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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a part-time non-phone Work when you want video but before I Jump in make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this channel Not only do we talk about legit work From home jobs but guys we give away Laptops and if you want to win one of These beautiful brand new laptop Computers absolutely free remember to Take the video go post it on Facebook Tick Tock Instagram share it with a Friend don't forget to come back though And leave us a comment now we did a live Stream last night we talked about 10 Non-phone health care companies that are Hiring right now be sure to go back guys And check out their video don't forget To hop over to the two chicks blog look On the home page make sure you guys Apply for Telus International the Raider Position is now open work when you want 14 an hour also guys let us know in the Comments what type of work from home So you guys are looking for and be sure Guys to sign up for Branded surveys the Link is in the comment section and guys Don't forget to scroll back we've been Dropping a lot of work when you want Videos on the channel let's jump in so This is a sports betting company it's a Sports betting Ambassador Jersey City Part-time so The company is vet stamp so best stamp

Is looking to feel this part-time Non-phone work from home opportunity for You guys so it says as a bet stamp Ambassador you'll join on the ground Level of the best sporting sports Betting aggregator on the market growing Faster than ever you will be responsible For managing the launch of bed stamp in Your community and getting your network Aware of and using that stamp you will Be a part of a team that will be Responsible for supporting the creation And execution of different events to Help bring that stamp to the masses now In this role it says that this role is Perfect for someone looking to gain Professional experience in a fast moving Startup that overlaps heavily in the Sports and sports management side of Business so let's scroll on down I do See here guys the start date is April 2023 so that is this month it says Uncapped earnings based on referrals Hosting Sports viewing parties with Friends growing brand awareness paid Training sessions flexible schedules you Can work on your own time I do see here You will earn more than 16 an hour for Attending the trainings authentic Startup experience your feedback will be Essential to building and optimizing the Program they do offer some additional Perks here as well Now let me go back up the

Responsibilities educate your network on Bed stamp and how to become a better Better host viewing events watching the Sports and teams that you love know your Market and spot and set the trends Marketing the launch of the app so this Is an app growing best stem social media Presence and then the start date again Is April 2023 which is this month so Again vetstep is the company they are Looking for some sports brand Ambassadors to work part-time and again This is like a non-phone I would say More like a side Hustle but you may be Able to work this guy's like a part-time Job and that may be the reason why they Have part-time listed on the title so Make sure you guys go do some research And you can earn more than 16 dollars Per hour with this company go do some Research guys don't forget to share the Video the link will be posted right Below the video in the description box So you you guys can check it out Remember to come back after you share And leave us a comment hop over to Facebook make sure you join the group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye because Guys we are giving away a laptop Computer brand new absolutely free in The Facebook group all you have to do is Come over there join the group and Invite invite invite don't forget to Follow us on the two chicks with the

Side hustle our other social media Platform so we have a Facebook business Page a Twitter and we have an Instagram Make sure you guys follow like share Subscribe and don't forget to come back Though and leave us that comment Somewhere my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye Bye YouTube

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