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Happy Thursday YouTube family I am back With more work from home jobs where These companies they will train you you Can make anywhere between 900 and 60 to 1040 per week before I give you the Information make sure you join me on Tomorrow I'll be going YouTube live I Will be bringing back the guest Deborah H Swisher she's a certified professional Coder as well as instructor so if you Ever wanted to know how to get in the Medical bill or code or become a medical Biller from home then make sure you join Us on tomorrow which is Friday December 2nd 2022 at 7 o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look forward in chatting With you real soon now we're going to Dive right into the job we're going to Be talking about the company company Share again this company they will train You you can make anywhere between 960 to 1040 per week when you scroll down this Is the salary here you're going to Scroll all the way down this is the Salary between 50 000 to 55 000 a year Okay now your title what you'll be doing Here is you're going to be a junior Financial analyst to work from home now There are State high restriction listed You have to be living in these states in Order to be eligible to apply there is People that have reached out to me and Said that they apply for this position And they don't even live in this state

And they were able to get the job Okay and then also Um they would train you because this Company offered tuition reimbursement When you go down a little bit further it Talks about tuition reimbursement so That means that they will send you back To school and they will reimburse you Um because they very um actually Concerned about people getting a Education in order to learn their job so They will do tuition reimbursement plus Cash bonus recruitment referral programs On comprehensive benefit package offers A multitude of options so as a junior Financial analyst you were process and Transmit money movements associated with Loan fundings or Security payments You will also research and interpret all Convert all control legal documents as Issues arise with collaborating of band Bond payments and then they're looking For you to also have strong experience With Microsoft Office Suite so if you Having trouble with Microsoft Office Suite I did found a free place where you Can go it's called Microsoft 365. I'm Training where you can go and learn word Excel PowerPoint SharePoint all for free So if I wanted to learn word all I have To do is click on Word And I choose what I wanted to learn if I Want to know how to form any tasks text All you do is click on it and there is a

Video that will walk you through on how To do everything so always use Google as Your friend before you say that you are Not able to do the job there are things That will show you for free on how to uh Perform this job really well so to give You information about Computershare they Provide corporate Trust stock transfer And employee share plan service in a Number of different countries so we're Going to go more into you know details About what you're going to be doing on This job here okay What you going to be doing here is she Going to do Residential mortgage-backed Security they support MPS which is Mortgage product solution and their Focus is on non-securized products Um in the finance world where they are Served as calculation and paying agents For clients as well as agent security Waterfalls Bond payments and calculation Agent and master service so again the Main key thing is you're going to Reconcile daily cash movements success Systems or Bank activities you're going To provide remissive and correction Information to their servers and then You're going to evaluate service Performance to ensure compliance with State agreement okay when you go down a Little bit further they're looking for a Minimum of one year of experience and Financial Service accounting or

Analysts of bachelor's degree RN Liu Military experience again I reach out to Hiring manager still apply anyway for The job they're looking for someone that Demonstrates organization and time Management skills proven ability to Analyze information and make independent Decision this company do offer employee Share plan health and well being saved For your future pay time away from work Employ discounts as well as extra Rewards again tuition reimbursement they Are so strong in you learning your job They will send you to school for it so If this feel if you feel like this is a Good fit all you need to do is Click Right here where it says apply okay Now remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it I can understand a Lot of people get disencouraged because They have applied for multiple jobs and You know everybody else getting a job Lead and our remote job and here you are You sitting here applying for multiple Jobs and nothing coming your way Things come good things come to those Who wait The best thing to do is like I said is To keep applying every single day you You know your job search is not in vain There is a special job out there with

Your name on it but you have to believe Sometimes when you don't get a job you Wonder why I want that job because it's Paying what I want to pay uh the hours Of what I want to do it's just something I want to do God has something bigger And better for you and you just have to Remember that I remember back in the Time the day when I was applying for Work from home jobs and I didn't get it And I know I was qualified and I know That's something I wanted to do Um I had a couple of people I knew that Worked at the job and they called me and Said girl you ought to be glad that you Didn't get on the job it's so much drama They're overworking you they don't want You to do this and underpin you and I'm Like okay that's the reason why I didn't Get the job and the job that I really Got I'm able to Um do so much I love it I have a good Boss Um they believe in spending time with Your family Um it's just a win-win situation so keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it you have to believe it starts in In your mind you gotta have a will in Mind a willing heart a will and spirit To go out here and grab these jobs Um if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will I get it so many people

