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Happy Saturday YouTube family I am back With another non-phone work at home job Lead 2023 this is a high paying none Phone work at home job lead plus no Degree is required and there is no State High restriction it's listed and this Company is hiring immediately so let's Go ahead and dive right into the job now As you can see on the screen we're Talking about the camiselli they're Currently seeking digital content and Copy coordinators to work remotely now This is a contract which is a 1099 Position and as you can see on the Screen the pay is between 29.50 to 41.38 Cents per hour it is a very high Position and when you scroll down I'm Looking to see if there's any degrees Required or anything it doesn't say that A degree is required nor do we State a High school diploma or GED so this is a Great opportunity for anyone Um no State time restriction is listed Long as you're in the 50 States you're Eligible to apply for the position here So this job here doesn't require me to Stay home hours restriction so I want to Go in more details about what are you Going to be doing as a digital content And copy coordinators when you're Working from home basically you're going To report to the director of content Distribution strategy and senior Director of digital copy you'll support

Content through data entry and contact Research along with streamlining the Property page creation process and Organizing all inbound and outbound Requests on behalf of the digital copy Team seem like a really easy job okay so The ideal candidate will possess the Entry skills fast typing strong Copywriting editing skills and be quick To learn in a processing attention to Details and strong organization skills Are critical for these this role and to Go more into details about what you're Going to be doing is you're going to Process monthly extracts into OTAs and Communicate updates you're going to Communicate photo package sizes to Billing team you get a complete dating Entry projects you can respond on to Franchise change requests in the digital Copy inbox and ensure questions of Forward to appropriate teams and you're Going to create smart sheet tickets for New openings on the property openings Calendars and other duties projects are Assigned now the qualification now when You look at the qualification these are Some of the skills that you need to Implement into your resume excellent Organization time management planning And project management skills excellent Communication skills verbal and written Must receive driven proactive and have Strong attention to details and eye for

Accuracy these are the skills you need To implement into your resume Effective at tracking and following Through their own responsibility Proficients in Microsoft Office Suite Excel word PowerPoint and Outlook now if You're having problems learning Microsoft Word there is a free place Called Microsoft 365 training you can Learn word excel PowerPoint all of that For free if you need to up your typing You can go to typingtest.com and Practice and also official Typingtest.com you can practice your Typing skills as well as your daily Entry that information is in the YouTube Description bar okay now if you're Interested in applying for this position All you need to do is scroll down and Click this apply button and go ahead and Apply today if this video has been Helpful and you want to get more jobs Where they are currently higher Immediately a course of non-phone work From home job 2023 then consider Subscribing to the channel and don't Forget to click on that Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time when I Upload new videos that will give you Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they no Longer available these jobs go just like This okay and also when I go YouTube Live you'll be able to attend my live

Stream and if you speaking about going Live make for sure that you join me on This coming on this coming Um Tuesday March the 7th at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard time I will Go YouTube live and on this YouTube live It is basically work from home q a Whatever courses you have about working From home or if there's a particular job That you want to talk about or just tell Me about how your job search is going in Plus I want to build a community and Environment where we can always uplift And encourage one another on our job Search because a lot of people going Through a lot on their job search so I Want to you know encourage you as well And give you some quotes and And also just see what I can do to help You find a job so make sure you join me On Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard time again This is a work from home q a I look Forward in chat with you real soon okay Now again I'm going to talk about Um uplifting you and encouraging you Because that's what we need I see a lot Of people that are disencouraged because They cannot find a job and I'm going to Tell you don't get disencured sometimes It takes a while for some people to find A job what they're looking for when you Don't get the job sometimes God is Keeping you from getting a job because

You could be getting on that job it Could be getting ready to lay off it Could be drama going on something is Going on that preventing you from Getting the job so you gotta just keep The faith and keep going I know it's Hard I've been there I've been there It's it took me about a year to find a Job when I first was out there looking And half of it was because of my resume My resume was not tailored to the job That I was applying for and that's what Kept putting me behind had I had my Resume tailored to the job that I was Applying for I would have found a job Quicker but even though if your resume Is tailored sometimes you could be Overqualified under qualified but you Have to keep pushing there are jobs out There that is for you but you have to Believe I know it's hard right now you Got to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made for you there is a job out there With your name on it but you have to Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will nobody's going to Encourage you and tell you hey keep Pushing keep applying for these jobs Don't give up you know if anything They're gonna tell you oh just give up That you're not gonna find a job Um you're wasting your time you know They're always speaking negative and I

Always always say is that you have to Surround yourself around people that are Positive speakers and that is speaking Life over yourself and not death the Power of the tongue determines life and Death and for example for a lot of People may not understand that if I go Around and say I can't do this I can't Do this I'll never do this then your Mind is gonna say I can't do it and then Every time you try something you're not Gonna be able to do it but if you say I Can do this I'm gonna try I'm gonna push Then good things going to come your way It's going to come to fruition so that's Why I keep saying to Speak Life over Yourself and the power of the time Determines life and death surround Yourself around positive people That are doing something again that is Why I'm trying to make this um live Stream Um to be um very um positive have Inspiration quotes similar to a book Club where people come together they Read a book and they come together Within a month and they discuss what They learn and that's what I want to do With inspiration quotes Club is free of Charge but to get together if you have Any quotes that you would like to share And I live stream we could do that we Can discuss that what it means into your Life is just to support and help

