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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today you already know I'm doing Pretty good back with another video for You guys and today I'm going to be Coming to you guys with a job from the Company pin mutual and we're gonna go Ahead and get straight into it as I Always tell you feel free to check the Company career section to see if there's Something else that fits your interest But today we're going to be talking About their case manager annuity new Business job this isn't their client Services and customer care category Let's just talk about the summary of This job you will be responsible for the Annuity application from the time it Arrives until it is funded issued and Mailed annuity new business is the first Interaction many of the advisors have With the home office this first Impression needs to include excellent Communication and Superior Service which Focuses on building relationships Necessary skills including phone and Email interaction as well as exceptional Processing with attention to detail need To be able to effectively multitask and The new business system provides some Initial validation processors must be Familiar you with product rules the Suitability process as well as state and Federal regulations okay so they have a

Super long list of duties there you can Definitely read that full list if you're Interested in applying for this job but As far as skills are concerned they want You to have customer service orientation Efficient use of a computer for data Entry and documentation be well Organized have attention to detail also Be able to communicate clearly and Professionally both written and verbally Receptive to Performance feedback thrive In a fast-paced work environment also Demonstrate positive professional Approaches to work and also be able to Work well under pressure prior knowledge And or knowledge of annuity products and Or customer services a plus knowledge of Financial Services suitability review And annuity payment is a plus and they Want you to have your high school Diploma or GED a college degree is Preferred or equivalent work experience And this job is going to pay between 45k And 66k yearly job location is flexible They're not really stating any states That they don't hire from so that is Information that you would have to find Out if you proceed with the application Okay so here's the start of the Application right here you guys already Know if you're interested in applying You can check out the link in the Description bar I wish you guys the best Of luck leave any questions or comments

Below and I'll see you guys in my next Video thanks so much for watching

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