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Happy Tuesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job now I am Talking about these work from home jobs They will curly they're hiring Immediately so you need to get on the Bandwagon and go ahead and apply for These jobs because these jobs move Quickly so we're going to go ahead and Dive right into the job now we're Talking about the company healthy woman They're currently seeking Administrative Assistant to editorial director they Reached out to me they are currently Hiring immediately did I did you hear What I'm saying they're hiring really Really fast so to go into details about It again this is a fast-paced Organization seeking a highly organized Administrative Assistant to support the Editorial director in producing a high Volume of high quality content key Aspects of the roles or founding Subjects and the source for storage as Well as helping keeping the editorial Department organized if this sounds like You then this is a good fit for you you Need to go ahead and apply again this is A fully remote role candidate must be in The U.S space and able to work on East Coast hours and the pay according to Glassdoor is twenty dollars an hour it Could be more remember you can always Negotiate your salary if you have more Experience you can all always go and

Negotiate your salary where you can make Forty fifty dollars an hour doing this So you know keep that in mind so Basically what you're going to be doing As Administrative Assistant you're going To use the internet and social media to Found subjects and sources for stories You're going to organize and update Multiple content calendars you're going To keep track of freelance due dates and Assignments you're going to handle Multiple projects at one time you're Going to write letters and emails on Behalf of editorial director you're Going to provide polite and professional Communication you're going to perform Additional tasks as needed by the Editorial team again this is a non-phone Work at home job lead And to give you information about you These are the key words that you need to Implement in your resume okay strong Research skills deep familiar with use Of Internet Facebook Twitter and Instagram into found sources strong Organization skills that's a key word Strong attention to details excellent Writing skills analytical ability Expertise in Google Suite is a keyword Healthy sense of humor again this Position is considered a part-time job Working 30 hours a week position this is A three-month contract to start even Though it says a contract if you go in

And you do your best there's companies That will hire you on permanent this can Last forever okay because that happened To me before in the past 100 remote Candidate must be able to work on an Easter time New York time zone schedule In order to attend virtual meetings and If this sounds like if you want to apply You will have to send your cover letter And resume to Kim Ledgerwood at this Email address okay then these jobs move Quickly you know people are saying oh Wow these jobs are going really fast These jobs are going like hotcakes y'all So if you come across this job and it's No longer available don't get pain panic Mode what you need to do is you can Scroll down this is the same job right You scroll down to where it says job Opportunities click on that and it will Bring you other jobs that you can go Ahead and apply for other jobs if you Feel like you're a good fit always Explore within the company to see if There's any other jobs that may be a Good match for you okay so that's all You need to do make sure you go ahead And apply today don't delay and always Use Google as your friend like I always Say it's the Google things you know um To understand like content creating Content calendars Research things on how can you be better On that job that's how I do all the time

Companies are looking for things if you Can research if you can research that is A great skill that you need to have okay So always use Google as your friend and I want to leave encouragement words with You because so many people need this Today Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there for you but you Got to believe in yourself if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will go Out there today and grab what is yours Too many times people are just at the Finish line and they just want to give Up stop worrying about what other people Are doing and start worrying about ways That you can do better what can I do to Tailor my resume to stand out from the Crowd what can I do Um to stand out that's what you got to Ask yourself what can I do to stand out Even though there's a lot of people that Applying for the jobs that don't mean That you can't get the job there is a Job for you but you got to keep the Faith you got to believe too many times People just quit before they know what The outcome is We All Fall Down Including me but it's up to you if You're going to stay down if I'm a fall Down I'm gonna get up with class yeah She might have to cry crying is a part Of life it doesn't make you a weak woman A weak man you just got to get out there

And hustle this and go out there and Grab what is yours because there is a Job out there for you but you got to Believe okay you have to believe you got This I get it a lot of people don't have People backing them up encouraging them Telling them to go apply for the job you Can do it I experienced that every day You know some days in my life I grew up Where I didn't have people encouraging Me and telling me that I can do this but God believed in me and I believed in Myself and you got to be the same way You know I get it sometimes people are Not blessed they have family that's Going to support them on whatever they Do it doesn't matter if you're applying For a job or a business but you got to Believe in yourself if you believe in Yourself good things will happen you Will reap the benefits plant the seed How you plant the seed is get out there And apply for these jobs today and then How you keep making that seed grow into A beautiful flower is keep applying Don't get complacent a lot of people get On these jobs and they say oh I don't Have to apply anymore no even though you Have a full-time job a part-time job a Side hustle whatever it may be still Apply for other opportunities because You never know what can occur okay you Never know what can occur so go out There and grab what is yours by applying

