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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another no talk and work from home job This company they will train you and you Can make anywhere between 800 and 60 per Week and they will provide you equipment So let's go ahead and just dive right Into the job here okay now we're going To be talking about the company bu which Stands for Bryan University their Currency can read entry Associates to Work from home this is a full-time Position and they do have State high Restriction listed you have to be living In these states in order to be eligible To apply for the job now there is people That have reached out to me that they Apply for this job and they don't live In this state so you can go ahead and Try anyway and see if you will be able To get to complete the application now The pay range is between 18 and 21 Dollars per hour now the great thing About this company they do offer Benefits which is W2 medical dental Vision Um they also have tuition assistant Program that is where I got they will Train you they also offer volunteer paid Time off as well as generous paid time Off and as you can see on the screen Computer equipment is provided so they Will provide your equipment and Everything which is a great thing now When you go into more details where we

Want to know more about the job here What you're going to be doing every Single day it's basically you going to Conduct students appointments to Identify or re-affirm students education Goals and course and program information That's necessary this includes current Students with respect to re-enroll Continued education and students that Did not complete the program of a study The re-entry Associates assistance Assist students in understanding their Financial obligation while partnering With financial aid and account Departments now it may be a little phone Not that much again I reached out to Hire manager this is not a call center This is only as needed if a student has Questions about their Finance or in Re-enrolling a student into the school Which is not bad this is the easy easy Job for anybody to do and then also When you go down the responsibility of The re-entry specialist board what You're going to be doing is you're going To track students implements plans for Recruiting students for program reentry You can also maintain a student contact Strategy for all students who have Redrawn in order to facilitate their Enrollment into a degree program as well As you're going to assist students in Completing all re-entry forms and Process to ensure that there are

Probably academically and financially to Begin this includes working with other Team members and departments to provide Additional resource for re-entry such as Textbooks classroom information and then Also you're going to partner education Students about all the available Options for degree completion ensure Completion plan is on file for each Student as well as you're going to Maintain call center database by Entering information you're going to set The example of excellence and assistance Students to succeed as well as you're Going to serve customers by determined Requirements answer inquiries and that's More like chat resolve problems Fulfilling requests maintain your Database as well as you're going to Perform other duties as a sign and then You're going to ensure that all federal State Policy and procedures are met now the Requirement is a bachelor's degree that Is preferred that means if you have it That's great if don't don't worry about It calls to the experience preferred That means if you have it great if you Don't don't worry about it you can still Apply for the job they're looking for Someone that possess excellent verbal And written Communications and Organization skills with the ability to Multitask the priorities and meet

Deadlines as well as you must be Computer literate and have a section Telephone skills again this is not a Call center job I want to repeat it's Only as needed to reach out to students If you have questions about their Finance or re-enrolling them that is all Spoken to hire manager that's only as Necessary Now you must possess a high job accuracy And then you must be on time and Reliable attendance effective listening And problem solving skills and then also Ability to work in a fast-paced virtual Environment use of software technology Include but not limited to Google Gmail Campus View zoom and other cloud-based Management systems and you must be able To work at least 40 hours per week Ability to sit for six to eight hours a Day okay now if this sounds like Something that you're able to do then You need to go immediately and apply for This job and all you need to do to apply For this job is Click right here and Remember if this video has been helpful Thus far consider subscribing to the Channel by clicking that red button that Says subscribe and don't forget to click On the Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and Never give you plenty of opportunity to Go ahead and apply for these jobs before

They go like this people are getting Hired every single day and I I would Love for you to be the next one to get Hired okay now I want to leave some Encouragement words with you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you have to Believe you have to have that mindset That you can do all things that Christ Uses that story to you don't say can't My mama always say king is not in the Bible you can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthen you you got To keep the faith don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it you got to Understand if you don't believe in Yourself who else is going to believe in You the next person is not if they know That if you negative they can care less You have to have that positive mindset And again I want to build a community Where we can uplift encourage one Another on their job searching everyday Life because we need more positive vibes In the world today and don't give up Y'all don't give up I don't care if you Have to apply for 200 jobs sometimes you Got to go through the storms in order to See the Sunshine When I look at it when It rains in where I'm from It rained so hard that I cannot even see Clear outside and that's just the same

Thing about gold that goes on with your Life it rains in your life that you Cannot see what's going to happen next You can't see the process like they say Trust the process but through the rain The storm through the storms the sun Will shine again you will see the Rainbow and you will see clearly but you Have to trust the process like I said Before uh many times I was out there Applying for jobs and I was being Rejected I'm telling you this because a Lot of people won't tell you that They've been through things it's just Like that they lived a perfect life and They was in a fantasy world I was never In a fantasy world I was in reality I Was turned down Um I was rejected to many times and I kept Applying for a job and there was times When I felt like giving up and I just Had to keep praying and keep telling Myself look you gotta go you got to keep Going you cannot stop uh rejection is Not the end of the world no don't mean No me next opportunity next opportunity With one door closed another door will Open with many blessings on that When you open that door it'll be many More blessings in that door versus than What you went through you got to stop Comparing yourself too many times people Compare themselves to other people

