7 Remote PART TIME NON PHONE Work at Home Jobs Hiring Now

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Hey welcome back everyone I hope all of You guys are having a beautiful day so Far today I would love to share some Part-time non-phone jobs with you guys These companies will allow you to work Whenever you want so I'm just going to Show you each individual website just Give you a few details about the company And share the links for you to apply Today so keep watching to learn more hey Welcome my name is Shea from Dreamhomebasework.com make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel if you've been having a problem Landing a work from home job then you Should definitely update and optimize Your resume my new resume template Bundle comes with templates that are Already formatted and written out they Come with examples so you would just Simply swap out the information with Your own this bundle comes with two Resume templates cover letters reference Letter as well as a thank you letter I Made sure to tailor these templates for Beginners as well as those that have Experience now I'm sure many of you guys Are wondering why is my resume so Important it really does strengthen your Chances of Landing a remote job so it Was really important for me to make sure It was ready to be scanned through a

Hiring software called the applicant Tracking system better known as the ATS Which is a system that a lot of these Companies are using to scan your resume And pick the next candidate for the job So this bundle is only 19 make sure you Grab it today it will definitely help You stand out among everyone else and Land more remote jobs Let's dive right into the part-time Non-phone jobs the first company is way With words they look for English first Language speakers to work from home in The U.S as well as many other countries Such as Canada South Africa the United Kingdom Australia New Zealand Malaysia Singapore as well as Hong Kong now this Company hires transcribers to work from Home transcribing audio files they have Been around since 2002 they are looking For someone that understands the English Language has a good ear and the ability To type and research accurately you must Be able to meet deadlines as well now if You scroll down their official website You will see some frequently asked Questions what is the rate of pay Anywhere from 45 to 1.73 per audio Minute you will need a PayPal account in Order to get paid no special software is Required you will need to have Microsoft Word and just something that is able to Play audio and video files there is no Fee to apply with this company you will

Need to take an assessment and that is Necessary so they can see where your Skill level is at also if you are Wondering are if you are required to Work a minimum number of hours all of Their transcribers are contracted as Independent contractors that means you Are responsible for managing your own Taxes so you will choose the hours that You want to work so go ahead and apply For this company today The next site that I want to share with You is the content panel now if you are Really good with writing freelance Writing then you can be able to work From home for this company this company Is open worldwide to many countries I'm Just going to go ahead and scroll down Their official website here are a few Requirements to be able to write for This company you will need to be great With grammar have a real passion for Writing knowledge of content marketing And SEO a native English speaker over The age of 18 and have a verified PayPal Account it is really simple to write for The content panel first you will pick up The writing git begin your research Create the content deliver on the Deadline and then you will follow up on Any feedback from the client you are Working for and then you will go ahead And get paid once you have completed all Of the edits so definitely please sign

Up with the content panel today the next Company that I want to share with you is Robert Half now this is a staffing Agency that lists data entry positions On a regular so I do urge you to go on To this job board this is a trusted job Board for you guys to be able to find Legitimate data entry jobs whether they Are part-time full-time or temporary the Pay will range anywhere from 17 to 21 Per hour that I've been able to see on This website so just make sure you check The remote's jobs only tab on the left The next site that I would like you to Check out is bookminders this company Offers non-phone jobs as an accountant You can work part-time or full-time for This company now with this particular Site you must possess a four-year degree And five or more years of accounting Experience so if you have that Accounting background then this will Definitely be an ideal remote job for You the next part-time non-phone job is With a company called Mod Squad this Company hires social media mods to Basically scan the comments in Forums on Social media you are basically just Making sure everyone is keeping their Language clean there are no spamming This job is open worldwide so definitely Make sure you apply with this company Today the next website is Proofreadingservices.com yes they hire

Full-time and part-time proofreaders to Work from from home worldwide you are Anywhere from 19 to 46 dollars per hour You will be able to choose your own Hours this is great for those that Understand the English language so yes Definitely go ahead and apply today if You are interested in an online Proofreading job the next website is Word advice now this company hires Freelance editors to work from home you Will have the freedom and flexibility to Work on your own schedule also they have A steady flow of work for you they will Provide ongoing training now the type of Work you'll be editing is academic Papers admission essays and other Documents you will need to be fluent in English have completed a college degree Program and have a minimum of two years Of professional editing experience other Jobs that are available at word advice Are freelance translator positions Content writers educational video Instructors as well as seminar and Workshop lecturers so definitely check Out this website for multiple remote Jobs that are non-phone I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video don't forget to like this video And share with your family and friends This helps the YouTube algorithm Recommend to other people that are Looking for these types of jobs and

Don't forget to definitely check out my Resume template bundle I'll provide all Details in my description box below Until next time guys good luck to Everyone take care Hey welcome everyone my name is Shea From dreamhomebasework.com if you are Looking for a flexible night job that You can be able to do from home that Doesn't require a resume and some of Them won't even require an interview Then you would want to keep watching to Learn more about the opportunities that I want to share with you today Thank you

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