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Foreign [Music] And I'm back with another video in Today's video I will be sharing another Work from home opportunity well I'll try To share a few work from home jobs That's coming from one company and the Company that you're looking at that is Presenting these positions is Kelly Connect Kelly connect is a company I Believe that they are a division of Kelly Services so some of you may be Familiar with Kelly Services but they Provide remote-based positions across The US and Kelly connect basically takes Care of finding paying and developing Skilled agents that consistently earn Customer satisfaction ratings above 90 So they are in charge of finding Remote-based agents such as yourself to Work for various companies in various Positions the average pay can range Between 15 to 20 dollars per hour the Position I'll share with you in this Video is you know twenty dollars an hour Now I highly suggest that you check the Website frequently for remote-based Positions that are posted because this Is a company that tends to hire pretty Fast and their jobs don't stay up for Very long okay so they hire fast and the Position can expire at any time once it Is filled let's jump into some of the Opportunities that have available

Um currently as you can see they have a Position for IT service desk analyst and It is a full-time position if you scroll Down you will notice that they have Other job openings in different Locations within the US they have Another position here for technical Support representative and this is also Available in the US remotely meaning This job you may be able to apply no Matter where you are in the US okay so You want to look for the jobs if you are In New York or California Um they do have positions for California As you can see Irving California Um some of the jobs may be on site based So you just want to look for if you are Interested in working remotely jobs that States in the location that is that it Is remote based okay so they have many Positions currently available that are Remote based this is just the first page That you're looking at so if you're Interested in your I.T service desk Analyst position just click on the title And it will take you to the job detail You can read the full detail this Positions this position pays 20 an hour And it is available all over the US you Do need to have some experience of Course you need to have at least one to Three years experience in it help desk For this particular job so that's for The IT service desk analyst and they

Have a position for technical support Representative you click on that and Read more information in regards to this Position this position is 17 per hour For you to get started and it can go up To eighteen dollars per hour with Successful advancements and the Responsibilities are listed here you can Go through the responsibilities Qualifications for this job you just Need a high school diploma 18 years of Age or older be legally authorized to Work in the U.S and have high-speed Internet service now Kelly connects I've Heard and read that they do provide you With a computer to work from home so I'm Not sure if it's specific to a certain Position that you get for this job they Might provide you with a computer Because it states that you just need a High-speed internet service so they Might you know provide you with a Computer to do to perform this Particular job and they also have Another position here for Mac IT service Desk analysts position available so Again you can go through the many jobs At job openings that they have so the Job that I want to share with you in This video it is not available all over The US it's only available in some Particular States right so it is found On your second page of their job listing So you can go down and you'll see where

It says Customer Support Services Associates and it is available in Multiple remotes location now multiple Meaning that it's not available all over The US it's just in certain locations Okay so for this position I wanted to Highlight this job particularly in this Video because I thought it was very Unique it pays twenty dollars an hour And you can see the locations that as That is available for this job if you're Not in any of those locations then of Course it will not apply to you but if You are in these locations they are Currently seeking a customer service A customer support service associate to Work remotely and and for this Particular job you will be identifying And providing expiration dates Information for covet vaccine you'll be Responsible for Frontline inquiry Service complaint management here's to Quality controls and process and service Quality guidelines remain current with And apply internal and operating Companies policies and procedures Completes required compliance assigned Training by required due dates performs Other related duties as required now They have their qualifications listed Here you need to have a minimum Education requirements of high school Diploma or equivalent now this is just Their preferred educational level is

Two-year degree in medical technical or Business focus you will need to have Minimum experience which is required of One to three years experience and they Have the skills listed here that is Required so make sure you go through the Skills so make sure you go through your Skill section see if you would qualify For this position okay so definitely Read the skills section and make sure That your resume can you know focus on These key keywords that are listed in Their skills requirements sections so They want someone who's customer focused Business Acumen results and performance Driven demonstrates an understanding of Supported franchises and business Processes needed to achieve results Uh customer focus development and goal Setting flexibility and Innovation Planning and organization those are Keywords that you want to implement in Your resume if this is a job that you're Interested in and it is available within Your location okay so that's basically It as you can see uh that's the Qualifications and basically you will be Checking for expiration dates on covet Vaccines this is a full-time position That pays at twenty dollars per hour so Again if you're not in any of those Locations and you are interested in Working with Kelly connects you can Always check out their other positions

That they have available by going to Their job search section and perhaps you May be able to find something that is Similar or related to that particular Position they have some really good jobs Available that pay fairly well so this Is why I wanted to kind of go through Some of those positions that they have Available in this video so that that You're not too disappointed about that Particular position For their coded vaccine but you will see That they have other jobs available that Pay just as good and some of the jobs May require little to no experience one To three years of experience depending On what exactly it is that you'll be Doing in a position okay so that's Basically it for this video check out The link will be posted in the Description section along with other Work from home positions that are Currently hiring I posted some jobs Earlier this week that are still Available for for the month of January So make sure you check out that list and Apply for these positions if you need Assistance with your resume check out All the details and resources that are Available in the link in the description In the description section below this Video and feel free to email me at Melissaathome gmail.com with any Questions in regards to resume revamping

Services and other services that I Provide all right and thank you so much For watching I wish you all the best of Luck happy New Year and happy work from Home bye

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