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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and I really like this job Right here with the company registry Partners okay and we're going to be Talking about their certified tumor Registrar and I like this job because You can work part-time or full-time and They do have a one thousand dollar Sign-on bonus okay so let's talk about The estimated pay and according to Glassdoor this job pays about 26 hourly As I always State that's an estimate you Have to get the exact pay from the Company but again you are going to get a Sign-on bonus with this company so a one Thousand dollar sign-on bonus your first Payout of 500 will be paid once you Complete 90 days of employment and then The other half will be paid out once you Complete 180 days of part-time Employment so with this job right here You got to be responsible for remote Abstracting and registry operations Related tasks and you're going to be Responsible for following the guidelines Published in the project parameters Document quality control policy and Procedures and working within the Established productivity guidelines for Each assigned engagement I'm going to be

Following guidelines provided in all Cancer registry industry related Reference manuals and you're going to Consistently work your committed hours For each assignment and assist the Management team with meeting goals and Deadlines for assigned engagement so you Need to have at least one year of Abstracting experience that is required You also have to complete and pass the Registry Partners pre-employment skills Assessment with a 90 or better and have Knowledge of cancer registry related Reference manuals associate's degree in Health information or related field is Preferred exposure to cancer registry Operations is preferred also proficient In Microsoft Office Products Google Products industry related cancer Registry software systems and electronic Medical record applications is preferred Let's take a look at the application Process you will need to register with Them before you proceed with the Application so if course if you're Interested in applying for this job you Can find the link in the description bar If you guys have any questions or any Comments you can leave those below and As usual I thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video And good luck to those who apply for the Job

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