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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great it's a Beautiful spring day I'm getting ready To go to Ross and a few other places but I was like let me go ahead and get my Work done first before I go ahead and Start a little bit of shopping okay I'm Back with another job for you guys and This one right here is coming from the Company DVM Elite and they're looking For a recruiting assistant okay so this Is gonna be a part-time job you guys Know I love bringing the part-time jobs To you okay so let me go ahead and let You know right away this job is only Hiring from specific States so you will Need to be in Arizona California Florida Georgia Illinois Michigan North Carolina Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas or Wisconsin let's get into the details of This recruiting assistant and this job Does pay 22 an hour again it is Part-time and it's fully remote with no Travel required you're gonna develop Rapport working hard to build open Honest and positive relationships with Your members and teammates and you're Going to provide recruiting advice to Practice owners and leaders using a Consultative approach that inspires Learning as well as problem solving You're going to provide HR advice and Assistance to their internal HR

Department and you're going to find top Talent for your members by conducting Varying levels of recruiting Services You're going to collaborate with Internal partners and other divisions And help members reach goals and you're Going to maintain thorough and accurate Data notes and other records regarding Your members you will contribute freely Where your expertise can add value to The team and organization by suggesting Projects and improvements and you're Going to attend daily team huddles and Weekly company meetings via phone or Google meet once you have a minimum of Three years of experience with human Resources preferably with smaller Businesses or locations and you do need To be able to work well independently Significant experience interpreting and Advising recruiting strategies Outstanding verbal and written Communication and experience conducting Full cycle recruiting for both Frontline And professional level positions Including experience managing multiple Openings at one time you also need to be Tech savvy and have a quiet workspace in General you should be available during Regular business hours in the Central And Eastern time zones however they do Have members in the mountain and Pacific Time zones so some availability to Accommodate them is necessary as well so

You're going to be working 15 to 25 Hours per week PTO is definitely an Option for you but you will not be able To get health benefits of course so if You guys are interested in applying Check out that link in the description Bar make sure to leave any questions or Any comments below and as usual I thank You guys so much for watching I'll see You on my next video good luck to those Who apply for the job

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