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Happy Friday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lead that I would like to share with you Today we're going to be talking about The company balance Health they're Currently seeking data verification Specialists to work from home and you Can make 800 per week that is 20 000 an Hour and this company is urgently hiring So make sure you go ahead and watch the Video I am going to go ahead and dive Right into the job here so I'm going to Share my screen and again we're going to Be talking about the company veterans Health there are currently hiring right Now as soon as possible Um there are recruiters reached out to Me this is the company balance Health They're currently seeking data Verification Spencers to work remotely When you scroll down here they want you To have one plus years of experience in A daily entry or a date of verification Positions they want you to have extra Verbal and written communication skills Including the ability to communicate With internal and external customers Experience working in a fast-paced Detail in deadline driven environment I Want to talk about where it says Experience verbal and written Communications with internal and External customers I reached out to Hiring manager you know I always do that

That's only as a needed basis if you Need information if they're missing like Their phone number or different things Like that then it's the only time you're Going to be reaching out to a customer Here so when you go more into details as A data Verification Specialist you'll be Responsible for verifying validating the Accuracy of health care professional Information such as licensed board Certification Education and Training to Be successful in this role you have to Have a high attention to details and Drive in a deadline driven environment And here are some of the things that You're going to do again you're going to Review and analyze documentation such as Transcript certificates and license to Confirm the validate of the information Is provided you're going to maintain and Update Healthcare professional records In their database ensuring that all Information is earned and accurate and Complete you can also conduct research And utilize various database online Resource and other tools to gather Additional information as needed for Verification purpose as well as you're Going to communicate with Healthcare Professional professionals their Employers or other relevant parties to Obtain clarification or additional Information when needed okay now again When I went to the last door and I

Looked at the salary the salary is Twenty dollars an hour so that's eight Hundred dollars per week so if this is Something that you're interested in Applying this company do offer benefits Like 401K with company match a flexible Work environment paid companies holidays And if this is something that you're Interested in then all you need to do is Click right here where it says apply now I am going to also go back and show you Different places where you can practice Your typing skills in your data entry Um for free because this is some skill This is one skills that they're not Going to train you on and you have to be Able to type and that is with official Typingtest.com I'll talk about this all The time because this is a great Platform not only can you practice your Typing test but you can practice your 10 Key tests and they will give you type of Tips so if I click on 10 key tests start Test here this is what it looks like you Can do the full 10 key test which is Numbers and symbols or you can do zip Code tests which is numbers only and of Course you can do your typing test so You can choose whether if you want to Practice one minute three minute five Minute if I want to choose three minute All I need to do is click the three Minute and this is what it looked like The test will not begin until you start

Typing and it will score you give you The key that you type per a minute and You can know if you're fast enough for This position here or help increase you To get to that level okay so make sure You go ahead and check this out okay now I also want to let you know too is that I will be going YouTube live on April The 4th I want to show this to you here So make sure you join me on that day too As well as I will be going live on um April the 4th Um at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time this is a work from home q a where Whatever courses that you have in Regards to working from home this is Your opportunity to get your courses Answered as well as I'm going to do a Couple of live resume reviews where I Will be looking at some people's resumes And just trying to give you suggestions Not going to spend all day on it maybe Five minutes or less and just give you Suggestions on ways that you can improve Your resume in order to make it past the African tracker system so again make Sure you join me on April the 4th 2023 At seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time okay this will be a great time for You to get a chance to chat with me now If this video has been helpful thus far Make sure you hit that subscribe button And also don't forget to turn on your Notifications so every time when I

Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available and I want to leave some Encouragement words with you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so I want you to go out there today and Grab what is yours by applying for this Job today now I want to ask you a Question what is keeping you from Getting a job I want you to comment Below is it because you think that You're not qualified or is it your Resume I need to know that comment below In the comments what do you think that Is keeping you from getting the job is That you feel like you're not qualified Or it is your resume Um not optimized to or tailored to the Job post let me know in the comments Section Now you have to apply for multiple Positions I have been working from home Ever since 2007 and it haven't been easy There's a lot of jobs that I applied for And I kept getting rejection letters After rejection letters after rejection Letters after rejection letters and I'm Like I know that I'm qualified for the

Job what is going on and like I tell This story all the time is that hiring Manager was nice enough to see the Dedication the determination that he saw In me and he set me down he said dresser Let me tell you what's going on in your Resume he sat down and he told me your Resume has to be tailored to the job That you're applying for and I didn't Know how to do that when you don't know How to do something you just don't know Until somebody sit down and show you how To do it once he showed me how to do it I started once once I tailored my resume To each job that I was applying to Instead of sending a one-size-fit-all Resume then I started getting emails Um invite for Um a interview I started getting calls And I'm like this really works and it Will works if you start doing this and It has been a blessing to me and my Family I understand a lot of y'all Everybody have bills to pay and you just Gotta trust the process you can't give Up when you apply for jobs make sure You're applying for multiple positions You can't just apply for one job and Call it a day you have to apply for Multiple position and again like I Always say you have to surround yourself Around positive people it's too many People in life that are so negative Misery love company my aunt used to say