For these jobs also I want you to be Able to go and practice your typing Skills because that is one skills that You need to have when you're applying For these jobs hiring managers Recruiters are not going to train you You have to know how to type you can use as well as a official type Of test this is free 99 to you so go out There and uh take advantage of this here Okay Now you know that I'm always talking About multiple strains of income I Believe in not seven but eight multiple Strains of income okay when you go to a Police assets 11 and 8 it tells you that You need to plan and prepare because you Never know what could happen on this Land and it's not greed it is preparing And planting too many times people fall Short because they don't plan and they Don't prepare and that's why a lot of People are homeless have multiple Strains of mcom use the job that you Have now as a crutch to invest in Yourself okay you want to leave a legacy For your children and children and you Can do that with bookboat for those who Don't know if you do your research People make anywhere between a thousand To ten thousand a month creating low Content books as you can see on the Screen you can see some of the the low Content books and low content books are

Journals law books Diaries coloring Books coloring pages and it's just too Many to name you can make this in Book Boat and upload it to Amazon kdb but yes You got to put in the work what come Easy won't last what lasts will come Easy and the great thing about bookboat Is that you can spy on your competitors And see what kind of keywords they're Using not the copy but to be expired as Well as you can see what is selling you Know before you even make that journal You can see what Journal is selling and You kind of look at and say how can I Make this journal better than what this Particular person and it's making as Well as book box Studio has upgraded They have cover craters interior designs Drag and drop editors complete Customization over 1 200 plus free fonts More than one million royalties free Image pattern scalables design filter in Much more all in Book boat okay When you scroll down you can make Possible books those are hot puzzle Books people are killing it on Amazon Kdb they are selling these puzzle books They're selling it for different Occasions activity books coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you Can mix and match Interiors to create Unique books for your audience and yes People buy these books every single day Okay now when I go to Resource and I go

To Interior wizard I'm going to show you The interior you do not have to make the Interior Um by yourself if you want to you can But it's already made notebook Composition Journal music sheet career Plan uh monthly to-do list online Shopping tracker you go down a little Bit further tour Lists birthday Reminders you get the picture this is All you can mix and match and create a Unique journal and sell it on Amazon kdb Not only just Amazon kdb um if you have A website you can use some free social Media platform that you could promote This so you could choose you can make a Paperback or you can do hardcover or you Can do both always make paperback on my Journals and then you could choose how Many pages you want and let me choose I'm going to do this recipe book and I Hit download okay once I hit download This is my interior if I'm pleased with This interior this is what I would Download the Amazon kdb now I am not a Graphic designer so I do not design my Um covers you know I could come up with An ideal and I give it to somebody on Fiverr and they bring my idea to life so I pay so for body on fiber anywhere Between five and twenty dollars to Create all of my covers for my coloring Pages my journals my notebooks Everything in order for it to stand out

Because people see what they see is the Outside and then you got to deliver for The inside so if you're not able to make Your cover Don't Panic just go to Fiverr And pay somebody on there and they can Make some um great covers for you There's some good graphic designers on There that are able to do that for you Okay so just make for sure that you Research it and again it's very very Um easy to make anybody can do this and Anytime when you're talking about a Business there are pricing and I believe That they're very affordable you have Newbie newbies that are 9.99 per month And you have Pro which is 19.99 per Month and the only difference is with The pro you're getting the puzzle crash Software included but if you use my Coupon code which is the register sweat All in lower cases you will receive 20 Off of that 9.99 per month and that is Lifetime or if you choose the 1999 per Month Pro you will get 20 off of that And that is Lifetime this is a great Investment this is a great opportunity To go ahead and get started they have Live webinars on Tuesday and Thursday Where they're always bringing new ideas To the platform bookboat always showing You ways of how to grow this business How to promote it how to just excel in Football I am doing Book boat every Little bit help if you can make an extra

Thousand dollars a month who could need An extra thousand let alone a ten Thousand dollars a month creating low Content books and you can live anywhere In the world you don't have to have Experience no degree no interview Nothing and you can get started today as Soon as you start sign up today you can Go ahead and actually get started Creating your low content books and Downloading it to Amazon kdb and start Making a passive income again I believe In multiple strains of income not seven But eight you gotta plan and prepare You have to be like a squirrel a Squirrel plans have a lot of food in Their mouth you didn't know that they Can store all their food in their mouth And they storing up for winter summer Everything and that's what we got to be We gotta plan and prepare there's people I know that don't have money to get Their car fixed and that's their Choosing because you know you sit and You tell people this is what you can do In order to better yourself people love To see you struggle everybody ain't Happy for you they love to see you Living paycheck to paycheck so go out There and get multiple strains of income Going today sign up today the Information is in the YouTube Description bar and make for sure again You sign up you know if this video has

Been helpful make sure you consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button and don't forget to turn On all your notifications because these Jobs go really quickly and then also You'll be notified if you know I'm going Live so we can interact live also if you Would like to support the channel you Click the join button or become a member Of the YouTube channel click that join Button there's a short video explaining The benefits of coming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already member I really Appreciate you again keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made especially for you But it starts with you you got to Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today Not tomorrow go out there today right Now and apply for this job there is a Job out there with your name on it I Believe in you you got this thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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