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Happy Friday everyone I am back with Another no talk and work from home job Lead that I would like to share with you And it is with the company Marriott They're currently seeking data entry Operators to work from home and you can Make anywhere between 18 and 23 an hour So I am going to share my screen and We're going to take a look and dive Right into the job and see what they're Going to actually have you doing Um on this particular job here okay so I'm going to share my screen and we're Going to talk about this again it is With the company Marriott they're Currently seeking data entry clerk National group sales to work remotely Okay this is a full-time position when You scroll down here they're talking About there are State high restriction Listed like you have to be living in California Colorado New York Washington And the pay is between 18 and 23.80 an Hour I reached out to hire manager and Say would you be willing to hire in Other states and they said yes they Would be willing to hire in other states So even if you don't live in these States still apply for the job any way And the salary will still be the same Between 18 and 23 dollars and 80 cents Per hour okay now to give you Information about what you would be Doing on this job here you're going to

Enter and locate work related Information using computers in our point Of sale systems you get a transmit Information or document using a computer You're going to read and visualize Verify information and variety of Formats small print you're going to Enter and retrieve content are contained In computer database using a keyboard Mouse a trackball to update records Files reservation and answer inquiries From guests you're going to verify Information and documents are on Computer screens including text printed Forms and listed for accuracy and Completeness as well as you're going to Operate standards office equipment other Than computers such as telephones now it May be a little form reaching out to Customers but again it's not a call Center it's only as a needed basic Typewriters facts photocopies catalog Calculators and electronic items and Then you're going to stand sit or walk For extended period of time or for the Entire work shift okay now when you go Down here a little bit further they want You to be able to follow all company Policy and procedures ensure uniform and Personal appearance are clean and Professional maintain confidential now That is not going to apply to you Because again this is a work from home Job

Um they want you to be able to speak With other user clear and professional Language and then when you go down a Little bit further they want you to Adherence to Quality expectation and Standards and identify recommend Development or develop and Implement new Ways to increase organization efficient Product and quality safety and our cost Savings and when you go down a little Bit further this company is a W-2 job Which they offer medical dental vision Health Care flexible spending account As well as 401K commuter benefits Employee assistant plan and child care Discount and if this sounds like Something that you're able to do then Make sure you go ahead and apply today Because these types of jobs do not last That long okay so make sure you go ahead And apply today don't delay okay now if This video has been helpful I want you to hit that red button that Says subscribe and I want you to turn on You click on the Bell to turn on all Your notifications so every time I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go quickly and I Want you to remember I want to leave Some encouragement words with you is Life is full of ups and downs one minute You up and the next minute you're down

It's just like a roller coaster but you Got to stay in that coaster because Eventually it's going to be a smooth Selling I get it a lot of people are um Not getting job offers like they want to But you have to stay in your own lane Don't worry about what you're the next Person besides you or to your right or Left is doing you have to stay focused There is a time and season for Everything you know there is a scripture That says the first will be last and the Last will be first so you have to go in And say look my time is right around the Corner don't give up keep I'm gonna keep Pushing I'm Gonna Keep applying I'm not Going to disqualify myself before I Apply for these jobs I'm going to let The company do it I am going to start Believing in myself I am going to stop Hanging around negative people that Don't have my best interest I'm going to Start surrounding myself around positive People that's going to uplift me and Encourage me on my everyday life life And that's what you need to be around Because when you're around negative People you're going to eventually pick Up their habits and you're not going to Believe in yourself you have to put Yourself around positive people that no Matter what you're trying to do whether It's to start a business get a car buy a House get married uh whatever the case

May be they're going to be supportive of What you do too many times in the world It is so much negativity that are going On where everybody is just not happy for You jealousy is contagious people get Jealous of you when you decide that hey You know every time I'm getting paid I Only have ten dollars or twenty dollars Left over until Um I get paid the next month and people Just behind your back or in your face Laughing at you but when you get to the Point you say look I'm tired I want to Better myself I want to go back to School and and get a better job or I Want to start a business they come out Like cockroaches you never know that you Had haters until you start want to start A business You know be careful who you tell people About your business and be careful when You ask people to pray for you because a Lot of people are not p r a lying for You people are p r e y so know the Difference you know everybody you know Like I I Used to Love Tupac music he he Preached I mean he rapped about I'm Trulative he said that people would say Oh you think you better than what you Are and then they turn around and say I'm just joking and really they're Sincere about that they're jealous about Your growth your process and what are You doing okay in life so again you know

