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Foreign [Music] 's home and I'm back with another work From home job lead so on today's video We're going to jump right into it this Is coming from Cigna and Cigna is a Well-known health insurance company in The US now they are a global Health Service Company and they offer Health Pharmacy Dental as well as supplemental Insurance and Medicare plans to Individuals and families if you have Ever desired to work for Cigna this is The opportunity for you and the bonus is That you get to work remotely from home So let's jump into the opportunity so The opportunity that is being presented Is for a customer service representative And as you can see it's for work from Home now this job is available in two Locations as it states on the job post And you can click where it says see all Once you click on where it says see all You will see the locations that it is Available in which is virtual us okay so This job is available in the US this U.S Based company they also have hybrid Hybrid basically means that if you are In a specific location that you can have The option of working out of an office Or remotely from home if you are located In Pennsylvania you have two options you Can work out of the office in Pennsylvania location or you can opt to

Work virtually in Pennsylvania so the Two locations is Pennsylvania Specifically hybrid and virtual us Meaning that you can work anywhere in US Virtually okay so those those are the Two locations that they have listed here So for this position if you're someone Who love helping people you are great Listener you are someone who enjoy Customer service experience and you're Ready for a role that utilizes your Caring nature and quick thinking skills To help people this is a position and Company for you if this sounds like you Okay so I highly suggest that you read This first paragraph once you visit the Job post because they have some Indications of what they're looking for As well so even though they're asking if These are your qualities they're also Mentioning that these are the skills That they're looking for so you Definitely want to pay attention to that Because you can you know add those Things within your resume to make sure That you're hitting those keywords that They're looking for so they're looking For quick thinking skills that you're Someone who responds with empathy that You utilize caring nature so feel free To use those keywords at least in your Cover letter also in your interviewing So this position you will help clients And customers and health care providers

Understand their business a little Better topics like determination of Payments and claims related to medical And dental procedures and office Hospital visit costs are common Questions that you will get and would Have to address in this position okay so In order for you to qualify for this Position you will need to have a high School diploma equivalent required Associates or bachelor's degree is Preferred you also need to have at least One plus years of customer service Experience analyzing and solving Customer problems required intermediate Proficiency Microsoft Office knowledge Of medical terminology is a plus but It's not required excellent written in Oral communication skills exceptional Organizational and time management Focus The start date for this position is in February the 20th so that is where the Date that they're looking for you to Start working okay so you have some time But this position can close at any time Once they receive enough applications They can pull the job at any time Between now and the 20th of February Okay so it's best to get started in your Application if you're interested in this Position with Cigna as soon as possible As soon as you see this job lead now in Terms of the pay the salary for this job This position they anticipate offering

You an hourly rate between 17.22 per hour and this all depends on Relevant factors which can include Experience level and where you're Located your geographic location so this Role is also anticipated to be eligible To participate in an annual bonus plan So they also have some bonuses that will Be tacked on to your salary so that's Basically all they're looking for in This position they're not looking to They're not looking for you to have much Experience it's just one plus years of Customer service experience is needed For this position they do require that You have some degrees so make sure you Read through all the qualifications That's needed for you to get started in This particular position also make sure You check out my resume templates I Highly suggest that you use professional Templates to apply for companies such as Cigna okay these are Fortune 500 Companies and you will be competing Against thousands of other applicants so To get the best chance at a jobs job as This definitely want to make sure your Resume is on points because it is the First foot within the door and it is the Tool that market you as a candidate so If you're interested in getting if You're interested in getting your resume Revamped then check out my link in the Description section you can email me

Melissia home to have your Resume completely done over or you can Utilize my res resume template which is In the description section below this Video I have a pro template as well as My no experience template for this Particular position I do recommend my Pro template and I'll show you what Exactly my Pro template looks like so This is a sample of dummy resume okay of What you will get in my Pro so there's Two different resume design that you Will get and this is one of them this is ATS friendly it's straight to the point Basic resume you don't want anything too Fancy too colorful or anything like that Okay you want a resume that is just Straight to the points showcase all your Professional skills and pro and your Experience as well as your you know your Objective okay so of course objective Always goes at the top and then beneath That you want to list professional Skills that are directly related to the Position for instance if you are Applying for cigna's customer service Representative position as you see here You're going to look for for keywords I Mentioned for you to have okay they Mentioned it in the first paragraph so That's basically what you want to pay Attention to they have quick thinking Skills so if you're someone who's quick Thinking you want to list that on the

Resume document in the skills section Right here where it says professional Skills okay so if those are your skills If you have quick thinking skills Anything that's listed on our on our job Post that is skills you want to make Sure that you list relevant skills to What they're asking for in this section Here okay and then of course the Standard work history experience listing Your job positions you held a company That you work for and listing your key Responsibilities for those companies That you have worked for and again make Sure that it is directly related to the Position that you're applying to so Whatever company that you work for that Is like let's say in customer service And it goes well with the Cigna position That's the company you want to list First and you want to list the duties That are directly related to the duties That they're looking for you to perform In the Cigna position you want to list Those related duties on your resume First okay so that again when a Recruiter looks at your resume they Don't have to search through for too Long to find what they're looking for Okay so it's straight to the point Straightforward resume templates this Also comes with cover letter and thank You notes as there's two designs so this Is just one sample I want to show you so

Again I highly recommend that you use Professional templates if you are not Comfortable using templates you can hit Me you can reach me at melissiahome and I can offer you my resume Revamping services for you to get Started but if you're looking to apply For a position such as this with Cigna Keep in mind that these jobs can go Pretty fast so by the time I get your Resume uh done usually take me within in 24 to 48 hours you might miss out on This particular position but you will Have a remote ready resume to apply for Other positions okay so if you want to Apply quickly for Cigna and you're Looking for Um you know guidance resume guidance on Putting your resume together then I do Suggest that you check out my resume Template that's already pre-made for you Ready to go templates and you're just Filling in all these sections with your Details as it relates to the job that You're applying to all right so Hopefully that was clear and if you're Interested in Signal check out the link In description section for full details As well as applying for this particular Job and thank you so much for watching I Wish you all the best of luck happy work From home bye

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