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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is melissia from melissia At home and welcome back to another Video if you are not subscribed Please Subscribe and don't forget to hit that Notification Bell so that you do not Miss out on any of the uploads and Contents that are posted on this channel So I've been a little bit behind on Videos and contents as well as on my Website and I do apologize for those who Have been checking for New Opportunities Posted on this channel as well as my Website I have been pretty much busy Majority of this week with resumes Working on interviewing props Consultation Services and I was pretty Excited so excited to meet so many of You and assist you with your needs when It comes to applying for work from home Jobs and getting started and working From home even though I've been a little Bit behind on videos still in the Background being melissia at home not to Mention being a mom of an active toddler And it's tax season so I had to take Care of some business so I'm back into Makeup for lost times in this video I'll Be sharing multiple opportunities for Multiple companies that you are familiar With so we're going to jump right into It so the first company that you're Looking at this is coming from Krueger

Now Krueger is an American retail Company that operates supermarkets and Multi-department stores now I am Currently on their careers page they Have opportunities available and some of The opportunities are location based Outside of the home and then they also Have remote base opportunities they hire Throughout the US Most states they also Have an amazing benefits package that They have here if you are interested in Going through each one of these you can Select any of the information that you Would like to learn more about so you Just simply click where it says pay and Benefits and the link will take you Directly to a page that will give you Full detailed information about their Pay and the benefits that they offer so If you click on their pay and benefits Link it will take you to this particular Page live at Krueger apply now you can Select that apply button or if you'd Like to learn even more detailed Information of what cougar offers then You can go through all these videos that They have posted you can read more about Their benefits competitive wages Pandemic support that they offer health And wellness Financial Wellness Discounts etc etc so these are the Benefits that you get for working for This company and then you can click Where it says explore open positions

Once you click on explore open position It will take you directly to this page And you can enter any keyword to search For any position that you are interested In finding on their website so for this Particular video we're going to look at A position that I want to highlight and That is their process and data analyst Position which can be remotes now to Find remote based positions I always Think this in my video most companies Will have a search bar for where you can Enter keywords so you want to enter you Can enter if you're looking for data Entry position to narrow down your Search you can enter data entry in their Keyword search or you can just put Remote base now for this website I Entered data entry Clerk and then in Their location section I just entered Remote okay and once I did that it Populated Jobs that are related to remote-based Work now they don't have a lot of Positions available on their website Right now that are remote based so this Is the position that I felt was most Related to data entry remote-based Positions that many of you desire to do Okay data entry work usually does not Require you to be on the phone which is Very much ideal so Krueger do have a Position here called process of data Analysts by the way I'm not sure if I'm

Seeing the name of the company correctly Correctly but if I am awesome if I'm not I'm sure you guys will correct me in the Comments section so this position is for Their process and data analyst position And it states that it can be remotes Although they have a location address on A job description doesn't mean that you Have to reside in that state and even if It states that it's remote and it is Remote based in that specific location That will still consider you if you meet All the qualifications and if you are Highly qualified candidate for the job You will still be considered for this Position no matter where you are in the U.S okay so these types of positions are Open for for remote base and you don't Want to miss out on them but you neglect To realize that remote base just simply Means remote work wherever you are and It means work wherever you are okay so For this position be responsible for the Day-to-day management of data including Gathering summarizing and analyzing data That the team deems necessary for Process improvements best practices Developments and implementation identify And communicate any data related issues Recommendations to the team so they can Quickly develop a resolution demonstrate The company's core values of respect Honesty Integrity diversity inclusion And safety so the essential job

Functions is listed here export and Summarize data perform selected require Key analysis as needed maintain store And Department level database develop And maintain store and Department saving Create management capabilities and Processes continue to develop skills Travel as needed to stores or other Off-site locations so there may be some Traveling involved in this position you Must be able to perform the essential Job Functions of this position with or Without reasonable accommodation now What do you need to qualify for this Particular job you just need one year of Analytical experience or equivalence Creative and alert to new ways of Approaching tasks to get decide results Strong analytical skills proficient at Multitasking Etc etc all right so you can read the Full details of the job responsibilities Keep in mind I just summarize the Responsibilities usually I'm not reading Every single details so make sure that You read every single detail when you Visit when you visit the link to these Positions okay they also have their Desired previous experience education Listed here so if you meet any of their Desired previous experience then you are Highly desired candidate for this Position education level is Associates

Desired and this is a full-time job now In terms of the salary for this Particular position since it's not Listed here since it's not listed on Their job post you'd have to go to Google to find that information And I did a Google search for their data Analyst position and average pay is Approximately sixty thousand dollars per Year all right so that is the average Pay for their for their data analyst Position all right so let's jump to the Next opportunity from a different Company this is coming from change Healthcare I'm sure you may be familiar with change Healthcare if you're not make sure you Go through their website you can visit Their website you can Google this Company to verify that they are a legit Company so change Healthcare is of Course in the healthcare industry and They have career opportunities available On their website you can always visit Their careers page and just like the Last job that I shared you will answer In their keyword search remote based so Just enter remotes Job and then you can select search jobs And here you'll find remote-based Positions that are listed on their Careers page or specifically from that Are specifically for remotes you can Also select on your left side remote

Just to make sure that the jobs that You're looking at are remotes and select Yes remotes please now specifically for Remote-based jobs they have product Support representative position Available multiple locations you can Always select any of these jobs to view The locations that are available for Remote based but I have multiple Positions currently available customer Success manager position technical Support jobs Business Solutions etc etc Now since this video is about data entry Non-phone-based opportunities we're Going to search for a position that is Data related and that is their quality Assurance representative position you Click on that it is available in Multiple locations to find out the Location once again you select where it Says multiple locations put your cursor Over that click on it and it will Display all the states in which it Offers virtual jobs okay so for their Quality assurance position this is fully Remote job available only in the US and They're hiring multiple quality Assurance Representatives that is a plus Because many of you would ask is this For one person that they're hiring for Or multiple people so for this job it is Available for multiple so they have so Many jobs available and when you click On those jobs they may be hiring hiring

