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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with a non phone work from home Job but before I jump into this awesome Video if you are new here welcome make Sure you guys subscribe like and share On this channel we give away laptop Computers and we talk about all things Work from home related from jobs to side Gigs and to side hustles be sure to Share the video guys make sure you come Back though leave us a comment down Below we're giving away 10 more brand New laptop computers and they are Absolutely free make sure you guys hop Over to the two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog look under the spotlight Job section apply for Omni and then Scroll down and look for a tell us tell Us is seeking to hire 200 plus people For their online data analyst this is Non-phone and it is also guys skip the Interview make sure you let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job you're looking for and be sure guys To sign up for Brandon's surveys the Link is in the comments let's get into It so this company is called activist Connect and we've talked about this Company before they are looking to feel Their content moderator virtual slash Remote work from home position so it Saves here as a Content moderator you Will be moderating user generated Content from an AI chat bot inquiries

Rating the value of responses received And also reviewing for inappropriate Responses or content so basically guys It sounds like you will be moderating Could be different forums or different Websites where people could be leaving Comments and your job would be to go on Their analyze it review it make sure That the comment is appropriate for the Conversation and if it is inappropriate Then it would be your job to remove that Content you will receive transcripts of Completed queries checking for proper Spelling grammar punctuation and Reviewing for inappropriate content what You would do you will moderate text Images video inquiries I mean queries And responses from an AI chat bot follow Posted policies processes and guidelines In regards to content this position will Involve reviewing user posted content Which may include content of an Ingurious or offensive nature flagging And removing their content as necessary You will come into contact with igurius I hope I'm saying this word right Content is part of this job and a strong Sense of maturity and resilience is a Must so guys this one you will need the Ability to remain neutral on content as Defined by the company policies and Procedures while keeping personal Opinions outside of the decision making Processes you will recognize Trends and

Patterns raising issues in a timely Manner strong written communication Strong variable also strong knowledge of Internet culture familiar with common Acronyms cetera ability to adapt quickly With a strong technical sense to pick up New trends tools and processes easily Now to qualify it does State here you Must have a high school diploma prior Content moderation or public forum Moderation of some type is required at Least six months to one year be willing To work under an in immediate supervisor Accept and learn from feedback we are All in this together and growth is Guaranteed so for this one guys it says That activist connect will provide a Computer for you to use so you do not Need to provide your own equipment the Company will do that you must be able Guys to complete and pass a background Check also we will pay you to complete Online training you must commit to Attending 100 percent no missed time so This is a W-2 position not an Independent contractor or 1099 it is a W-2 the pay rate is 15 an hour it says This is a full-time position part-time Hours are not available at this time Training is paid and they do offer Benefits it says benefit eligible after 60 days you will receive medical Vision Dental and 401K this is a fully remote Work from home 100 percent job so again

The company is activists connect they Will provide you guys with all of the Equipment this is a full-time work from Home job it is a W-2 position 15 an hour And you will be a Content moderator so This is an easy one guys so if you don't Have experience in the content Moderation field my suggestion would be To apply anyway because you never know They still have to train you guys on This job make sure you guys hop over to Google type in activist connect do some Research just in case you guys get an Interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised so make sure you guys hop On over there do some research about the Company make sure you look under the Video in the description box for the Link so that you can apply for this job Make sure you share sharing is caring on This YouTube channel and we've had a lot Of people guys to share and we've Already given away 12 laptop computers And they were free so we're gonna turn Around once we reach a hundred thousand Subscribers we're going to give away 10 More laptops there is no catch to this No respective per anybody can win guys So we're just picking the ones that we See that shared our content the most so If you want to win be sure to get in Those comments be sure to take the Videos put them on your social media Platform share it with a friend invite

Your friends family members over here to The YouTube channel but don't forget to Leave us that comment we do have a lot Of people that share but they forget to Come back and leave us a comment so Don't you be one of those people make Sure you come back also hop on over to Facebook make sure you join kiss that Cubicle goodbye we are doing a giveaway In the group once we reach 250 000 members and guys we're coming up on 200 000 so it won't be long for us to Get the other 50k so make sure you guys Come over there invite invite invite Also guys don't forget about the Business page two chicks with a side Hustle on Facebook we're giving away two Additional laptop computers brand new Absolutely free we will pay for Everything we already have these laptops So we're just waiting for these numbers To come in so that we can pass these Laptops out we are so ready to do these Giveaways we are excited we are close Guys on Instagram to 10 000 followers Make sure you pop over there on Instagram two chicks with a side hustle Follow follow follow create a story Create a real put us in your stories or Your reels however you guys want to do It is it is okay with us it does not Matter how you share who you share with Or where you share just make sure you Share leave us a comment somewhere there

Will be a giveaway on Instagram another One because we did do a giveaway at the End of 2022 so we're gonna do another One once we hit 10 000 followers my name Is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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