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Good morning what is up welcome back to My channel and if it's your first time Here welcome my name is CeCe I post These videos daily to help you switch From working in an office to working From home number one yesterday's Chick-fil-A video popped off so if you Guys haven't had the opportunity to Check that out do so after this video They are paying 25 to 35 per hour no Experience needed to work from home in Their call center they will train you It's absolutely amazing second order of Business if y'all are not on my Facebook Page facebook.com work from home with CC They get all the leads links extra Little bonus stuff over there for free So make sure you like and follow that Page too because there's always little Extra tidbits happening now this video Today is a virtual assistant in the Operations department for client Accelerators you can read about the Company here but I don't want to take up Too much of your time let's skim through The key responsibilities include but are Not limited to managing projects Debriefing the EA communicating with Clients team in third parties taking Meeting minutes working closely with the EA for management of emails messages and Tasks build reports manage the travel Plans book appointments for the CEO Getting quotations from contractors

Document the data entry ordering meals Etc so very much so a virtual assistant The result vital business and all Personal appointments are set and Pre-scheduled appropriate research is Done on behalf of the CEO you will make Sure that the CEO and executive Assistance calendars are pre-planned Screen and handle appropriately all the Interactions and answer inquiries meet The CEO's requests and the Asana board Is updated every Monday Wednesday and Friday very much so virtual assistant Roles like I said I've actually been an Admin assistant before in office and I Loved it so to do that virtually it was Just it would be chef's kiss they are Looking for previous experience as an Admin assistant Ops assistant or virtual Assistant you know Google Sheets Assam On a HubSpot Salesforce and other Software you can think on your feet you Can work Eastern Time Zone hours with a Steady internet connection and have Excellent verbal and written Communication skills you will get a Competitive salary structure unlimited PTO and flexible work hours now the Going rate currently for a personal Assistant is anywhere from 25 to 30 Dollars per hour so definitely when you Interview if you get the interview ask For that much money see what they say There's no rate of pay listed here but

The application page is right here as Follows you can either import a resume Or fill it out all yourself but make Sure that you've done some research on The company you know about their culture And you will find success so if you want The link to apply for this job you can Find it in the description box below on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted make sure you check those Out because lots of gems there my face Is also on the screen you can click that It will subscribe you to my channel so You don't miss an upload I will talk to You in my next video bye

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