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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so This is another Installment of the series that I have Going and so far so good I've been able To upload these videos that cover work From home opportunities or online Remote-based jobs that do not require You to be interviewed so we're going to Continue the series on today today's Friday TGIF I hope you're having a great Day so far so on today's video we're Going to share some companies that have Four to five websites that I want to Share with you that all cater to tasks That you can do online which includes Data entry work okay so if you're Someone who's interested in getting Started in data entry then this is then This is perfect for you especially if You're looking to gain the skills as Well as experience in data entry so you Can use these websites to enhance your Skill bills as well as gain experience To apply for other positions okay now These are simple and easy to get Opportunities that are presented on These websites so I just want to bring To your awareness because we do not know That these things exist online Especially when you're trying to sort Through scams all right so that's

Another thing you definitely want to be Aware that there are scams out there Especially when it comes to the Companies that offer data entry work and On my channel I do my best to research Research research but also I do Encourage you to do your own independent Research as well utilize Google as much As you can to look up companies all Right now these websites that I'm going To share with you in this video are Websites that have been around for years And they're well trusted okay they have Been spoken about many different Platforms and big name brands use these Companies to perform data entry work to Hire people like you to do some quick Data entry to tasks online all right so These are no interviews so you don't Have to worry about being interviewed You get to choose your own schedule you Can work whenever you want and they're Quick starting opportunities that you Can get started within 24 to 48 hours Most times okay so let's get into it the First company I want to share with you Is Click worker Okay now click worker Have multiple positions that they have Available these jobs are task based and Tasks are basically small things that You do on your time when you have spare Time you can hop on sign in and just Complete a simple task that may be Available and you can get paid for these

Tasks now you can get paid pretty good Money on these websites I'm going to Share with you okay so make money from Anywhere anytime you can join their Strong community and earn money easily And safely wherever you want okay so you Can sign up absolutely free to Clickworker to see what tasks they have Available you can also work clickworker On your mobile phone if you so choose to Do so so it's very simple task that they Offer and the tasks have their own pay Rates they have four and a half star Ratings on trustpilot trustpilot is a Site that people go to to review Companies that they may have worked with Or have experience with and share their Thoughts and opinion as well as their Experience so they are rated again four And a half start rating so to give you An example of a sort of task that they May have you do or may be available to You for example they may have a task for You to take pictures of fragrances so You simply take photos of fragrances in A specific store location you could go To a store and get paid around 18 for That job per job so they don't just Provide easy click jobs but offer Interesting and fun tasks as well so you Have fun doing this and earning money And be able to work whenever you want And they have a variety of jobs to Choose from great range of jobs

Available Global costs customized just For you okay they also pay on a weekly Basis earn money with micro tasking once Your work is finished and approved by The clients you can receive regular and Secure payments with ease secure Payments include PayPal so they do pay Via PayPal and Pioneer they offer weekly Payments again and you can decide for Yourself when you would like to get paid So again flexibility all around right And if you're concerned about your data Or your information being shared they Are very much into keeping that secure Keeping your data safe at clickworker They take data privacy very seriously so They develop their platform to ensure That your privacy is always protected to The best of their abilities so there's Site have data security transparent Handling of your data etc etc all right So there's so much information here on The website and you can access their Platform from all your devices you can Work on your smartphone Or work on a desktop or notebook okay Absolutely love the flexibility of this Opportunity when you Google their salary They can pay as high as 25 dollars per Hour for a task okay and again they have A wide variety of tasks which also Include data entry jobs that you can do As well taking photos entering data Whatever you can think of that you could

Do remotely click worker more than Likely have a position available for you No matter what skill level you are Etc Et cetera right so check out click Worker the next company I want to share With you is remote tasks and I believe Remote tasks is available Internationally as well if you are in Africa I believe they also offer uh Positions they also offer opportunities For your country as well so you can join Their community of over 240 000 taskers and start earning today okay So you can sign up today absolutely free With this company and see if they have Any tasks available when they do you can Participate and earn money so this is Very similar to clickworker they also Have data entry so how it works do tasks Get paid Fairly simple it's not much to say about It really easy for simple don't need Experience you don't need to be Interviewed all you're doing is signing Up and Performing tasks when tasks are Available okay so you can learn how to Do tasks with their quick online courses So they do offer you some training and Courses so that you're not lost or free Hands-On training complete tasks work on Tasks from projects you've you have Unlocked get paid in US Dollars weekly Get paid fast via PayPal or RTM based on Your quality and number of tasks

Completed so keep that in mind that Depending on the quality how well you Perform the task and how many tasks you Complete that will determine how much You get paid okay so no prior experience Is required they will teach you Everything you need to know learn how to Do tasks from your online courses or Join their free bootcamp program to get Get Hands-On training by certified team Members so as I stated before these Types of opportunities are great if You're someone who's looking to gain the Skills and experience and you could take That to apply for other jobs that you Are interested in companies like remote Has is great start for beginners now you Can feel free to look up remote tasks Online and read different reviews that Have a mixture of reviews of course like Most companies it could be three star Ratings on one site another site may Give them four star ratings but it is a Legit company their pay is low so Majority of the complaints could be the Pay being so low which is expected these Are small tasks that you're performing For doing Simple tasks online okay these Are more for extra cash not for Full-time income earnings so if you are Someone who's looking for extra cash and Something you can do that's fairly Simple you can jump on and just you know Complete a quick task then again this

