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Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video so on This video I'm going to share something Slightly different I'm not sure if I've Shared this before it is a very unique Opportunity so it's not your typical Work from home job leads type of Position it is however a great way for You to earn additional income extra cash Working from home technically okay so The company's call sudshare and such Share allows you to work from home Making money doing laundry not just your Laundry but your neighbor's laundry or People in your community in your Domestic location all right so you can Actually earn money doing laundry it's An amazing side hustle and it's super Easy to do and you can get started Immediately and the best part about it Is there's no interviewing at all so you Can add this to whatever else you're Doing if you are let's say doing Ubereats or Lyft or any of those you Know side hustles side hustle Opportunity then you can add this to the List of items that you can do to earn Even more money okay working for Yourself that's the best way to go is to Work for yourself right so sunshare Offers this opportunity and it is Available I believe it's only available In the US but you can always research

This company to see if they have Anything available internationally but I Believe it is a USBS company so this is Available in the US okay everywhere in The US So You Can Be Your Own Boss okay Work whenever you want to work they also Offer instant payouts so you get paid Fast all right you don't have to wait Too long to get your money right and you Can start today so let's read some more Information because they have everything Laid out on their website all right how It works so you will basically take your Cell phone your smartphone your iPhones All right then sign up simply create an Account and watch some best practices Videos highly recommend that you watch Your videos it takes less than 10 Minutes to watch these videos all right And it will help you to get started make The process a lot smoother then after You finish watching those videos and Sign up simply accept jobs they will Send you jobs in your area accept the Jobs you want and you can also reject The ones you don't want now I know some Of you are going to mention this Covid I don't know about washing other People's clothes from their house during This whole coveted situation well you Can always take precautions wear your Mask wear gloves to do this okay and Once you get those items in the washing Machine you should be fine all right

There's so many people out there doing This currently during Colvin they're People collecting garbage and junk from Homes and cleaning out homes right now In your community and they're wearing Safety gears some of them are not even Wearing anything at all but they're Doing the job and getting paid to do This okay so there's no excuse all right Covet is no longer an excuse that's step Number two is just accept the jobs and You can deny what other jobs if you Don't want a specific job you don't have To no one's forcing you to work okay Wash dry and fold so you'll pick up your Customers laundry wash dry folds and Return it the very next day okay then You get instant payout instant payout For Diamond substance so if you're Diamond substores you get instant payout But the standard payout is two day Payouts for others so if you're a Diamond I guess a diamond substor Diamond substers do the laundry on time And return it the next day so the faster You return laundry I guess it bumps you Up to a diamond and you get paid faster Right so 90 000 substers Nationwide love Sunshare so you can always research Research this company online reviews are Available for you they have their own Reviews on here okay so you can always Look at the reviews that are available Of course that accolades it's displayed

Upon their website as seen on CBS FOX Market watch digital Journal NBC okay Now if you have some questions which I'm Sure you have questions frequently asked Questions what are my hours in work area Well that's up to you again you are the Boss you set your own hours work your Area work when you want take off when You feel like it how quickly does the Laundry have to be done well it's based On your customers your customer selects A delivery deadline usually they want Their stuff the next day okay because They need their clothes what do I need To start so what do you need to start so These are the things that you will need Before you sign up U.S social security Number for background check they want to Make sure that you're clean okay that You have a clean background if you don't And let's say you have a felony I just Receive a email message I believe or Comment from someone who is concerned About their background they have a Felony Etc et cetera uh you can still Try to do this to earn additional income But just be aware that that might work Against you so they do check your Background okay so it depends on what Exactly it is that you did in the past You also need access to a washer and Dryer so if you have a home dryer or if You know a laundromat close to your Community area you could go there and do

It access through trying rack Clothesline or something to air dry Clothes Laundry detergent of course so it looks As though you will need to supply Laundry detergent now I know you're Going to say oh my gosh this is a lot of Investment here I gotta Supply laundry Detergent as well as my water bill etc Etc is going to go up Well that is the sacrifice sometimes we Make when we do side hustles like for Instance ubereats when you're driving You're gonna have to pay for the wear And tear of your car you also have to Pay for gas but somehow these people are Doing it and they're making it work and They're making an income I have overeats On my phone and whenever I need to order Something from restaurant or somebody Delivering my food there's somebody Delivering my food so people are doing This they're figuring out how to make it Work okay so if you're looking for extra Cash or some type of side hustle then This is just an option A Car in some way To pick up and deliver of course you Need a car basic bathroom scale to weigh The clothes in the laundry and of course Extra plastic bags how much money can You make let's get to that the pay for Customers who request standard next day Service is 75 cents a pound of laundry Compete completed plus that will tip you

And you also get some bonuses on top of It the pay for customers the request Same day service is a dollar and 50 Cents a pound of laundry completed plus Tips and Bone plus tips and bonuses Their top set stirs earn over five Thousand dollars a month okay they're People who are very Savvy with these Types of side hustle and can turn them Into successful businesses all right so There's definitely a gold mine in these Side hustles the average for the top 100 Sensor is about twenty five hundred Dollars a month if you are someone just Getting started many substers gig Part-time and earn to save for a Vacation pay a particular bill or Contribute to a college fund there is 15 Minimum per order so you will also make At least fifteen dollars plus tips per Order okay so that's added on to what You will earn all right so you can make Money with your washer and dryer if you Have one in your home sign up accept a Job and get paid immediately it's very Simple to to all right so I just wanted To share this side hustle that I came Across I thought it was unique and Different I've never heard of it before And I thought it was very interesting so I like to make you guys aware of the Many opportunities for you to earn Additional income that is available out There okay now of course you can always

Use Google indeed give such share four Star ratings so they have pretty good Reviews online overall okay now of Course just like any other opportunity On companies like that there will be Some negative some sure there are some Cons to doing this but again just wanted To make you aware that there is an Opportunity available for you to wash Clothes and earn additional income if You so choose to do this all right so That's basically it to share this Opportunity and thank you so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video Happy work from home bye

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