These jobs there's plenty of jobs out There but you gotta put in the work you Cannot just only apply for one job and Call it a day you have to apply for Multiple positions out there in order to Increase your chances of getting a call Back and I suggest you to check out my Work from home q a when I went live on April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M It's it says the title is work from home Q a in live resume review I actually Went into details about how to optimize And tailor your resume to the job post So I recommend you to go and check that Out it would be under the live tab Um I went more into details and Hopefully that will help you get past ATS I again I have different mentors and They say if you follow those things your Resume will pass ATS along with the Hiring manager okay so go check out that Video again it's the work from home q a Live resume review that is a title and It went out on April the 4th 2023 when I Went live at seven o'clock pm Central Standard Time so go check that out today And remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but again To start with your mind you have to Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what It shares by applying for these jobs Okay you got this okay you know that I

Always talk about having multiple Strings of income I believe in not seven But eight multiple strains of income Just in case if something goes wrong you Have a backup plan and that is what Bookboat I think bookboat is a easy Platform to go ahead and get started and Start a business opportunity And for those who don't know what you do In Book boat issue create low content Books and low content books are journals Diaries law books coloring books Coloring pages all made in this platform And as you can see flashing these are Some of the things that you can make and You can make passive income if you do Your research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books and you Can do the same thing okay now the great Thing about bookboat is you can always Research the product before you actually Make it and see if it sell as well as You can spy on your competitors and see What kind of keywords they're using and You can Implement those in your titles And descriptions okay not the copy but To be expired bookboat has upgraded they Have a new studio with cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand Two hundred plus free fonts more than One million royalty free image pattern Scalable designs filter and much more

And that is all in Book boat okay so You're able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create you need books For your audience and yes people buy These books every single day okay now The great thing about book both they're Always keep you informed about what's Going on they have webinars live Webinars on Tuesdays and Thursday where You can attend and you can get your Courses answer if you're not able to Attend the live webinar you can always Go back in your dashboard and you can Click on weekly calls and you can go and Watch the replay now when you go to Resource you do not even have to make Your interior for you it's already done For you you can do college rules Journals music sheets career plan Monthly to-do list online job tracker And when you scroll down a little bit Further weekly planner 2 birthday Reminders body measurement tracker Recipe you get the picture these are all I mean Interiors where you can mix and Match things and make it unique and make It your own way so you can sell so if I Wanted to do I'm probably going to do Fishing log you have a choice to do Paperback or you can do hardcover or you Can do both I always do paperback 8×5 11 I choose 120 pages and then I'm gonna

Hit the fishing log and I'm gonna hit Download If I am pleased with this this is what I Would download this interior to Amazon Kdb you can sell it on Amazon you can Sell it on Etsy you could say don't sell It on pay here you can sell it on your Website you can sell it on other free Social media Platforms in order to get The work done again I'm not a graphic Designer so I pay somebody on Fiverr to Do my uh book covering for me that's Going to stand out Um you know my journals and my logbooks And coloring books I pay somebody to do Those for me and you can do the same Thing Um through again uh fiber my love fiber It is a great platform to find freelance People to actually do the books for you And anytime that you are talking about a Business opportunity there will be a Pricing and I believe it's very Affordable you cannot complain about the Situation until you be arrest takers People that are Risk Takers are the ones That are moving up the ladder again you Never know what can happen on these jobs And when you go and apply for jobs they Are hiring for multiple people or they Interviewing multiple people and you Know just to see who's a good fit and That's the same thing that you need to Be you need to have multiple strains of

Income coming on just in case it's Something happened on your job you won't Get in panic mode you use your job what You have now as a crush to invest in a Business opportunity in the right Business opportunity and that right Business opportunity is with bookboat And there the prices is you can choose Newbie which is 9.99 per month or you Can choose 19.99 per month for pro the Only difference with the pro is you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included if you use my coupon code which Is the rest of sweat you'll receive 20 Off the 19.99 per month and that is Lifetime or if you choose the 9.99 per Month you'll get 20 off that and that is Lifetime forever as long as you have Book boat okay so the great thing about This you can try it out for three days For free and see if you like it I Guarantee you you're gonna like this so Remember stop procrastinate as soon as You sign up today you can actually start Creating low content books today Uploaded on Amazon kdb and possibly make A sale if you know how to optimize your Titles in your description put those Keywords in there Um again they have a lot of tutorials Tons of tutorials where you can watch And be able to understand this and make Passive income today okay Remember you got this I want you to keep

Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs and remember to check out This video listed um at the top or at The bottom there are more no talk and Work from home job leads that you can go In and look at and remember check out my Work from home q a Um resume live where I go more in the Details how to optimize your resume or Tailor your resume to the job post Um it's great information that you need To check out if you haven't watched that If you join my live stream thank you so Much for joining but make sure you go Ahead and take a look at that you won't Regret it it will help you I'll get an Understanding how your resume is Supposed to be okay so thank you so much For watching and I will see you in the Next video bye Okay

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