Will be perfect for you but do not not Have any high expectations again it Depends on the task that you're Completing you may get a task that pay You forty dollars per hour for that day But remote tasks they are legit and they Will pay you consistently on time and They do pay via PayPal so most of these Sites will utilize PayPal to issue Payments and how much on average people Are earning our remote tasks you can Always Google their salary so it states Here on indeed the average remote task Hourly pay ranges from approximately Seven dollars per hour for labelers Something very simple and easy to do you May be labeling items or just giving Things labels two thirty six dollars per Hour if you are a writer okay so they May have some jobs and tasks available For those who are writers so let's jump To the next company this is sick track And sick track higher data entry Clerks I believe that higher only in the U.S But it's possible that they may have Positions available International okay So this is their website it's pretty Straightforward they are now accepting New users how do I start you could click On that to find out information now what Is sick track sick track is a database Application that links Grassroots Campaigns with crowdsourced data entry Freelancers so it's the freelance sites

To do data entry work so there's Strictly data entry now to get started On their website be aware that they will Require you to prove your identity so That they can verify that you are US Citizen sometimes sites do this collect ID or information if you see a site that Does this Definitely do your research to make sure That they're legit and real sites but There are legit and real sites such as Zigtrak that do require you to upload Your ID verify who you are and that you Are a citizen or a legal residence that Can work in the US okay so the legal Requirements access to voter data is Restricted by law every user must Provide proof of U.S residency Independent contractors cannot be a Residents of or work in California or Massachusetts so unfortunately this is Not available to those who are in California or Massachusetts the system Requirements for this job you will need To have Windows 10 or 11 Mac OS High-speed internet single 4k monitor or Second 1080p monitor now to learn how to Get started on sick track you just click Where it says how do I get started well Firstly signing up is easier than ever Get started by signing up and if you are Interested in learning how they pay you They will need a PayPal account to Receive payment for your work okay so

You need to have PayPal a majority of These companies again how pay works you Can click on that to find out how Exactly they pay and they break it down For you so definitely go through this Information so you fully understand they Base their pay on your accuracy level so If you're 90 accuracy 90 accurate you Get the most pay when you get paid as of June 7 pay turnaround will be each Friday after the end of the prior Calendar week so it seems like so it Looks as though they pay on a weekly Basis okay what is realistic definitely Read that section so that you are fully Aware of what to expect so that you're Not like oh my gosh I wasn't expecting This I sign up and it wasn't as much as I thought it would be okay so just be Fully aware that these tasks again are Tasks all right they're not full-time Jobs And good for extra cash all right so Sick track on average if you Google them You can make up to nine dollars an hour If you are fast enough so it's pretty Low but again it's good for extra cash And other sites May list them at nine to Fifteen dollars an hour quoted online as To how much some people are making so There are different quotes online that You'll find on another site states that Fifteen to twenty dollars an hour you Can make with sick track okay so let's

Just give you a range and an idea of how Much to expect to earn on sick track Another company that's similar is action And they are data services they hire you To do data entry work for their clients So you can check out action every now And then they have data entry positions Available I'm not sure if they have Anything available at this time but I Just wanted to throw it in there because They're good company and they're very Much a legit company so if you'd like to Learn about their salary as well the Review they have three to four star Ratings on indeed and they do offer Legit data entry work on their website Okay so action data entry service is a Legit site that will pay you for working On data entry projects so you can expect To earn twelve to twenty dollars as Listed on multiple sites for Action data Entry okay now if you're familiar with This company and I'm not saying the name Of a company correctly then that's fine If you want to correct me but we're Focused on the positions that they have Available and that is what's most Important keep in mind these companies Are not paying me to make these videos And I'm not getting paid by the hour to Upload so I will admit that I'm not Always perfect when it comes to the Names of companies and pronunciation Etc Et cetera so if you're familiar with a

Company and you know the pronunciation That's perfectly fine you are the Candidate applying for their position so It's important that you know that right So that is the company I wanted to share With you if you interested you can Always get started with this company the Next com the next website I want to Share with you is from Amazon they have Amazon Mechanical Turk available for you To make money in your spare time get Paid for completing simple tasks now I Don't want to continue to repeat myself Throughout this video but it's basically Similar to the other sites that I shared With you you'll be completing various Tasks for amp for Amazon Mechanical Turk Which includes doing some data entry Work as well it's free to sign up and You can start working almost as soon as Possible okay so if you want to make Money in your spare time become an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker and start Applying your skills to thousands of Available tasks in the mturk marketplace While Computing technology continues to Improve there are still many things that People can do much more effectively than Computers these include tasks such as Identifying objects in a photo or video Performing data D duplication Transcribing audio recordings or Researching data details so that's just To give you some ideas of a type of task

That you'll be doing okay so what type Of work is available in Amazon Mechanical Turk in the past workers have Helped complete image processing tasks Such as tagging objects found in an Image to improve search for advertising Targeting helping comp helping companies Select the best picture to represent a Product audit user uploaded images or Videos to moderate content classifying And identifying objects found in a Satellite imagery okay data verification And clean up so these are all the tasks That you can expect to do on Amazon Mechanical Turk and get paid to do them Now in terms of how much you can expect To earn on Amazon Mechanical Turk I've Read so many different pay ranges okay I've read that people who have earned up To forty dollars per hour on Amazon Mechanical Turks so it depends on Exactly what you will be doing what task You will be performing on their website So it can be random okay so just keep That in mind all right so these are the Websites and opportunities all these Companies are legitimate companies They're not 100 perfect but keep in mind They're easy it's easy money it's fast Money and you do not require to be Interviewed there's no resumes involved And this is good for extra cash right so That's it for this video I hope it was Enjoyable to you I will be back

Hopefully again next Friday to present Some more no interview remote-based Positions that you can get started in Doing as soon as possible to start Earning money and thank you for watching I wish you all the best of luck leave a Comment in the comment section of what You think about these videos be Respectful and positive and I'll speak To you soon happy work from home bye

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