Are around so much negativity where People are saying you can't they give You more negative words than Positive Vibes but I'm giving you positive vibes You got this keep pushing don't give up If you fall down don't stay down Rejection is a part of life even though Even myself I get rejected but you just Gotta keep going because in the end You're gonna win you're almost at that Finish Line a lot of people give up Before they reach that Finish Line You're just close to the Finish Line Keep running your race there is is a job Out there with your name on it so go out There today and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs okay Now you know that I always talk about Having multiple strains of income I Believe in eight multiple strains of Income because you always need to have a Backup plan Um a car has a backup plan because it Has a spare tire when we're driving We're not hoping that we have a flat but Sometimes things happen but if you do Have a flat you have a spare tire in That card to put on your car and you're Still able to go to your destination and Get that um tire that had a flat get it Fixed same thing about a cell phone Everybody have a cell phone a cell phone Has a charger when you're on the phone Talking to someone and it the battery is

Getting ready to die all you have to do Is pull out your charger plug it up to The um the wall and you can still talk And that's the thing that we need to Have in life is a backup plan multiple Strains of backup plan you don't want to Be on a job and get complacent like They're not gonna let me go they love me You know they'll let you go in 10 Seconds or Um the same day that you're there if if You don't fit in and you're not doing What they ask you to do so you need to Always use the job that you have as a Crutch to invest in yourself that is a Part of self-care and that is with Bookboat for those who don't know Book boat is where you can create low Content Books Okay uh people are making Passive income some people are making a Thousand to ten thousand a month Creating low content books but yes you Got to put in the work what comes easy Won't last and what last won't come easy You gotta remember that and what a Little content books these are journals Law books Diaries coloring books Coloring pages and there are too many Many to name and yes people buy this Here the great thing about bookboat is You can always as you can see on the Screen here you can also you can always Research your product uh before you Actually start making it to see if it's

Selling and then you can also spy on Your competitors keywords and see what Kind of keywords that they're using and Implement those in your titles and Descriptions not to copy but to be Expired okay and then when you go down a Little bit further bookboat has upgraded They have a new studio where they have Cover Critters interior designs drag and Drop editors complete customization over A thousand two hundred plus free Fox More than one million royalties free Image pattern scalable designs filter And much more And again you're able to make puzzle Books activity books coloring books 100 Of low content Interiors where you can Mix and match Interiors to create unique Books for your audience and then when You go up here there are pricing anytime That you're talking about a business Opportunity there is pricing and I Believe it's very affordable because I'm I do a bookboat every single day I Create low content books and I upload Them on Amazon kdb you can upload it on Amazon KDP or if you have a website or There you can put it on Pay Here send Out different free social media Platforms that you can promote this you Know or if you wanted to you know since This is your business you can you know Pay for different ads if that's what you Want to do to reach a certain audience

Again it's your business you do what you Need to do or do what you think is best But there is a price newbie is 9.99 per Month Pro is 19.99 per month the only Difference with the pro you're getting The puzzle creation software included But you you could try this out for three Days for free and see if you like it but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest is what all in lower case you Receive 20 off the 9.99 that is Lifetime As well as if you choose the 1999 per Month you'll receive 20 off of that Lifetime and it is a win-win creating Low content books you don't have to have The experience you don't have to be a Graphic designer skip the interview you Can work in the United States you can Work out of the United States and work In any country and start creating a low Content book and make passive income Again you have to put in the work if I Go to Resource and I go click on Interior wizard You know the interior is already done For me you know I don't even have to Create it you can create it if you want To Um through canva but everything here is Created for you you can just come up With a unique uh interior in the book so You can choose paperback or you can Choose heart hardcover I always use Paperback eight by five eleven make for

Sure once you sign up go check out the Tutorials they have tons of tutorials Always updating tutorials that go live Either Tuesday and Thursday where you Can go into a live webinar get your Courses answer this is a great Opportunity and if I wanted to choose I Say Um just I want to see choose body Measurement tracker I click on this and I hit download this is my interior right Here this is what I would actually Download to Amazon kdb but if I'm not Able to do my cover I would go on Fiverr And pay somebody to do the cover for me That's what I do and you can start you Know mix it and match you can do body Measurement trackers you know Um and put something else different with It and people will buy this stuff okay So you got to put in the work again what Come easy won't last and what like you Know what last won't come easy so make For sure you go ahead and sign up you Have to take the step you got to take The action you cannot complain about the Situation if you're not taking action This is a easy opportunity Um You can call it a side hustle if you Want to where you can make low content Books and start selling them on Different platforms here so make sure You go ahead and sign up today when you Sign up today you can start creating low

Content books and uploading to Amazon Kdb today and remember make for sure That you're watching my videos all the Way through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle my Channel is all about non-phone work and Home job leads that go out every single Day at 7am Central Standard Time Consider subscribing to the channel I Would love for you to be a part of the Family by clicking that red button that Says subscribe don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on your notifications So every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunities go ahead and Apply for this job as well as when I go YouTube live you'll be notified so we Can go and chat online or YouTube live And also if you would like to support The channel or you would like to become A member of the channel click the join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel always check out your Community tab that is where I engage With you I put quotes in there I when I Upload my new videos I post it in there Make sure you check that out remember Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you have to believe if you

Don't believe nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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