That misery love Misery love company that means that if People are miserable they don't want to Do anything with their life they want You to be in the same boat that they are They would tell you don't go apply for That job because they're not gonna You're not gonna get hired and the Reason why they're telling you that is Because they applied for the job and They didn't get hired but you got to Think about just because they didn't get Hired they don't mean you're not going To get hired you have to trust the Process again don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it you have to believe in Yourself you have to have that mindset Again the power of the tongue determines Life and death if you say you can you're Going to do it really great if you say You can't you're not going to make it That far in life you got to speak life Over yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death and it all Starts in the mind you have to have that Mindset and believe that you can I Believe in you but you got to believe in Yourself so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs There is a job out there with your name On it but you got to go and grab it okay Now you know that I always talk about Having multiple strains of income and

You know have a backup plan just in case It's something go down again I don't Believe in only seven Um strains of income I believe in age Strains of income because you got to Prepare and this is with course careers I talk about course careers because this Is something that I believe in I also Have people in my family that's taking This course and they finish and they're Making anywhere between 62 820k a year Doing this so that's why I strongly Believe in this because this is a life Changer for so many people Um especially if you have a high school Student that is uncertain about what They want to do after they graduate from High school like a junior senior this is For them Um text sales we know are high in demand People are making passive income with Tech sales as well as digital marketing Information Technology this is for you If you've been sitting at a job and for Anywhere between a year and six years or More and you're not getting a raise you Got people that's just started coming in Getting a raise you want to be off on The weekends and you're not able to uh You're working on the weekends people Just started they have Saturday and Sunday off this is for you you got to Step out of your comfort zone and get

Out there and be a risk taker and do the Things that is going to help grow you Use the job that you have to invest in Yourself by investing in course careers Now course careers again Tech sales is Very high in demand if you do your Research there are more than 300 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 60 to 80k a year now with tech Sales is you're reaching out to Potential buyers that are interested in Buying your product so you're going to Be on the phone with text sales digital Marketing is you're not going to be on Phone there are more than 200 000 opening jobs average starting salary Is between 40 and 60k a year this is More of content creation blogs website Paid campaign Facebook ads that's what That goes over Information Technology Same as it there's more than 200 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 40 and 60k a year this is a no Talk and work from home job it kind of Reminds you of a chat job where you're Dealing with tickets and cues so this is Something that if this is something that You want to do you need to go ahead and Sign up stop procrastinating I say Always look at the testimonies of other Students seeing what they have to say There's plenty of testimonies that People are seeing about course careers Of how they it have changed their life

There was people that were janitors There was people that dropped out of College because College wasn't for them And now they're making more money than Somebody that actually spent four or Five years in college the great thing About course careers you don't have to Have no degree no experience you're Getting all of that through this course And as soon as you are before you Graduate from course careers people Already have a job making anywhere Between 60 to 120k it's people when they Go to universities College Community College they come out and they they only Have the degree but they don't have the Experience and when they go apply for The jobs they're being rejected and what Do they do they go back to college Change their major and they get rejected And rejected course careers is the place To be Um to be successful In your career change all you need to do Is start their free intro course sign up For their free intro course in the intro Course is going to tell you everything You need to know about tech sales Information Technology as well as Digital marketing at that time you know If it's a good fit so stop Procrastinating go ahead and enroll into The course the course is a self-paced Course meaning you've completed it

Within a week or three months it just Depends on how much you you spent Um dealing with the course and then You'll start applying the skills you Acquire from the course in a new career That will teach you exactly how to land An entry level position Um how to apply for companies they're Hot what they look for in resumes Applications how to interview and so Much more because again course careers Have partnered with different Fortune 500 companies that are looking to hire Course careers graduate into a entry Level position dropping a degree in Experience again only for course careers Graduates okay now this is a win-win Opportunity for you so don't be sitting On it too long if I go into information Technology It tells you some of the companies that They hire for it professionals okay and Then when you scroll down a little bit Further it tells you a day in the life Of a IT person information technology You're going to respond to emails and Assign and accept any new tickets in the Queue work on tickets or any projects You may have that's why I say it's more Of a chat job you're not dealing with Customers over the phone and when you go Down a little bit further It talks about what you would learn in This course career mindset I.T

Fundamentals I.T day-to-day techno Deep Dive I.T job hunt Okay now here's some More people that graduate from course Careers watch the video see what they Have to say if this don't pump you up I Don't know what will and this is the Price again the free introduction course Is free is a one-time payment of 499 how Many times can you go to a community College trade school let alone a University and pay only 499 dollars one Payment you can't do this but if you use My coupon code which is the rest is it's The rest of sweat50 that information is In the YouTube description bar you would Get 50 off of that there is no contract Or hidden fees along with a 14 day money Back guarantee or you can do the four Payment plan where you get take they Take 150 out every two weeks again no Contracts or hidden fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee so make sure You go ahead and sign up today when you Start signing up today you can go ahead And start taking these courses today Again in 2023 stop progressing they take Action you can't complain about your Growth or your situation if you don't Start doing things for you that is a Part of self-care so make sure you go Ahead and sign up today so you can go Ahead and change your life and your Family life today okay now again You know um this is again on this

Channel I want to build a community Where we can uplift and encourage one Another on our job search in everyday Life so make for sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through My channel is all about no talk and work From home job needs to go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time if you would like to become a Member of my YouTube channel all you Have to do is click that red button that Says subscribe and don't forget to turn On your notifications so every time I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go like this also Make sure you check out the community Tab that is where I engage with you Every single day whether it's uploading My new videos posting quotes posting Posts making sure you check out that if You would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is click that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate you and also keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe make sure you check out the

Videos that's listed at the top or at The bottom there are more no talk work From home job leads out there to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job and a side hustle share This Channel with everyone you know that Could benefit a no talking work from Home job lead they go out every single Day thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video bye

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