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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post these Videos daily to help you make the quick And easy switch from an in-office job to Working from home remote this is an Update on cambly for you guys I actually Shared this literally this month last Year 2021 I cannot believe it's been a Year so for all my new viewers I want to Reintroduce cambly to you you can get Paid to chat with people from all around The world and tutor with them and what I Love about this is you don't need a Bachelor's degree prior teaching or a Teaching certificate it is the most Lucrative and easiest entry level Tutoring English website that I've ever Found you also get to skip the interview And you can make 10 20 per hour on Cambly which is chatting and tutoring Adults all across the globe in English Or you can make 12 dollars per hour on Cambly kids and that is tutoring kids English all across the world you can Also get paid every single Monday via Your PayPal account so if you work one Week you get paid out the following Monday and then if you decide you want To take a week off totally fine you can Set your own hours pick your own Schedule this is great for any last Minute bills that pop up that you're Like oh I'm gonna need an extra like a

Couple hundred let me do it for the week Or you can stay consistent and stack Your money so like I said tutor anytime Anywhere there's no minimum hours you Can start at any time of day and since It is international you are hitting so Many different International time zones That you will have open-ended Opportunity to work even overnights Weekends Etc and of course make a global Impact so you will be doing one-on-one Lessons they also provide all of the Coursework and the lessons for you and If your students keep requesting you as Well you can have that consistent income And flow so I absolutely love that and What I thought here was cool too is it Says you might chat with the University Student from Brazil then a marketing Professional from Japan an English Enthusiast from Turkey all in one day so You really get to learn and speak to so Many different people across the globe I Don't want to keep wasting too much of Your time so I'm going to put the Application link on my website and you Can find that in the description box Below if this one wasn't for you share It with a friend share the love let's Bring that good energy in and out and on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match there my face is on The screen to subscribe so you never

Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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