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Hey everyone it's Suzanne happy Friday I Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving With your friends and family today I'm Going to share this job with you from Apple this is one I've shared before I Shared about once a month because my Older videos eventually aren't getting Promoted by YouTube anymore and so I Always bring these jobs back to you Because they're really great jobs and I Want to make sure that the new people Have a chance to apply for them so apple Is always hiring Apple support advisors And this is a position that a lot of People like because it's completely Online chat it's with the company Apple So you're going to benefit from all you Know their High pay and all their Benefits and just everything that comes Along with working for Apple so let me Tell you a little bit about it they are Hiring in locations such as the United States China Ireland Singapore possibly More but I'm also going to show you Today how to find and apply for these Jobs because it can be a little tricky Sometimes to find them and to see see Where you can apply so let's get into it So there are two positions with apple Typically that they're hiring for an Apple support advisor and an Apple Support team manager now as an Apple Support advisor you're going to be the First point of contact you'll be the

Friendly voice of Apple answering Questions about their products and Services and providing world-class Customer service troubleshooting and Tech support you'll be well prepared Thanks to some great in-person Interactive training that rely on you to Listen to the customers and use your Technical expertise creativity and Passion to meet their needs and remind Them that behind their great products Are amazing people the Apple support Team manager is going to allow you be to Be in a leadership position and use your Leadership skills to Life by providing Daily supervision promoting the Development of the Apple support Advisors like the advisors you must be Customer focused self-motivated and Friendly with a passion to solve Customer issues effectively you'll Manage advisors performance and Development through regular meetings and Coaching sessions so if you're more at a Leadership level then you can apply for That team manager if you're more of an Entry level person you want to you will Want to apply to the Apple support Advisor so when you click on the link That I'm going to give you it's going to Take you to this page and you're going To be able to search by rule or keyword To find your perfect role this is Actually where you're going to go to

Apply from there this screen will pop up And it's going to give you a list of all Of their jobs as you can see here I Clicked on home office what that means Is you are looking for a remote role That you can perform from your home Office so it lists all of these jobs That you can get right now they have a Lot of college program Apple support Jobs so if you're a student they have Many different universities that you can Apply from and you can get into their College program and it's a great way to Get your foot in the door to become an Apple support advisor now if you're not In college they do have Apple support Advisors for people who are not in College Available as well however those do come And go and you do have to go back often And search for those jobs so that you Can find them when they come up now if You don't want to wait for that you can Share some basic information and submit Your resume via this start now link and They're going to see if they can find a Role that you'd be a good match for an Apple recruiter will be in touch with You you're going to get this login Screen here where it says sign into jobs At Apple you put in your Apple ID and You'll move forward through all the Steps so that you can submit your resume For any future roles that come up that

Way if they're not hiring right now You'll be on the waiting list and as Soon as something comes up hopefully They will be in touch with you all right Now if you're wondering how much Apple Pay some of you know some of you don't They do pay anywhere between 43 and 90 Dollars per hour depending on the role That you're in they pay very well which Is why a lot of people like to have These jobs so if you're interested in Apply applying for this job I'm going to Go ahead and put the link Down Below in The description if you're new here Welcome make sure you subscribe hit that Notification Bell so that you can get All of my daily job leads if you're Looking for a remote work from home job And I will see you all tomorrow

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