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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video and we heard it through the Grapevine that this company is on a Hiring spree where you can make up to Twenty dollars an hour be sure guys to Subscribe like and share because on this YouTube channel not only do we talk About legit work from home jobs we also Give away free laptops so if you want to Win take my video go post it on your Social media platforms Facebook Tick Tock Instagram share it with a friend But don't forget to come back and leave Us a comment down below now yesterday I Dropped seven videos on this YouTube Channel and if you missed any of them Be sure to go back and check them out Make sure you share those with a friend As well don't forget to come over here To the two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog on the home page guys Telus is hiring again for their Non-phone skip the interview work Whenever you want Raider position this Is a great opportunity for you guys so Be sure to apply let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You are looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments let's jump in so the Company is called Transamerica and they are looking to Feel this customer care rep as you guys

Can see in big black letters work from Home so let's scroll on down on and Let's get to the description so it says As the point of contact and voice of the Company for Transamerica customers this Role is responsible for providing Accurate and complete information to Callers regarding retirement 401K Ira 403b products work as part of a team That is empowered to go above and beyond To deliver an outstanding customer Experience you will use exceptional Customer service and interpersonal Skills to answer calls regarding Retirement products such as 401K the Iris or IRAs and 403 b Investments you Will identify the customer needs and Provide personalized service to ensure Positive and meaningful outcomes engage More knowledgeable team members as Needed you will locate research Information using multiple systems Technologies coordinate with Cross-functional departments to obtain And or provide necessary information to Resolve issues that document customer Inquiries and Associated actions follow Up on outstanding items in a timely Manner learn and maintain a basic Understanding of products procedures and Systems achieved Department metrics and Expectations participate in a team-based Environment to achieve Department goals Now the qualifications I do see

Associates degree in Business field or Equivalent experience so if you don't Have a degree guys but you have some Type of experience it could be probably Call center or customer service as it States here on the next line one year of Call center or customer service Experience or financial services Industry experience ability to Communicate with customers in a Professional manner orally and in Writing Ability to work independently as part of A team proficiency using Microsoft Office tools and they do have some other Preferred qualifications listed here now On their website guys I do see the pay Listed at 16 to 20 an hour and they do Provide equipment and I do see open Availability Monday through Friday 7 A.M To 8 P.M Central Standard Time so again The company is on a hiring spree the Company is Trans America they are Looking to fear their Customer Care Rep Work from home position the pay is up to Twenty dollars an hour equipment is Provided make sure you guys go over to Google and do some research because guys You just might get an interview and what Are you going to do if they ask you what Do you know about Transamerica so we Like to give you guys a heads up by Stating to you to do some research and Jot down any important information about

The company just just in case you decide To apply you want to be prepared if you Get an interview and not surprised make Sure you guys look under the video in The description box for the link to Apply to the company don't forget to Share my video somebody out there is Looking for a legit work from home job Trust me I do see a lot of scams on Social media each and every single day Across all of them so make sure you guys Are sharing the information we're trying To push this information out to the Masses and thank you so much if you have Shared any of our content we do really Appreciate you guys from the bottom of Our hearts be sure to come back and Leave us a comment hop on over to Facebook make sure you join us the name Of our group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye don't forget to follow us guys On these social media platforms because We got a lot of giveaways going on with This brand so we have a two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page We also got have a Instagram and on Instagram we are so close to ten Thousand followers I am super excited Two chicks with the side hustle make Sure you hop over there share follow and Like my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video bye YouTube

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