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Well welcome back my friends this is Lindsay and I am back with another work From home job lead for you last time I Did a video on ADT it's been a month or So there was a lot of you that was Interested in working for them but that Job went really quickly so I'm sharing Again they are hiring again of course The links if you're interested in Applying are in the YouTube description Box below this video and I have it Tested as of the time of posting this Video If you hit the apply Now button it Does open up another page and let you Create an account and apply so this job Is live and accepting applications at This time that they are hiring a remote Customer service monitoring Representative now it says us Nationwide But then down here it says hiring in the Following states so you might just want To check your state you live in to see If it is listed but ADT is a home Security monitor entering system and so Their customer service representatives Are just monitoring those house alarms That go off you'll be handling incoming Alarm calls and you'll Place outgoing Calls to verify the alarm activity Dispatch the proper authorities and Notify responsible parties so if you get An incoming call from like a house alarm Going off you will call the homeowner to See if you can get in touch with them to

See if it is really an issue or if they Accidentally set the alarm off their Self and they don't need any assistance If there is an issue you'll dispatch the Police of Fire EMS anything that is Needed so you'll pay attention to detail While documenting the alarm handling Procedures within the alarm screens of The ADT system you're working in you'll Complete alarm processing in accordance With all departmental procedures and You'll also provide alarm reset Instructions and basic troubleshooting To customers during outbound and in Inbound alarm calls so you will be on The phone with this position now they do Provide paid virtual training and They're paying 15 an hour for this role Now they are offering the standard Benefit package that includes health Insurance paid time off and 401K but They're looking for somebody who is a High school diploma or GED someone who Is at least six months of customer Service experience and someone who can Be a problem solver and all of that now It does State ability to be licensed in Multiple States I am not sure what that Means you'll have to ask them at the Time of the interview alright I just Wanted to quickly share that ADT is Hiring again but if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and

Supporting me always feel free to leave Anything specific that you're looking For in the comments because I do read Those and keep that in mind and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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