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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will they are hiring immediately Plus this is a 1099 job where you can um Set your own hours and make extra income So make for sure that you watch the Video all the way through because I am Giving you some more information to help You you know plan Um to have multiple strains of income Not seven but eight multiple strains of Income so we're gonna go ahead and dive Right into the job okay again these are Companies that are looking to hire Immediately as well as these are 10.99 Jobs to make extra cash now it is with The company food tank they're currently Seeking social media vertical video Content creator where you're dealing Reels tick tocks and YouTube shorts a Lot of y'all are on Tick Tock and you're Making videos every single day or you May be doing reels on Instagram or you May be doing YouTube shorts but here This company food tank will pay you for Doing this that you all you need to do Is work five to ten hours per week and They pay a hundred and fifty dollars a Real okay that's an extra side hustle Side gig opportunity that you can do to Make up a little passive income so you Won't go homeless you have money to put Gas in your car and food on the table so That is really a great opportunity

Um application is still going and as you Can see on the screen they're looking to Hire somebody immediately And you can work anywhere in the U.S so What we're going to do is we're going to Go over some of the things that they are Requiring you to do on this job so you Can do really well and you can stand out And get it okay now what you're going to Do is you're going to pitch and create Weekly content for food tanks Tick Tock And Instagram channel to raise awareness Of food tanks 12 core issues areas okay You're gonna also have a potential to Attend promote social content and Upcoming food tanks assignments and Other virtual and in-person events okay Then you're gonna also stay up to date On the latest Tick Tock YouTube shorts And Instagram real Trends and use this Knowledge to inform posts and then You're going to work with food tank Graphic designer and the editorial team To align on messes and branding and You're going to pull performance metrics As needed and then you're going to Communicate weekly in social media plans With food tanks team very very easy to Job that you could do to make an extra Side hustle Um extra money 10.99 job where you can Pick and choose when you want to work The ideal candidate that they're looking For is someone that demonstrates

Experience developing High performing Tick Tock YouTube Instagram Reels as well as strong communication Skills and the ability to collaborate With the team as needed and experience Working in a non-organization is a plus That if this sounds like something that You're able to do then you will also Need to fill out an application this Application will be available until the Position is filled and all you have to Do is send your following documents to This particular person here with the Subject line food tank vertical video Content creator in the subject line You will need a resume cover letter Portfolio or sample post links to work Are fine so you will have to send that So go ahead and apply today don't delay Now with this company they also have Other positions available Um that they have food tank research Event advocate in writing internship Again you can work four months 15 to 20 Hours per week and the pay is 15 an hour The application due is November the 20th Spring internship which is coming up Um pretty soon it's March the 20th and Then in the summer July the 20th this is A great um again Um side hustle side gig opportunity that You can do again it's remote and um Basically you're gonna excellent they Want you to have excellent research

Writing and communication skills and Experience reporting on issues for Newspapers journals digital marketing or Digital media and other public locations So if you're interested again you will Have to email your resume cover letter And two writing samples to this email Address in order to be considered again Here's another job freelance work Remotely Um basically I'm on a freelance they're Hiring Um creativity high quality in-depth and Investigative articles and new stories Um your what you need to do is send your Resume three link articles features and Then three article pitches to the same Person okay so if this sounds like Something that you want to do make sure You go ahead and do this this is a great Side hustle side gig opportunity this Company is hiring immediately so don't Sit on it um this is a 1099 job but if You have a full-time job or not or you Have a part-time job this is something That you can pick up to make extra cash Okay again I believe in multiple strains Of income If this video has been helpful make sure You consider subscribing to the channel By clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to turn on All your notifications so every time When I upload new videos you'll be

Notified and never give you plenty of Opportunities to go out there and apply For these jobs before they go just like That these jobs go very quickly so go Ahead and apply I want to leave some Encouragement words with you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it I know some people are looking at This job right now oh I don't know about This yes you do you know about it Everybody's on Tick Tock everybody is on YouTube Some People y'all some of y'all Have done YouTube shorts some of y'all On Instagram you can do this job okay You can make this a hundred and fifty Dollars every time you do a reel and That adds up to real money so go out There and send your email uh send your Resume to the email that is listed in Here you can do research if you research On Google how to make recipes you can do This so you got to speak life over Yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death I get it it's People out there that don't want to see You successful So I tell you to stop telling people Your dreams you can't tell everybody What your next move is you moving silent Because when you tell people what you're Trying to do they start hating on you They start getting jealous jealous is Contagious when people are jealous they

Do anything they say anything but I'm Here to tell you that you got this keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with your mind you Have to believe I don't care what you've Been through I've been through a lot in My life and if I listen to people I Would be here today I wouldn't be Talking today because everybody will say Negativity about you but God has me here For a reason and a purpose and he has Everybody have a purpose you have a Purpose God gave you a purpose in your Life so you have to go out there and Grab what is yours not next week not Tomorrow today grab this job you got This I believe in you but you got to Believe in yourself Speak Life over yourself people Speak Life the power of the tongue determines Life and death you got this I'm here to Bring Positive Vibes to you I'm here to Encourage you I am cheering you on I Know that you're going to find a job Real soon but you gotta believe so go Out there and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I'm always trying to talk About Ways of increasing your salary and to Better yourself for your better yourself And get jobs that is going to help your Family it's a lot of people I know just

