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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I'm back with another job For you guys and I hope everybody's Doing good today I'm doing great back With this job from the company Quest Technology management okay so we're Gonna go ahead and get into the details Of this Administrative Assistant job for Their marketing department before we get Into the details this job doesn't have a Direct link you will have to go to the Career section to you know apply for This job I hate that you know I like to Provide you guys with direct links but They don't have a direct link for this One so let's go ahead and get into the Details you will be working Monday Through Friday from 8 A.M to 5 p.m that Specific Standard time so you will need To adjust that to your time zone I don't Know of any state hiring restrictions For this job but you will be performing General clerical duties to include but Not limited to photocopying faxing Scanning and filing you're going to Prepare and modify documents including Correspondence reports drafts memos and Emails using Microsoft Office Outlook And Excel annual track new sales Opportunities for marketing Roi Reporting and assist with email and Campaign programs you will assist with Webinars and events and update and Chase

Delegated tasks to ensure deadlines are Met and you will be responsible for Accurately And Timely completion of Daily weekly monthly tasks as assigned And you may be asked to perform other Duties you will be creating exporting And reviewing reports as well so they'd Like you to have two years of college or Equivalent related work experience Strong attention to detail and accuracy Previous administrative experience you Do need to have Microsoft Office Experience it needs to be intermediate Or higher and be proficient with Excel Have strong attention to detail and the Ability to multitask be a motivated Self-starter and enjoy a challenging yet Rewarding environment project Coordination experience is a plus and This job is full time and you will need To pass a background check with this job Okay of course if you're interested in Applying you already know check out that Description bar you'll see the link to The job there if you guys have any Questions or any kind comments make sure To leave those below and as usual thank You guys so much for watching I'll see You in my next video and good luck to Everyone who applies for the job

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