Um Susie doe Um got four five six job offers here I Am Um came get a job what's wrong with me There's nothing wrong with you there is A time and season for everything it's Just not your timing right now even Though that may be hard to understand And digest but there is a time and Season when you're going to be blessed But you got to trust the process you Know don't disqualify yourself and Speak Life over yourself because the power of The tongue determines life and that if You say that you sick eventually you're Gonna get sick but if you say that I can Do this I'm gonna put effort I'm gonna Try and I'm gonna do the very best that I can then good things will come your Way okay if you know that you did Everything that you can all you have to Do is stand and Trust process that means Making for sure that your resume is Optimized for every job that you're Applying for you're getting out there Applying for not just one job a call it A day but you're applying for multiple Jobs you're doing everything you can Only thing you can do is pray and Trust The process and keep applying for a job Because at the end of the day there is a Job out there with your name on it but You have to believe surround yourself And I keep saying this all the time

Surround yourself around positive Thoughts positive people there's toxic People in the world and there's P the Toxic people can be your family members It could be people you know and people You don't know surround yourself around People that's going to uplift you Instead of destroy you you want somebody That if you applying for a job and you Get this encourage you got this keep Pushing don't give up you want to be Around those type of people You need to be around people that have Your best interests everybody don't have Your best interest people out there Hoping that you don't find a job hoping That your business don't be successful a Lot of people could tell you to go out And buy a a expensive car not because They want you to do better they they Want you to go out there and buy their Car thinking that you can't afford it so You can lose their car so they can talk About you so again you got to surround Yourself around people that is doing Something there was a quote that I Shared on this YouTube channel as well As different other social media Platforms and just paraphrasing it says I'd rather have four quarters than 100 Pennies and that means I already have Four true friends that have a hundred People Um that is not my friend they're out to

Get me so again Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but again it starts with you trust The process you got this okay now I am Going to talk about a side hustle side Gig opportunity Um that you can make passive income if You do your research people are making Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books and you can do the same thing and That is with Book boat uh for those who Don't know what low content books are These are journals Diaries law books Coloring pages all done in the comfort Of your home no experiences required no Degree skip the interview you can work Anywhere in the world you can work in The United States and out of the country Um again like I always say I believe in Multiple strengths of income not seven But eight multiple strains of income so You can prepare and plan just in case if Something happened with your job you can Still pay bills use your job as a crutch Into invest in yourself don't wait till Something happen again into panic mode This is your opportunity while things Are going great is to use that job to Invest in yourself that's a part of Self-care and that is with bookboat now Book boat the great thing about bookboat Is you can research your competitors to

See what kind of books that they're Making before you make it to see if it's Selling as well as you can spy on her Keywords not to copy but to be expired You can use those keywords and your Titles and descriptions and again Um there is so much that you can do with This here you can make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and there is pricing Anytime you talk about a business Opportunity they will it there will be Pricing and I believe that you have to Be a risk taker you cannot complain About the situation if you don't be a Risk taker you see everybody's moving From from point A here you are at Point A everybody's at level seven 11z because They invest in their self and you have To do the same thing now the price is 9.99 per month for newbie in 1999 per Month for pro the only difference is With the pro you're getting the puzzle Creation software included but if you Use my coupon code which is the rest of Sweat all in lower case you will receive 20 percent off of the 9.99 per month and That's lifetime in 1999 per month you'll Get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime Forever As long as you have Book boat now the Great thing about this platform also is

You could try it out for three days for Free and see if you like it I guarantee You're gonna like it this is something That I do y'all I'm not just talking I'm I'm walking the walk I've been doing Book boat over eight months now and I Love it you just got to figure out what Niche are you gonna do you know are you Going to do puzzle books are you going To do journals you got to figure out What is a right fit for you in order to Be able to make that sale once you make That sale that's going to motivate you To do make more low content books so Once you sign up today you can literally Actually start creating low content Books and upload it to Amazon kdb as Well as you can sell it on different Other platforms like Etsy pay hip send Out your own website or other people's Website different free social media Platforms so go ahead and sign up today I'm here to help you gain multiple Strays of income okay and remember My channel is all about no talk and work From home job leads they go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so if you're looking for a no talk Or work from home job lead or they will Train you are they are hiring Immediately this is for you Alice work from home jobs every single Day no talk and work from home jobs Every single day at 7 A.M such a

Standard time so consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified as well as if You would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is click that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate you so much and don't Forget to check out the community tab That is where I engage with you when I Upload new quotes when I do post when I Upload my new videos when I go YouTube Live I put all of that good information In there so make sure you check out the Community tab as well as there will be Another video that is planned at the top Or at the bottom check those out there Are more no tall can work from home job These in those videos to help you Increase your chances of getting a job Remember to keep pushing to keep Applying don't give love there is a job Out there being made for you and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it you Have to believe in yourself because if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab

Where the shares by applying for these Jobs thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

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