5 Work From Home Jobs Hiring WORLDWIDE In 2023 | Up To $159,000 Year | No Degree | Flexible Schedule

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With a work from home job lead where They are hiring worldwide I actually Have five job leads to share in this Video the first four are completely Hiring worldwide as far as I know any Country the United States South Africa India wherever the last and fifth one is For my folks that live in India only I Know it's been quite a while since I've Done a video with Worldwide job leads my Expertise and experience is in the United States job market so it's just Easier for me to find jobs in the United States but I continue to look out for Jobs that are hiring worldwide in the United States and outside of the United States so of course as always feel free To leave in the comments what country You're from and any specific thing that You're looking for because I am always Reading those and keeping that in the Back my mind when I am searching for job Leads to share and if I ever come across Anything that I've seen I know people Are looking for I do share that but First up we have the company pantasia They are hiring a customer service agent Now they are looking for an English-speaking customer service agent For a fully remote role on behalf of Their client called igaming and Esports Business now you'll be responsible for

Providing customer service to players in The games via their live chat system and Social media so this is a non-phone Customer support they aren't looking for Someone who is a well-versed and basic Troubleshooting techniques that can help Solve issues caused by most internet Gremlins it says the ability to think Beh Beyond telling people to clear their Cookies And really be able to troubleshoot their Issues they are going to provide Training for you during training you'll Be expected to be proactive in the Process and learn quickly it'll take About two to three months to get fully Up to speed but once you have gotten Through training they're estimating that You're going to respond to about a Hundred tickets a day so you need to be Comfortable with high volume now they Are not requiring any kind of college Degree they are looking for someone who Is a great Problem Solver and can Process and resolve issues quickly You've got to have great communication Skills you've got to have a high level Of compassion and desire to help people And make them happy and of course good Technical understanding now it does say Their team consists of 30 plus people From 10 different countries they're a Fully Global remote team so it says you Can work wherever you want they are

Hiring from all countries they do have a Sliding pay scale that they implemented Back in September of 2022 that they Follow it depends on what level of a Customer service rep you are it doesn't Say whether you start out at level one And then you can move up through the Ranks to level five or if they assign You a level based on your experience and Skill level set when you have the Interview but a level one makes seventy One thousand six hundred and sixty Dollars a year and it goes up through The different levels of level five but Principal customer service rep can make 159 500 a year now one thing to note They are looking for agents who can work A six to eight hour shift to five days Per week but they do offer 24 7 customer Support so I don't know how they assign Their shifts next up we have the company Phoenixio they are hiring a social media And Community manager now again it says You can work anywhere you want to They're hiring from all countries they Are head headquartered out of London but Have teams remotely all over the world But they are looking for social media And Community manager with a focus in Igaming or Finance so they have two Different things that they kind of work On there you'll be setting up the Strategy for the growth for their Global Eye gaming and finance communities to

Ensure it's implemented you'll manage And moderate the communities across Channels including Twitter telegram Discord and Linkedin you'll use social Media to drive awareness and traffic to Their websites and channels of course You'll then research create and publish Different social media content and You'll use analytical tools to Monitor And evaluate the social media presence And engagement and make sure the things You are posting people are commenting on Liking and engaging with now again They're not going to require any kind of College degree either they want you to Have at least two years experience in Some kind of a similar role a passion For finance or eye gaming proven Experience engaging with gaming players The ability to identify and track Different performance metrics you need To be able to speak English and be a Strong Communicator now unfortunately This one did not list pay that will have To be discussed at the time of the Interview now moving right along if you Want something that is kind of part-time Independent contractor Screen Rant is Hiring a list writer for reality TV so This is a freelance 1099 position if You're in the United States I don't know What the tax laws are and what they're Called outside of the United States but You can work anywhere and it's flexible

Schedule you work on your own schedule But they are looking for people who have Previous online writing experience and a Passion for vertical that you're Applying to so a passion for reality TV Now they want you to write in a list Style format a minimum of five to ten Articles a per week following your Requisite IT training and peer Mentorship period so they will give you Training you're going to be fact Checking things with reality TV and then Formatting linking and image sourcing And editing these documents that you are Writing you'll pitch story ideas to them As well you'll accept and apply any Feedback from their editorial team so When you turn in your articles if they Ask you to make Corrections you will Basically make those Corrections they Are looking for someone who is a passion For content to drive and grow within the TV industry deep knowledge of reality TV Shows a quick learner with a strong Sense of urgency and the ability to Write articles free of typos and Grammatical errors next up if you want To be more on the editing side rather Than the writing side social pilot is Hiring a Content editor now they are Specifically looking for someone to work On Monday through Friday day shift You'll be researching editing and Approve reading the content on blog

Topics to be published online so someone Else has already written it and you have To edit proofread it to make changes to It before it gets published you'll Implement the best practices of Processes for editing proofreading Restructuring and reworking the copies For their website of course you'll Maintain best standards of the content Making sure it's Unique and free of Plagiarism it helps if you know search Engine optimization because you'll be Using those strategies in your editing And optimizing for the web copy and You'll create world-class content assets That attract nurture and convert leads On the website they do prefer somebody For this one that has a bachelor degree In journalism marketing or some kind of Communication field although that is Preferred and not required they are Looking for someone who's four years Experience already in editing and Proofreading someone who has prior Experience in the business to business Or software as a service setup in International markets someone who has Good knowledge of social media Technologies and platforms like YouTube Facebook Instagram Tick Tock all of Those things someone who is up for a Challenge and can multitask all right And this last one here is a technically Not worldwide it's only for my people in

India so if you're outside of the Country of India you can drop off now But I didn't want to not share this Because I know customer service in India Sometimes the positions are hard to come By or at least hard for me to find but The company matter most is hiring a Customer support engineer now this is a Full-time position you'll be the primary Point of contact for customers helping Them solve the problems and utilize Matter most solution to the fullest so You'll be answering tickets coming in From the APAC or emea customers both Technical and operational issues that They have you'll triage the customer Issues debug and find possible Workarounds for them you'll communicate With them via support tickets email Matter most chat and video conferencing With customers so most of this outside Of the video conferencing is going to be Non-phone customer support you'll submit And comment on bug reports you'll create An update reproduction environments for Customer issues you engage with the Matter most support teams to help Provide high quality Global support and You'll maintain good ticket performance And satisfaction with the customers now While they don't require a college Degree they are looking for someone who Is Enterprise level technical support Experience someone who's experienced

Working across teams to resolve support Issues someone who can a triage Reproduce test and document bugs so You've got to be a little bit technical There somebody who has experience with Content management platforms such as Zendesk or Salesforce of course you've Got to have great writing skills and They want somebody who has a experience With some kind of technical operations All right if you found any of these job Leads helpful please give this video a Thumbs up like button that gives me Direct feedback that it was helpful I Want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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