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Hey hey hey this is TNG from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another side hustle so we are going to Do these series of videos where we are Going to be talking about side hustles And we are going to give you a little Insight on the side hustle and how you Can make it work for you so Um we're going to be doing these videos So I hope you enjoy them I hope you put Them to good use and I hope this helps You so our first Um company we're going to talk about is Transcribe me and transcribe me is a Good Um entry-level transcribing company so If you want to get into the world of Transcribing transcribe me it's a great Way to enter Transcribe me Prides itself on chopping Up the different audio file into small Pieces to where many people work on the Same transcription so it won't be so Overwhelming so you can build yourself Up to those bigger transcription files So transcribe me really Prides their Self on what they call crowd Source Transcription again where they break the Files into small chunks for people who Want to get into transcribing who may Can't get the style guides down and Things like that with bigger Transcription jobs they kind of take you At a slower pace and the average

Um For transcribe me is about fifteen Dollars in audio hour and again audio Hour means that you will how much you Can transcribe in an hour so if you Transcribe it takes you 40 minutes to Transcribe something that will take Somebody Um maybe an hour to do then you earn That 15 and 40 minutes but again it Varies and this is a good way again for Beginner transcribers for if you want to Be a transcriber you want to get into This world of transcribing this is a Good way for you to learn now transcribe Me pays Um 20 Um 15 in audio hour they pay once a week Through PayPal but you can work when you Want you can go on the site in the work Hub and grab Um work so it is a good thing for Stay-at-home moms if you want to uh Getting to the world transcribing you Can always Um go on or dot org and Practice your typing skills Um you must have impeccable grammar a High school diploma internet access and Headphones Um some experience transcriptions is They do want you to have a foot pedal But not starting off so I would suggest This is for a great beginner who wants

To get into the world of transcription So I'm going to leave the link on this Post and it is on our non-phone blog so Make sure you go click apply here and Apply and take the test take it over and Over again until you pass it if you want To get into training description also Don't forget to share this video to People who you think will be looking for This type of side hustle it is great Again for stay-at-home moms people who Are looking to earn extra income on Their own time have a great day thank You for watching bye

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