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Welcome back my friends I am back with Another daily work from home job lead I'm very excited to share this one Because it is a entry level position That does not require any experience Whatsoever and it is paying decent at 20 To 27 an hour let's get right into it Just know if you're interested in Applying the link is in the YouTube Description box below this video Now Rocket money I don't know if you've seen It advertised on YouTube I've heard About it through some of the finance YouTubers that I do watch but of course Rocket money is a financial institution Running a finance a website they are Hiring an operations associate for Cancellations now they do have offices In San Francisco and Washington DC but They are hiring remote throughout the United States their core mission is to Help Empower people to live their best Financial lives and they do offer Members a unique under understanding of Their finances they have a suite of Different Financial tools and they are Looking for two not one but they are Hiring two people to be cancellation Associates they're looking for someone Who shares support and service values But the basis of the role is developing Maintaining and executing processes that Provide key services to users so you'll Prioritize multiple cues and manage

Daily workflows to ensure requests are Resolved quickly and efficiently you'll Resolve unique situations and improve Workflows to account for new or uncommon Issues and you'll ensure positive user Experience by determining when Additional information is needed and Troubleshoot breakdowns in the process Now because they say You're Gonna Monitor multiple cues this sounds like a Ticketing system non-phone work from Home position now it does say this is an Entry level role they highly encourage People who are new graduates or just Starting out in their career to apply so No experience is needed they are looking For someone who can be detail-oriented Someone who is not scared they say to Shift through large amounts of data Someone who can be a team a player Someone who can be organized and of Course have computer skills because this Is an online job now they do pay again 20 to 27 an hour and on top of that they Offer a standard benefit package that Includes Health dental vision 401k and Paid time off all right if this job lead Was not for you that's okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything Specific that you are looking for I do Try to always keep an eye out for things I know people are looking for I want to Say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me and I'll be back

Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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