Encourage people on their day-to-day Life in job search because that's what We need we need more encouragement in This world it is so much negativity but We need more encouragement words so Don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It again everything starts in the mind Okay you got to speak life in this mind Here you know Um you got this keep pushing keep Applying do don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but you got To believe I believe in you you got this Keep pushing keep applying go out there Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs okay now you know that I Always talk about Having multiple strains of income I Believe in not seven but eight multiple Strains of income you have to plan a lot Of people have jobs and they do not want To apply for another job they're uh Complacent they think that that job is Not going to let you go but I'm here to Tell you they'll let you go in 10 Seconds because it happened to me in the Past okay you're spending all that time Building up that company and you can Build up your own Empire create your own Legacy and make the money that you Deserve and that is with bookboat and For those who don't know what bookboat Is it is creating low content books and

Low content books are journals Diaries Coloring books coloring pages puzzle Books too many to name and if you do Your research people making passive Income making anywhere between a Thousand to ten thousand a month Creating low content books and you could Do the same thing but you got to put in The work what come easy won't last and What lasts won't come easy I am also Doing Book boat I've been doing book Almost eight years my thing is pouncil Books and journals and I have been Successful in it I'm not I haven't made A thousand I'm a month off of that but I Have made enough where I can pay bills And save and that is the great thing About it and you could do the same thing When I scroll down here Again low content books are journals log Books Diaries and more and then when you Scroll down here the great thing about Bookboat is that you can always research The product before you make it and see If it's going to sell as well as you can Spy on your competitors and see what Kind of keywords they're using and you Can Implement those in your titles and Descriptions again not to copy but to be Expired and when you scroll down here Bookboat has upgraded there's a new Studio that they have came up with they Have cover craters interior designs drag And drop editors complete customer

Station over 1 200 plus free fonts more Than one million royalty-free image as Well as pattern scalable designs filter In much more and yes people buy these Books every single day puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience now when you go down Here Would I go to the wizard here interior Wizard you do not have to make the Interior for you less if you want to Um this is very easy to do as you can See career plan music sheets mood Tracker it's it's a whole bunch that you Can choose from and you can go up here And you can choose either paperback or Hardcover or you can do both okay so for The sake of the video I'm just going to Choose career plans I'm gonna go up here And do paperback eight by five eleven I'm going to choose 120 page and I'm Gonna hit career plan and I'm gonna hit Download and this is my interior if I Was very pleased with this this is what I would download to Amazon kdb or you Can download it to any websites if you Have a website or you can use free Social media platforms to promote this Or you can sell it on Etsy sit down and Pay here there's many ways that you can Make passive income now like I always Say I am not a graphic designer so I pay

Somebody on Fiverr to do my my covering For me so it could stand out and they do An awesome job so if you're not a Graphic designer I would suggest you go On Fiverr that platform and found Somebody that can do your book cover Um reasonable and where it stands out so You can start making sales okay so again This is a great opportunity uh for Someone here to go ahead and get started Now anytime you're talking about a Business per se there is pricing and I Believe that it is very very affordable Okay you cannot complain about your Situation if you don't get up and take Action what I've learned in life is that People that are Risk Takers are the ones That are moving up okay if you're just Procrastinating and say oh I don't want To do this you're going to always stay At level a so the prices are for newbie 9.99 per month for newbie for pro is 19.99 per month okay the only difference Is with the pro you're getting the Puzzle creation software included but if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of sweat all in lower case you receive 20 percent off of the 9.99 per month in Its lifetime it is forever And then also 19.99 per month if you Were if you use my coupon code you'll Get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime Forever and the great thing about this Is you could try this out for three days

For free and if and see if you like it And I guarantee you're gonna like it This is a great business opportunity Side hustle you could work anywhere in The world no interview no degree no Experience they have tutorials where They would train you very I mean good Tutorials where you can go through Training uh once you Um sign up if you spend an hour a day Through the training you're gonna get to Where you need to get okay so you got to Start making decisions today that if you Want to grow you got to go so you have To invest in yourself in order to go to The next level this is a easy side Hustle anybody can do this anybody can Make this extra money but again you have To put in the work what come easy won't Last and what lasts won't come easy so Go out there today and sign up for this So you can start making money today okay And remember to make for sure that You're watching my videos all the way Through my channel is all about Non-phone work from home jobs 2023. These companies are urgently hiring some Of these companies they will train you You can start working today no degree is Needed so make sure you're watching the Videos because I am bringing to you Valuable information in all of my videos To help you get closer to Landing your First second third job even a side

Hustle consider subscribing to the Channel I would love for you to be a Part of the family don't forget to click On that Bell to turn all your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you'll be notified and that will Give you plenty of opportunities to go Ahead and apply for these jobs before They're no longer available and don't Forget to join me this coming Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I would go YouTube Live this is more of a work from home q A to answer some of your courses that You have in regards to working from home Or just check in and see how your job Searching is going as well as have Inspiration quotes to help uplift you And encourage you on your job search in Everyday life so Market calendar again For March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time again if you Would like to support the channel I Would love for you to support it I Become a member all you have to do is Click that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the channel shout Out to everyone that's already a member Of the channel don't forget to check the Community tab that is where I engage With you every single day when I upload New videos as well as do posts and Quotes again keep pushing keep line

Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but you gotta believe If you don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Thank you so much for watching and don't Forget to check out the next video that Is appearing on the screen either at the Top or at the bottom so thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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