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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me curl and I am back with another work from home Video in this company guys they are Seeking to hire over 1 000 agents make Sure you guys subscribe like and share On this YouTube channel not only do we Talk about legit work from home jobs Side gigs and side hustles but guys we Also do real giveaways and live streams Now if you guys want to jump in on these Giveaways take this video go post it on Facebook post it on LinkedIn share it With a friend don't forget to come back And leave us a comment now yesterday on The YouTube channel we dropped a ton of Videos so if you miss them be sure to go Back and check them out also don't Forget to come over here to the two Chicks with the side blog on The home page look for Telus the Raider Position that pays 14 an hour it is now Open guys be sure to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home up Or side hustle you're looking for and Make sure you guys click on that link in The comments and sign up for Branded Surveys let's jump in so the company is MCI we've talked about this company Before they are looking to feel it says 1 000 work at home staff to support Federal state and Commercial clients so This one can be worked full or part time So I do see that here it says that there Are full-time and part-time positions

Available for almost any shift day night Seven days a week in a lot of cases you Can make your own schedule so that is Great the position offers a base pay Commiserant with experience roll Schedule level Plus benefits for Full-time pay vacation and variable Bonuses and contests incentives and I Used to work for MCI but I'm not sure if This company is the same as that one but I was going to say that we did have a Lot of contest and also a lot of bonuses Uh schedule adherence bonus attendance Bonuses things like this so this could Be the same company but I'm not 100 sure So it says here all it takes to get Started is for you to complete an easy Online application an informal interview With a talent acquisition specialist if You do not have your equipment MCI will Provide it so wow that is perfect you Will need a home broadband connection So guys again MCI is the company Part-time full-time if you work Full-time they will offer you guys Benefits if you don't have equipment MCI Will provide you guys with equipment you Can almost with this one it saves any Schedule day night seven days a week and You can make your own schedule so that Is perfect so it says you will listen to Customers understand their needs and Resolve customer issues you will utilize Systems and Technology to complete

Account management tasks recognize sales Opportunity and apply sales skills to Upgrade explain and position the Products and processes with the Customers appropriately escalate Customer dissatisfaction with managerial Team ensure first call resolution Through problem solving and effective Call handling now for this one you must Be 18 years of age or older high school Diploma or equivalent excellent Organizational written in oral Communication skills the ability to type Swiftly and act nearly 20 plus where It's a minute basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite Excel PowerPoint Word Outlook basic understanding of Windows operating system highly reliable With the ability to maintain regular Attendance and punctuality the ability To elevate Well evaluate I'm sorry troubleshoot and Follow up on customer issues and Aptitude for conflict resolution problem Solving and negotiation must be customer Service oriented empathetic responsive Patient and this one here guys these are The key words right here contentious Ability to multitask they focused and Self-manage strong team orientation and Customer focus so again this one is and You must be authorized to work in the U.S or Canada so I know we have a lot of People reaching out from Canada you guys

Can apply for this one so this is MCI They're looking to staff 1 000 we're Probably over 1 000 work at home Agents to staff support federal state And Commercial clients they did not list Who the clients are I have no idea who They are either and they will provide You guys with equipment and you can make Your own schedules you can work full or Part-time with little I would say very Little experience so this one is on the Two chicks blog I will be sure to leave A link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure to do some Research because as you can see you will Have an interview with a talent Acquisition specialist so they're going To interview you guys for this position Right now I don't know the pay but if Somebody um is watching the video and You have worked for this company or you Are working for them and you don't mind Disclosing that information please feel Free to drop it down below in the Comment section however please remain Incognito if you do drop this Information because some of you guys Signed these ndas and I don't think you Guys realize what you're signing but you Cannot disclose the information that has Been given to you after you sign that NDA so if you do decide to drop that Info please be very very discreet about

It so make sure you are using maybe like Another Gmail account that they don't Recognize your name by make sure you Guys share the video somebody out there Is looking for a job such as this one And I do believe that MCI might be like A quick hire type of company make sure You come back and leave us a comment hop On over to Facebook guys we are doing Giveaways across these social media Platforms we're not playing this year With these giveaways so we are giving Away computers laptops brand new and Free we also will be giving away Probably some more headsets because a Lot of people do need headsets headsets Keyboards mouse pads maybe some two Chicks with the side hustle mugs some More cash apps some more gift cards for Amazon and Walmart so make sure that you Are following us on these platforms make Sure that you are also sharing this good Information or inviting your friends and Family members over here to the YouTube Channel or to the Facebook group the Name of the group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye and if you have not Joined us please do so because we do Post a lot of different jobs in the Group guys that do not make it to this YouTube channel so make sure you come Over there we've been posting I would say maybe 20 to 30 jobs on some Days or certain days 10 to 15 on other

Days so make sure you guys come over There and you join us make sure you Invite your friends and family members Because there will be a giveaway over in The group and you guys don't want to Miss out on that also don't forget about The two chicks with the side Hustle the Facebook business page because on that Page guys we will be giving away two Additional laptop computers brand new And absolutely free so make sure you Guys come over there and join that page And you can tag a friend tell a friend Or you can share the content that we Post over on their platform be sure to Leave us a comment though somewhere so That we can put your name on our Giveaway list also don't forget about Instagram and Twitter two chicks with a Side hustle now on Twitter we're trying To build that platform up but on Instagram we are so close guys to 10 000 followers and I am super duper Excited about that because once we hit That number there will be another Giveaway so if you guys want to join in Over on Instagram it is free99 to create An account if you don't have one and Whatever you guys see posted if you want To tag your friend in the comments that Is fine or if you want to take what we Have posted the videos the reels the Shorts and you want to share it on your Instagram platform feel free to do so

But come back though and leave us a Comment over there on Instagram because Once we reach 10 000 followers there Will be another giveaway and I would Hate for you guys to miss out on this Next giveaway so we did a giveaway back In December 2022 we gave away 200 worth Of gift cards so I don't know what we're Gonna give away this time it could be a Cash app hey we might even give away a Laptop you just never know what we're Going to give away When we do these giveaways so make sure That you are following liking and Sharing tell a friend tag a friend my Name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye foreign You too

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