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Hello good morning welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post these Work from home job videos daily to help You switch from an in-office job to a Remote work from home lifestyle so click That red subscribe button below and You'll never miss an upload this job was Too sweet not to share so I thought I Absolutely had to it is a remote senior Ruby on Rails developer you can work Anywhere in the world full-time in the Back end programming department but you Will be paid 120 000 per year US Dollars Four days of week or four days of work Per week I mean I'm sorry you cannot Beat that four days on three days off I Love that so join a meritocracy no Politics needed nor welcomed work four Days a week and have an extra day for Learning or running errands we practice Open book management so you'll Understand how the business works and Why what you work on really matters for The client so quick mail is the company It's one of the leading cold email Outreach Solutions for sending business To business called emails and it's used All over the world for small and medium Businesses I'm going to skip through for The sake of keeping the video brief Anything I miss go back and read on your Own their current stack back end is Ruby On Rails front-end angular communication

Layer is graph graphical Apollo and Pusher hosting is Heroku and there's Also extra services so your initial Responsibilities in the first weeks You'll get familiarized with the code Making some small changes then you move Towards building a smaller scope and Then ultimately you'll have the Possibility to make a big impact now of Course they promote internally so you Have room to grow what they are looking For you deeply love coding you have Great analytical skills you can speak And write in English without problems You have at least four years of Professional experience with Ruby on Rails and command a good understanding Of background jobs and you use git Regularly pull requests merge and rebase The best part the benefits four days per Week eight hours a day solid engineering Practices is join a meritocracy a chance To step in and have a big impact one Team Retreat per year and you get a Hundred dollars per month budget for Learnings books courses and personal Growth so this is amazing anywhere in The world 120 000 USD If you would like the link to apply for This job you can find it on my website That'll be linked in the description box Below there are two other videos on your Screen if this one wasn't for you to Check out my face is also on the screen

For you to subscribe so you never miss An upload I love you so much and I will Talk to you guys in my next video bye

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