Work from Home Jobs | What can I use for work experience?

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Work from home jobs what can I use as Experience can I use projects as Experience This is a resource for helping you get a Work from home job with little to no Experience Lack of relevant work experience most Employers use system tracking software Which asks you to upload your resume and This software has the capacity to screen Resumes lacking in experience or skills Required How to handle lack of experience you can Use many different sources in place of Work experience 1. volunteering 2 College course work 3 research 4 Hobbies 5 internships paid or unpaid six Extracurricular activity 7 certain Duties in a fast food position 8 Projects can I use projects as relevant Work experience yes you can use projects You have done on jobs research projects Internships and even Hobbies as work Experience Example of type of experience required Sample you located a work from home job That requires you have at least two Years work experience and customer Service In this case if you do not possess two Years customer experience you will want To examine anything you may have done in The form of volunteering Hobbies Extracurricular activities and more

Do you have experience in fast food if You have ever worked in fast food then You have more than likely used your Customer services skills taking orders Dealing with order disputes even Waitressing allows you to use customer Service skills How to use my fast food experience Written and formulated the correct way Will allow you to use your fast food Experience These are all things you can put on your Resume worked as a cashier at Wendy's or McDonald's what is the actual company Name presented on your check for example Wendy's might be something like Wendy's Arby's Group Inc how long did you work There sample RB Group Inc two years Customer service experience handling Customer orders Worked cutting grass during the summer Did you work cutting grass in the summer What was your business name how long Have you cut grass for yourself did you Deal with customers sample ABC Services Two years customer service experience Handling customers billing and charging Types of projects you might use you Could use a volunteer project for Example working at the Salvation Army Stocking shelves for customers You are working on a project which Requires you to stock to appropriate Products for the service of customers

You could also use freelance independent Contracting projects as work experience Even if you cut grass for a living you Need to know how to deal with your Customers You need good communication skills via Phone email or in person This is your own freelance project and It can be used as customer service work Experience How to list projects as work experience On your resume how to list project type Work experience on your resume one you Will have a section on your resume too You might call it accomplishments or Freelance projects 3 you will list the Name of your grass cutting business or Business 4. you will list your job title For example customer service manager 5 You will list the dates of employment 6. You will share a little about the Project 7. remember to use action verbs Attached C sample resumes collected from The Creative Commons section of Google Notice the sections under work Experience relevant work experience real Life work experience see a sample resume Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you foreign

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