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Hey hey hey two chicks fam happy Tuesday It is me Carl and I am back with a no Assessment no interview no experience no Degree work when you want job and I was Able to make two thousand dollars a Month from this company make sure you Guys subscribe like and share because on This YouTube channel not only do we talk About legit work from home job side gig Side hustles but guys we also give away Free laptops and if you want one take This video go post it on your social Media platforms no matter what you have If you have a Facebook or Instagram Tick Tock Twitter share it with a friend Don't forget to come back and leave us a Comment now I have been on fire dropping These work when you want companies make Sure you guys go back check out all the Videos that I dropped on the channel Yesterday and also the ones that I Dropped from Sunday let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for Be sure to come over here to the two Chicks with the side hustle.com blog Look right here apply for Telus International this one guys it pays 14 An hour work when you want and don't Forget to sign up for Branded surveys The link is down below in the comment Section let's jump in so the company That I am going to talk about it is Cambly and cambly is a fun and rewarding

Company because you can pick and choose The hours that you want to work so Basically work when you want now tan and I both started working for camley back In 2018 had no idea what I was doing When I applied to this company but Overall guys I really love cambly this Is a good side hustle egg some people Work this company full time then you Will see that others work the company Part-time now I want you guys to YouTube It's a lot of teachers that work for Cambly YouTube some of these teachers so You guys can get a few video of what They do in the classroom also join some Groups on Facebook there are a lot of Cambly groups that you guys can join on Facebook and you guys can see what other People are saying about the company also Some tips and tricks and also some of Them don't mind sharing what they make From this company so let's hop in so Tutor with cambly get paid to chat with People from around the world simple easy Peasy now The adult side you will start there you Have to apply to be over on the kids Side after you are hired for the adult Side now that is how they did it when I Applied for them they did not have the Kids and then I think two months later They got the kids side now from what I've been told it's still the same way So I'm not sure I know we had a couple

Of people to say that they were able to Apply for the adult side and for the Kids side not sure really how that works Because you have to start here and apply From this website to get to the adult Side first and then you either get Offered or you have to reach out and ask Them can you apply for the kids side so It says tutoring English with cambly is Fun and rewarding so with this one guys There's no teaching certificate no Bachelor's degree no prior teaching Experience no assessments there is a Demo and with the demo all you are doing Is basically recording a video of Yourself where you guys are introducing Yourselves and you can also go on YouTube Type in cambly demos there are a Ton of videos on how to do the demos My Demo is sucked Tan's hair sucked as well Because as I stated at the beginning of The video I had no idea what I was doing So with this one they do pay out every Tuesday it used to be on Mondays but They changed it to Tuesday they do hire From anywhere except for California I Don't know what's going on with California and camely because Camden is Located in California they used to hire In California but as of last year they Terminated everybody that worked for Them and lived in California I know it Sucks so it says tutor anytime anywhere It says with our students spread across

The globe you can start tutoring at any Time of the day based on your schedule You can work as little or as much as you Want no minimum hours ever and that is The truth now they do pay weekly every Tuesday it says earn for every minute That you spend chatting you can make 17 Cents a minute which is equivalent to Ten dollars and twenty cents an hour on Cambly and that is the adult side or 20 Cent a minute which is equivalent to Twelve dollars an hour on the cambly Kids and I would suggest guys if you Want to turn this into maybe a part-time Job you have to be consistent because People they get on here wanting to talk And once you start getting regular Students or regular adults either or Kids or adults they are going to want to Talk to you all the time so open up your Slots get prepared for your classes and Just have fun that is my take on cambly So it says that make a global impact on Cambly you help people around the world Build their English language skills in One-on-one lessons and sometimes if it's Children you may have two to three Depending on if they have sisters or Brothers some of the parents they like To have them separated but some of them Do not so keep that in mind if you come Across any children and you see multiple Kids in the camera don't be alarmed but Sometimes it happens like that so again

Come on the Block it is two chicks with The side hustle.com make sure you look Under the spotlight job section click on Cambly no assessment no degree guys no Experience you can work when you want And I was able to make an income of two Thousand dollars a month now I have seen People make more than that I've seen a Guy he makes about eight eight fifty a Week 850 a week I've seen other people That make a thousand dollars a month Some people make twelve hundred some People you know they make maybe seven Six or seven hundred dollars a month it Is totally up to you guys what you want To make from the company and once you Teach a class after you are finished Teaching you get to see your money in Real time so you can kind of keep a note A mental note on how much you're making Or how much you want to make set a goals And try to reach that goal by the end of The week and again they do pay out via PayPal so make sure that you have a PayPal account before you apply to this Company because you never know you just Might get hired and you want to be set Up prepared and ready make sure you guys Do some research we always say that even Though it's no interview make sure you Go over and research the company go to YouTube a lot of teachers slash tutors Have videos posted so go over to YouTube Check out those videos see what people

Are saying now you could use cambly as a Stepping stone because there are other Schools out there that pay more than Camley a little bit more than came this So you can start here get the knowledge The skills gain the experience and you Can also get you a teaching certificate From Groupon go over to Groupon look for The tesol which it is t-e-s-o-l they do Sell them where you will have to Complete a course and then at the end of The course they will give you your Certificate and a lot of people do that I did not have my certificate before I Started cambly but a month into it I did Get my certificate off of Groupon so Make sure you guys check that out and Students they come and they go guys so If you do get some students and maybe For a while you don't see them sometimes They will get off of cambly and then They'll come back and you'll get people From all over the world like Brazil Turkey I've had people from Saudi Arabia I've had some students from Japan I've Also had some students from Korea Vietnam so you will get students kids And adults from everywhere and cambly is Open 24 7 I could literally get off of Here from doing this video and jump on Cambly right now they are open and Somebody probably will be on there ready To talk to me so make sure you guys Check out came to get this great egg in

Your basket don't forget to share my Video because somebody out there guys is Looking for a company such as this one We have a lot of people in this world And a lot of people sometimes cannot Find that right opportunity or that Right job but however you sharing this Video you may help that person lead them Into where they supposed to be which is Teaching or tutoring English to people Overseas make sure you guys hop over to Facebook join us it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye that is the name of our group And that group has been up since 2019 Since actually since we started this Make sure you guys go over to our Facebook business page it is two chicks With a side hustle follow like and share Because we are doing giveaways guys this Year you're like crazy so on the two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page we will be giving away two More laptop computers brand new and Absolutely free the same thing you guys Do over here go over there share share Share don't forget about Instagram on Instagram we are so close to 10 000 Followers and I am super excited to Reach ten thousand that is a great Milestone for us so make sure you guys Come over there it is two chicks with The side hustle all you have to do same Thing follow like and share I have no Idea right now what we are going to give

Away for the 10K followers on Instagram But I'm pretty sure tan and I we will Come up with something that you guys Hopefully will like my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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