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[Music] Foreign Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this Is going to be another no phone job okay And this job is coming from the company Wattpad they're currently looking for Community support specialist and the Good thing about this job is you can be In the U.S or you can be in Canada okay So that's pretty good and I wasn't able To find the pay for this shop if I find It during editing you guys already know You're gonna see it on the screen or on The title or on the thumbnail so we're Gonna go ahead and get straight into it Okay so with this job right here you're Going to be answering user inquiries and Provide quality technical assistance and Support to their Community using empathy And analytical skills to troubleshoot And guide users through their issues You're going to swoop out pesky bugs Identify causes and escalate issues to The engineering team and you're going to Also be working with the support and Product teams and provide valuable Customer insights through the product Journey also collaborate with product Teams to provide supportability and Assist with QA for new future releases You will measure users into submit Across multiple platforms and report This to business units across the

Company and own and contribute to Projects that improve the support Experience for their Community improving Their Top Line metrics and you're going To need one to two years of experience And a similar role previous experience Moderating or managing a community is Preferred exceptional empathy critical Thinking and be a high achiever and also Have experience with the ticketing System such as zendesk and they also Want you to have familiarity with HTML CSS and JavaScript or the aptitude to Learn and also if you've ever built a Website they love to see that prior work Experience with jira or Google analytics Is great as well and this job has a Pretty quick application so of course if You guys are interested in applying Check out that link in the description Bar make sure to leave any questions or Comments below and you guys already know I appreciate you so much for watching I'll see you in my next video and good Luck to everyone who applies for the job

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