Talking to them they cannot even afford To put gas in their car they're not they Cannot even afford to buy a new car Because their car is acting up and they Can't afford to go to work basically Um you gotta stop procrastinating and Take action and you need to better Yourself and that is with course careers For those who don't know I promote this A lot because a lot of people want to go Back to school and they can't afford it Because College is very expensive College trade school University it's Very expensive and you got to take out a Loan there's people I know that have Taken out a loan and been out of school For 12 years and still paying for it With course careers you do not have to Take out any loans if you have a high School student okay I know some of y'all Watching this you have a high school Student or you may know somebody that's A high school student let them see this Part if you're a junior or senior Because a lot of times kids don't know What they want to do when they finish And graduate from college a lot of People say college is not for them or They don't want to go to college for a Long length of time course careers is Self-paced you can finish the course Within a week you can finish the course In three months and it is very Affordable with course careers you can

Take Tech sales as you already know text Sales is high in demand You could take digital marketing you Could take information technology and Make anywhere between 60k to 100K a year Okay so this is a great opportunity Um so stop procrastinate again you have Tech sales Tech sales is where you own a Phone or you're reaching out to Potential buyers Um you not only get paid hourly but you Do get paid when you make a commission When you sell things so that is great so There are more than 300 000 open jobs You can make 60 to 80k a year digital Marketing is more of no foam your Basically is like a content creator Um you're dealing with analytics Um you're going over paid campaign Um you try to promote your website or Different things on Google you want to Rank number one so this is not a phone Job it's a non-phone work at home job Again there are more than 200 000 Opening jobs average staff salary is Between 40 and 60k a year information Technique technology again There's more than two hundred thousand Opening jobs in the page between 40 and 60k a year you can make more it depends On how you hustle this thing okay now You the best thing to do is look at the Testimonies always say that you know Look at what everybody's saying they

Have a whole bunch of testimonies these People even though they graduate they're Really interested in helping you get out There and find a job and make 60k a year So once they graduate they have got you Know put it together their email address Where you can email them and they do Have where you can meet on similar to Zoom and they'll walk you through on how To pass Um the testes like uh text sales tax Digital marketing and information Technology so they're trying to help you In every way that they can so you can Make that money so look at these Testimonies and see what they have to Say and how it works is you start with Their free intro course and in the intro Course it talks about Information Technology text sales as well as Um It talks about Information Technology Text cells and digital marketing and in That it you could determine at that time If it's a good fit if it's a good fit Then you need to enroll in the course Again this is a self-paced course you'll Complete the course in a few weeks to a Couple months depending on how much time You commit and you will learn everything Required to land your first job and then You start your career you can start Applying for jobs while you're in this Course it's people that when you look at

Their testimony they just started the Course or probably a bit in the course Probably three or four weeks and they're Not complete the course they go out There and apply for a job and they got a Job offer before they actually complete The course again course careers have Partnered directly with companies that Want to hire students dropping the Degree in experience requirement for Their graduates okay now when you go Down a little bit further I'm just going To pull something up to your note I'm Going to choose tax sales when you go Down to Tech sales it talks about how Long is the course eight weeks how many Openings what is your average salary These are the best companies that are Looking to hire you into Tech sales Again Tech sales is very high in demand Right now so if this is something that You want to do you need to hop on a Bandwagon today and sign up it talks About the day in the life of a tax sales They have a lot of remote jobs so you Can be working from home Um you're going to be responding to Emails and checking calendars Researching companies and adding in New Prospect you're going to be making phone Calls to people in your Outreach you're Going to send personal emails and Link In matches to people in your Outreach Take a break and get ready to finish off

Your day strong make your schedule Discovery calls and then you make Afternoon calls to people in your Outreach that's how easy it is it tells You your day in life okay Again this is a flexible education where You can pick and choose you know how Long you want to spend with it but it Takes around three months at 10 hours of Learning per week or around one month 40 Hours of learning per week now when you Go down a little bit further it tells You what you would learn in the class as You can see on the screen you can read On your own time this is what will be Going on what they be going over in the Class again more testimonies where you Can look at other people that actually Went through the course and they are Telling you how this course have changed Their life you can hit this era it goes Over many many more people that went Through this course so check it out and How much the course the the free Introduction course is free it's only 499 dollars you know when you go to College Universal trade school you're Out of 50k to 100K going to college it's A one-time payment of 499 dollars if you Use my coupon code which is the rest of 50 you'll get 50 off of that no contract Or hitting fees along with a 14 day Money back guarantee or you could choose 150 where you pay for

Um payments bi-weekly every two weeks of A hundred and fifty dollars again There's no contract or hitting fees Along with you have a 14-day money-back Guarantee remember You got to stop procrastinating life you Cannot get jealous with somebody else That are Risk Takers are moving up and You're not trying to be you know take That action and move to the next level Course careers is a life changer for so Many people if you look at the testimony It's people that was janitors there was People that were dog walkers and now They are making over 60k a year once They finish course careers or some People are making that before they Actually finish course careers so make Sure you go ahead and sign up today you Won't regret it this would be a life Changer for you and your family so go Sign up today okay that information is In the YouTube description bar and Remember make for sure that you're Watching my videos all the way through This channel is all about none phone Work at home job leads that go out every Single day at 7 A.M such a standard time And there are valuable information in All of my videos to help you get closer To Landing a remote job consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button and subscribe don't Forget to turn on your notifications so

Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they go Like that and plus if I ever go YouTube Live we can chat on real time and then Also if you would like to support the Channel or become a member of the YouTube channel make sure you hit that Join button there is a short video yo Explaining the benefits of becoming a Member of the YouTube channel shout out To everyone that's already a member of The channel I really appreciate you and Don't forget to check out your community Tab that is where I engage with you Every single day okay so keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you I'm Talking to you whoever is watching this Video Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs thank You so much for watching and don't Forget to check out the video that is Appeared on the screen right now those Companies are still hiring right now so Go and watch the next video there are Plenty of jobs out there that is made For you so go check out the next video I'll see you in the next video

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