Multiple candidates to fill that one Position so for their quality assurance Position this is hiring for multiple Representatives who will confirm or Quality of services rendered meets audit Standards by checking information Against health plans to determine if Measures meet the core the core Responsibilities include identity find Appropriate information for medical Records according to ncqa technical Specifications and change Healthcare Guidelines enter data into change Healthcare software provide coaching Comments maintain accuracy threshold Comply with HIPAA laws and regulations The requirements are listed here you Need to have two years of recent hedis Experience if you're familiar with that And you've and you have two plus years Of experience with that then you qualify For this job if not then this may not be The opportunity for you but I want to Share it because because someone out There just might qualify for this Opportunity and my job is to highlight These positions that are available to You now this job is available to work a Minimum of 20 hours per week so you can Consider this a part-time position with This company now they do prefer someone Who's available to work up to 40 hours Per week so you have the option of Either working 20 hours per week but if

You want to work 40 hours per week this Is their preferred qualification so this Is their preferred qualifications they Also list their unique benefits they Offer 100 work from home flexible Working schedule 20 minimum hours per Week Self-paced paid training so they offer Paid training now if you are in California Colorado New Jersey New York Rhode Island Washington residence then This section right here is for you guys Make sure you read that information and So because this is a Healthcare company They do require you to be coveted Vaccinated okay so if you're someone Who's completely against covid-19 Vaccination then you can bypass this Opportunity and this company if you feel Inspired ready to make a change apply Today with change Healthcare so this is The work from home position I want to Share with you they're hiring for Multiple people and as you can see they Also have other open positions currently Available available now for their Quality assurance specialist position The average pay can range between Seventy one thousand to eighty seven Thousand dollars per year with the Average base salary of seventy nine Thousand dollars for this particular Position all right so let's jump to the Next company NeXT and last company I

Want to share with you which is United Health Group I've shared this company a Few times on my channel they always seem To have positions available you can find A remote-based job with United Health Group by going to their careers section Same as all the other companies I've Shared with you and the same rule Applies for finding remote based jobs on These website you go to their keyword Search section and you could type in Remote based or any uh keyword that Directly relates to what you're looking For in terms of the title of the Position as well as typing in remotes Okay so we're just going to type in Remotes And once you type remotes in the keyword Search it will take you to this page Where they have a listing of jobs Available you can always use the says Remote jobs on the left you select that And it will narrow down specific jobs That are directly related to remote base As you can see Another thing which I always mention Whenever I click on any of the titles For jobs that are located on their Website for example for their senior Direct to optim Insight marketing Position it was State's primary location Is in Eden Prairie Minnesota but it also Will States remote considered okay so it Says remotes considered so that's the

Majority of their jobs will state that So even if you see a location uh Connected to any of the job titles I Will still click on the job title that You're interested in and see if it States remote considered also if you Scroll down into the job description it Will also State again it will reiterate You'll enjoy the flexibility to work Remotely from anywhere in the US as you Take on some tough challenges so just to Reconfirm the jobs that you see that may Have location specific locations Attached to them doesn't necessarily Mean you you have to reside in that Specific location make sure you double Check by clicking the title it will take You to the job description where you can Confirm if it is available remotely Everywhere in the US which this company Tends to do this all right Um so they have multiple positions Available on their website that you can Browse through and select jobs that You're interested in if you are Interested in let's say uh data entry Related work then you could answer that In a keyword data entry Now they have a position here called Eligibility specialist National remotes So I'm going to select this particular Position which is also remote considered It's not just for Dallas taxes and again It states in bold you'll enjoy the

Flexibility to telecommute from anywhere Within the us as you take on some top Challenges so for this job your primary Responsibilities include loading new Member or group data into their Enrollment database and update the Database with changes responding to Member eligibility or group questions And verify enrollment status working With various types of member Correspondents reconciling eligibility Discrepancies working with full Enrollment processes from inquiries to Quotes to quotes work is frequently Completed without established procedure Works independently may act as a Resource for others now required Qualifications for this job you just Need to have a high school diploma two Plus years of experience in an office Setting environments using the telephone And computer as the primary instruments To perform job duties moderate Proficiency with Windows PC applications Telecommuting requirements includes you Are required to have dedicated work area Ability to keep all companies Sensitivity documents secure must live In a location that can receive a United Health Group approved high-speed Internet connection or leverage on Existing high-speed internet service so In order to know this you have to check With your local internet service

Provider soft skills they have listed Here and you can read now in terms of Their salary the salary range for these Specific States California Colorado Connecticut Nevada Washington or New York et cetera et Cetera the salary can range between 16 To 31 dollars per hour which is based on Several factors including but not Limited to education work experience Certifications Etc etc okay so that is the salary range For those specific States but if you are Located in other states then you can use This as a guide to get an idea of how Much you can expect to get paid on Average so they pay up to Thirty One Dollars per hour on average this is Coming from United Health Group and they Have multiple work from home positions Available they tend to always have Remote-based jobs available so that's it Those are the companies I want to share With you to make up for lost times and Hopefully this was helpful if so make Sure you give this video a thumbs up Share this video with someone you know Who this can definitely help and thank You so much for your support your love And support and you can always check out My links in the description section Below this video for information and Tools and resources to help you to get Started in your journey in working from

Home and thank you for listening I'll Speak to you next time happy work from Home bye

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