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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lead that I cannot wait to share with You you can make a thousand two hundred And eighty per week no degrees required No experience is requiring again this is A no talk and work from home job leave And this company is urgently hiring Right now and I want to share my screen So we can talk about this company so you Can go ahead and apply for this job Immediately here okay so again we're Talking about the company splice they're Currently seeking customer experience Agent to work remotely okay now this is More of a chat job Um type of job where you're not on the Phone dealing with customers and it does Require a lot of experience the only Requirement is just prior customer Service experience if you talk on the Phone answering your phone calls that is Your customer service experience so That's why I say it's no experience no Degree and you can make a thousand uh a Thousand two hundred eighty per week Here is the salary between fifty two Thousand five to sixty seven thousand Five hundred that's Per year and even though it says New York you know I always reach out to hire Managers say can anybody else apply for This job if they don't live in this State and they say yes so you can go

Ahead and apply for this job even if you Don't live in the state so we're going To go over and give you more information About what you're going to be doing on This job every single day is you going To work with their product specialist And customer experience manager to Handle a diverse range of inquiries from Their users you're going to engage with Their customers via email real time chat In their knowledge base you're going to Report techno bugs to their product and Engineering teams you're going to also Identify problems and frictions points For their users then help come up with Solutions as well as you're going to Draw your understanding of Music Creation in order to help their user Achieve their creativity goals so what They're looking for is someone that's Passionate about creating music prior Customer service experience compassion And empathy towards your fellow musician Excellent written and verbal Communication skills a team player who Is an energetic by working with others a Highly motivated self-starter able to Flourish any high volume work Environment highly organized and Detailed or it doesn't require a lot of Experience so you need to hop on this Before this type of job go really Quickly especially with the pay that They're paying for and it's nice to have

I mean if you have it that's great if You don't know where about it you are a Splice user and familiar with their Platform so if you're not familiar it's Okay still apply anyway and if this is Something that you're interested in Again all you have to do is scroll down And you can go ahead and apply for this Job this way it's considered a Quick Car Application Customers Interacting with customers that is your Customer service experience okay and Then you put this information you fill It out And then once you fill it out just keep Going and you just feel like everything To the best of your ability and then you Hit submit application and your Application is on its way to the hiring Manager okay Now if this video has been helpful thus Far I want you to hit that like button And I want you to subscribe to the Channel so you become part of the family And also turn on your notification by Clicking on that Bell so every time when I upload new videos you will be notified Plus that will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs these jobs move very quickly And I want each and every one of you to Have a job but in order to have a job You have to apply for these jobs on

Every single day and be have your Notifications turned on because all These videos go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time and I post Variety of jobs you know it goes from Dating entry to chat jobs it's just too Many to name so it's a lot of Buffets on My channel where you have a variety of Different remote jobs no talking work From home jobs to choose from okay so I Want to leave some encouragement words With you is to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there be made for you but again it Starts with you you gotta believe y'all It starts with the mind if you don't Believe nobody else will you got to stop Talking negative over yourself and say They won't hire me or I don't have the Experience you have to have faith you Know you have to have faith that's what You have to you have to pray and you Have to have faith and you got to take Action I see so many people talking About that they're not qualified for the Job and Um they're not going to get a job you Have to speak life over yourself the Power of the tongue determines life and Death if you say something eventually it Can come to fruition that's why you have To speak life y'all if you say that I'm Going to get a job even though Rejections I'm going to get a job you're

Going to get a job okay so you got to Keep pushing keep playing like I told You When I first start working from home I Didn't have any work experience a lot of People say well I want to work from home And I don't have experience In order to work from home all you need To know is how to get on Zoom if and to Meet these calls when you go into Meetings if you know how to do that that Is your experience they're going to Train you anyway on how to do the job so Years ago I didn't have the experience But I applied for the different jobs I Dealt with customer service in the Facility or on site and I said well if I Can do it on site I can do it from home So the only difference is working from Home you're your 10 person so something Goes wrong with your computer you cannot Just get up and call attack you have You're your attack person you got to get Somebody that is going to help you Um you know figure out the problem of Your computer as well as Um you know whatever courses you have You can go and look behind you and There's a teammate there all you do if You have courses you got to pick up the Phone or y'all got to meet in Zoom so I kept applying for different jobs like You know gained experience I I research Different companies to make sure that

They were legitimate and I finally got My first job and my first job was with West at home now it's known as Alorica It took me about maybe six months to Find that job because I was applying for Jobs every single day I was not getting Paid I'm saying and I'm not ashamed to Tell you is I was only making eight Dollars in an hour at that time and that Was like in 2007. I stayed there Probably about three months to six Months gained my experience and I moved Up from there making more money you know So there's a saying you gotta crawl Before you walk you can't just get up And walk before you crawl and expect to Make thirty dollars an hour and you Don't have the experience yes people Make thirty dollars an hour from home People make a hundred and twenty dollars And I'm working from home that is true You know if you can make that amount Working on site you definitely can make Make it work from home okay so I want You to just surround yourself around Positive people that have your best Interest and that is speaking life over You because when you hang around people That have your best interests and Encouraging you and uplifting you you Can't help to be encouraged stay away From negative people people that don't Speak life over you just drain the life Out of you and speaking deaf over you

