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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non-phone data entry Work from home job but before I jump Into the video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this YouTube channel not only do we talk About and post legit work from home jobs Side gig side hustles but guys we also Give away free laptops and if you want To win make sure you take this video go Share it with a friend post it on your Social media platforms but don't forget To come back and leave us a comment down Below now we have been dropping a ton of Work when you want videos if you guys Have missed them be sure to go back and Check them out we will be dropping more Videos like that today as well make sure You guys hop on over to the two chicks Blog look on the home page and apply for Telus International the Raider position Is now open the pay is 14 an hour work When you want no interview let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job or side hustle you guys are Looking for and be sure guys to sign up For Branded surveys let's jump in so This company here they are looking to Feel their contract medical data entry Associate work from home position so it Says here that our team is compromised Of courageous and caring Health Care Warriors we're here to solve The Impossible problems such as reducing

Medical errors saving patient lives and Also empowering the Physicians to stay Financially independent we care deeply About making a big impact and we are Relentless so let's scroll on down and The company by the way guys it is called PMD so again the company is PMD this is A contract medical data entry associate Work from home position that they are Looking to feel responsibilities it says Transferring patient registry operation Data from a PDF or image format into a Software solution retrieve patient data From other sources and key into Predefined Fields perform data entry Functions and expected time limits with A minimum error rate review data for Discrepancies or errors and correct them As needed proactively communicate errors Identified to manager for future Prevention communicate effectively and Work cooperatively with team members Maintain confidentiality of outpatient Records now the requirements it says Review and transcribe an average of 20 Patient files per hour worked Availability to start immediately basic Uh knowledge of basic computer and work Processing applications exceptional Attention to detailed data processing Experience that is just preferred it is Not required must currently have or be Willing to register a business per Independent contractor guidelines

Resides in the U.S it did not have any States listed on the website and the Rate is 90 cents per patient file so it Says this role is paid on a per file Basis and there is an average of 60 Files available for review each business Day so that's around fifty four dollars A day now I do see here review and Transcribe an average of 20 patient Files per hour worked so also guys files Must be reviewed by 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday candidates must be authorized to Work in the U.S as a preconditioned of Employment so it does not have any States listed again the company is PMD They are looking to feel this contract Medical data entry associate and 20 Patient files per hour worked but They're saying an average of 60 files Are available for review each business Day and they are going to pay you guys Because it is a contractor position 90 Cents per patient file and you could do More than 60 if you are someone they Probably could key in this information Fast or quickly you might be able to get More than 60 files a day depending on The work because again it is an Independent contractor position make Sure you guys do some research go over To Google type in the company's name This position see what comes up check The reviews just in case you guys get an

Interview you will would want to be Prepared and not surprised don't forget Guys to look under the video in the Description box for the link don't Forget to share this information with Your friends family members or anyone That's out there looking for a legit Work from home job such as this one and Don't forget to hop over to Facebook Make sure you guys join us kiss that Cubicle goodbye follow follow because we Are doing giveaways on these social Media platforms so we do have an Instagram we also have a Facebook Business page and a Twitter page two Chicks with a side hustle be sure to Follow like subscribe and share but Don't forget to come back and leave us a Comment somewhere you guys can create Stories and reels tag us put us in your Stories or your reels I have seen some People out there that have already Created stories and reels about the two Chicks brand so thank you guys so much We greatly appreciate each and every Single one of you my name is Carol and I Will get get you out some lovely amazing People in the next video You too

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