A chance somebody's going to give you a Chance okay you got to believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will okay go out There today today not tomorrow not next Week and growl what is yours remember Everything starts in the mind if you Speak life over yourself and Speak Life Over your mind you could do anything and Go out there and plant the seed because When you plant the seed you're gonna Reap everything that's gonna come to you In fresh and everything is going to Happen Um and you'll have so many job openings That you never thought that you doors Would ever open you're gonna get all of That inviting call but calls from these Um employers but you got to believe okay If you don't know something use Google As your friend to go out there to Research so you can get out of here and Get these jobs okay stop making excuses And take action faith without works is Dead so go out there today and apply for These jobs you got this I believe in you Go out there and grab what is yours okay Today by applying for these jobs okay Now you know that I always talk about The importance of having multiple Strains of income because you never know What can happen I believe in eight not Seven and I say all the time is not Greed it's about preparing and planning

Too many times people fall short because They don't plan and prepare Um there is a story Um that um I read it says the drowning Man it talks about that it was a flood And God send three people to help him he Sends somebody in a motorboat a robot a Rowboat and a helicopter and then when He drowned and went to heaven he asked God why did you save me and God said I Sent three people I send a roll boat I Set a motorboat and a helicopter and God Send people your way to tell you to do Things that are the right things and People don't listen and they fall short I'm here to help you not only just give You non-phone work at home job at least They go out every single day at 7 A.M Just at a time but to help you to have a Back backup plan you should always have Multiple strains of income you should Never get complacent with one job okay You never know what can happen People loses their jobs every single day I've lost my job in the past and I say I'm always have multiple strains of Income going in just in case of some Happen and that is why I'm talking about Book vote for those who don't know what Book boat is it is a place where you can Create low content books like journals Log book Diaries coloring books coloring Pages all made in Book boat and if you Do your research people are making

Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books and you could do the same thing But yes you got to put in the work will Come easy on last and what last will Come easy okay now the great thing about Bookboat is you can always research the Product before you actually make it you Can spy on your competitors to see what Kind of keywords that they're using and You can Implement those in your titles And description not to copy but to be Expired and then when you scroll down Here this is bookboat bookboat has a new Studio they have upgraded they have Cover craters interior designs drag and Drop editors complete customization over A thousand two hundred plus free fund Months more than one million royalties Free image pattern scalables designs Filter and much more and all of this is In Book boat and again you're able to Make puzzle books activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience and yes people buy these Books every single day don't listen to People that tell you that they don't buy These books people buy these books every Single day okay so don't stop making Excuses About not making these books people sell Them every single day okay

Now if I go to Interior wizard I do not have to make my interior for me You know it's already done You can make notebook compositions College rules journals music sheets Career plans uh monthly to-do list uh Mood trackers online shopping trackers You get the picture you can make these And be passionate about it and you can Um constantly mix and match things to Make it unique in your own way but for The sake of the video I'm just gonna do A birthday reminder you have a choice to Do paperback or hardcover or you can do Both I always do paperback eight by five Eleven Um I do 120 pages and I'm gonna hit Um the birthday reminder and I'm gonna Hit download So you can see what I'm talking about And this is Your interior right here if I was Pleased with this then this is what I Would download to Amazon kdb now like I Always say in all of my videos I am not A graphic designer and you don't have to Be a graphic designer you can go on Fiverr and pay someone to create a Unique cover for your Um low content books and you can make Passive income creating these okay so This is a great opportunity for someone Anytime you're talking about a business Opportunity there are going to be

Pricing and I believe that it's very Affordable okay you have two prices you Have new newbie 9.99 per month and That's for newbie Pro is 19.99 per month The only difference is with the pro You're getting the puzzle creation Software included but if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of sweat All in lower cases all that information Is in the YouTube description bar you Will get 20 off the 9.99 per month and That is Lifetime y'all lifetime forever Or if you choose the 1999 per month You'll get 20 off of that night of the 1999 and that is Lifetime forever okay I Am actually doing Book boat too I'm not Just talking to giving you the Information I have been doing book for Like six or seven months now creating my Favorite thing to create is puzzle books And coloring books and I have made some Money off of that you know I want to Make a passive income where I'm at a Thousand to ten thousand a month making Extra money but if I'm making 700 that's Better than anything Um this is a great platform very easy You could be anywhere in the world you Could be in the United States out of the Country you don't have to have the Experience to do this and you can watch Their tutorials once you sign up there Is tons of tutorials where you can go And watch the tutorials um I made a

Complete full video where I walk you Through how easy it is to make a Coloring book make sure you check that Out the information is in the YouTube Description bar again this is a great Opportunity for you to to go ahead and Get started again stop procrastinate you Got to go ahead and take action remember Never think that you're not replaceable While pictures are replaceable Furniture Is replaceable and you can be replaced By any time get up to date and take Action so you can provide for your Family leave a legacy for your children Children and don't have to worry about Where's your next money come in a lot of People I know cannot afford to buy Groceries cannot afford to um Get a new car and their car is out Cannot afford to get gas put gas in Their car and when you have multiple Strays of income that will help all of This worrying about you know where's Your next money going to come in so make Sure you sign up if you sign up today You can start creating low content books Today anybody can do it a middle school Student Elementary a high school get out There and grab your backup plan today Have multiple strains of income going on I know it's hard but start doing it now Don't wait until the lights go off Before you take action take action today Okay and remember

Um make sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through my channel is All about none phone work at home job Leads to go out every single day at 7am Central Standard Time make sure you're Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button don't forget to click on The Bell to turn all your notifications So every time I upload new videos you'll Be notified and it will give you plenty Of opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go just like this They go quickly and make for sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle if You would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel Hit that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that's already a Member of the YouTube channel I really Appreciate you don't forget to check out Your community tab that is where I Engage with you when you tell me that You got a job I want everybody in the Community tab to know because we're Family Um when you finish course careers I post About a young lady that finished course Careers I want to share that with

Everybody and let people know so check Out the community tab I do pose I post Quotes and everything and last but not Least remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up and also don't Disqualify yourself before you you apply For these jobs let the company do it Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today not tomorrow not next Week but today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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