You need to stay away from those people Okay you keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job being made For you but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will go out there today and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs you got this I believe in you okay You know that I always talk about having Multiple strains of income I don't only Believe in seven I believe in eight Multiple strengths of income is not Greed it is planning and prepare and That is one thing that you need to Always do because even though you have a Job things can happen and if something Happens to that job people get in panic Mode and they just don't know what to do Why you have that job use that job as a Crutch to invest in a business where you Can make passive income and you know That I always talk about bookboat and I'm going to share my screen I am not Just talking to talk I'm walking the Walk I am actually doing Book boat Myself in order to make passive income And in Book boat you can create low Content books and for those who don't Know what low content books are these Are journals Diaries law books coloring Books coloring pages all made in Book Boat and if you do your research people Are making anywhere between a thousand To ten thousand a month creating low

Content books but you got to put in the Work what come easy won't last and what Lasts won't come easy when I scroll down The great thing about bookboat is you Can always research the product before You actually make it to see if it sell When you go down a little bit further Here Um they have cover craters interior Designs drag and drop editors complete Customization over 1 200 plus free fonts More than one million royalty free image Pattern scalable designs filter and much More and again you make these in book Boats and people do buy these here you Can make puzzle books activity books Coloring books and you could do 100 of Low content Interiors where you can mix And match Interiors for Unique books for Your audience the great thing about Bookboat is they always have weekly Calls either on Tuesday and Thursdays Where Um the owner of bookboat is always Keeping you up to date on new things About bookboat and how to continue to Grow your um your book boat you know Your low content Um creation if they're teaching you that And then also Um you could sell this on many platforms Because of course Amazon kdb you can Sell it on Etsy you can sell it on Fiverr you can sell it on different free

Social media platforms your website There are so many ways that you could Promote this in order to make sales but The thing is is you got to always Research what you want to sell to spend A lot of time because a lot of people Researched the wrong low content to make And that is not why they selling I found Out that way you know I was doing what Everybody else was doing like notebooks And coloring books and it's just a lot Of people that are making those things You just gotta find things that Um the competitor is not too many people That are doing that and that's how you Stand up from the crowd and once I Figure that out then that's when I Started really really making sales okay So this is a great side hustle side gig Opportunity it could come into a Business where you can make passive Income but again you got to put in the Work when you go to Resource interior Wizard you do not have to make the the Interior for you is already made as you Can see on the screen you could do College rules journals music sheets Career plan monthly to-do list Resale planners you get the picture Birthday reminders Body measure measurements you see it's a Whole bunch that you can do where you Can mix and match and make your low Content books your own

Um there's different things here as I Scroll it's really self-explanatory for The sake of the video I'm going to use Projects to complete three and what you Can do is you could do paperback or Hardcover always do paperback eight by Five by eleven and I choose 120 again They have a lot of tutorials where you Can go through and they could tell you How to do this you know so you can't Make any excuses if you spend an hour a Day I'm looking at the videos you can Get to where you need to get okay to Date and I hit download Once you Download This is what will appear okay project to Complete this is your interior if you Are pleased with this this is what you Would download to Um Amazon kdb and you can start making Money again I am not a graphic designer So I pay someone on Fiverr anywhere from Five to twenty dollars to do my book Cover you know to make it stand out and Everything if you're a graphic designer Able to do it you could do it yourself But this is your interior this is what You would um actually Um put on Amazon kdb here so when I go Back here And I know what you're trying to figure Out is the pricing I believe that the Pricing is very affordable you cannot Complain about the situation until you

Start being a Risk Takers what I've Learned in life is people that are Risk Takers they're the one that's moving up From A to Z people that don't invest the Right investment they're always at Aid And they're always mad you know because They're struggling there's no reason for Not for you to be struggling you have to Invest in order to grow if you want to Go you got if you want to grow you got To go the more you know the more you Grow so you have to put an investment I Feel that it's very affordable 9.99 per Month for newbie in 1999 per month for Pro if you use my coupon code which is The rest is wet all in lower case you'll Get 20 off the 9.99 per month and that Is Lifetime as well as if you choose a 1999 per month you'll get 20 off of that And that is Lifetime and the only Difference is with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included as well as you can try it out For three days for free and see if you Like it I guarantee you're gonna like it I love book boat this is a easy place And to make a side hustle which could Turn into a passive income where some People are making a killing off a book Boat creating low content books and you Could do the same thing but again you Got to put in the work what come easy Won't last and what lasts won't come Easy so that information to sign up is

In my YouTube description bar make sure You sign up today so you can start Creating low content books and upload Them on different Um platforms like Amazon kdb okay Again you know I talk about again push And keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there with Your name on it don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it you have to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs make Sure you check out the video that's Listed either at the top at the bottom There are more no talk and work from Home job leads to help you get closer to Landing your first second third job even A side hustle remember subscribe to the Channel for more no talk and work from Home job leads to go out every single Day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time click On that Bell to turn on all Notifications so you'll be notified when These videos go out and that will give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they go Quickly thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video bye

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