Urgently Hiring Easy Work From Home Job Anyone Can Do This Scheduling Appointments For Photoshoots

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Hey hey two chicks fam TGIF thank God it Is Friday happy Friday everyone make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel not only Do we talk about legit work from home Child side gig side hustles but guys we Also give away laptops and if you guys Want to join in on this next giveaway be Sure to take this video go post it on Facebook Tick Tock Instagram share it With a friend come back leave us a Comment down below now we have been Dropping a lot of work when you want Videos and if you guys have missed them Be sure to go back and check them out This past Wednesday we did a live stream On 21 part-time work from home jobs make Sure you guys scroll back and take a Look at the video and apply don't forget About tellers they are posted over here On the two chicks blog on the home page They recently reached out to us the Raider position it is now open let us Know in the comments what type a work From home job or a side hustle you guys Are looking for and be sure guys to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments let's jump in so the Company is called life 365 portraits This is a easy one so it says that they Are looking to feel their photo shoot Scheduler so they are seeking someone Who enjoys engaging with customers we Specialize in Creative portraits of

Infants Toddlers and families done in Their own home where children are most Natural resulting in genuine and Emotional images now this position Entails working from home to schedule Appointments for our professional Photographers now guys that is all You're you are doing with this position That's the gist of it so the Qualifications self-motivated driven to Provide an exceptional customer Experience professional and pleasant Phone skills good listening skills Excellent communication skills reliable Attendance and strong work ethic Outgoing personality and energetic Attitude enjoys working with people Desktop or laptop with Windows 10 or Higher none Mac high-speed internet must Be willing to undergo a background check In accordance with the local law and Regulations must be authorized to work In the following country which you guys See it is the US so again the company is Life 365 portraits and they are looking For People to feel this photo shoot Scheduler where you are just scheduling Appointments for professional Photographers to take in-home portraits Or pictures of customers children could Be children infants Toddlers and family Portraits as well so this is an easy one No experience is required I will be sure

Guys to leave the link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company make sure you Go over to Google do some research just In case you guys get an interview you Want to be prepared and not surprised Don't forget to share my video somebody Out there guys is looking for a job such As this one make sure you take the video Posted on your social media platforms Share it in a Facebook group I can Guarantee you I see these scammers on Social media all day every day and it's Just becoming sickening but make sure You share tell a friend and don't forget To come back though and leave us that Comment hop on over to Facebook join our Group it is kiss that cubicle good bye Follow us guys because we are doing Giveaways this year like crazy across Our social media platform so we do have A Facebook business page and Instagram And a Twitter two chicks with the side Hustle my name is Carl and I will catch You wonderful lovely fantastic people in The next video bye foreign [Music]

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