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Happy Monday two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a non-phone part-time High paying work from home job I hope You guys had a wonderful weekend make Sure you guys hop over here to check out These non-phone jobs that we posted on The blog today it is make sure you Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share because On our Channel guys we give away laptop Computers and they are absolutely free To you guys once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers we will be giving Away 10 more laptops so make sure you Guys go spread the word tell a friend Invite your people over here to the Channel leave us a comment hop over to The two chicks with the side Blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for a Tell us and for Omni now we were on the Live stream live last night we talked About 10 part-time work from home jobs That are hiring right now some of them Guys are non-phone and skipped the Interview so make sure you guys go back And check out that video let us know in The comments what type of work from home Jobs side gig or hustle you guys are Looking for and be sure to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's hop in the company is

Called path rise and they are looking For application Specialists to work Part-time it says remote I did not see Any state restrictions listed on their Website so let's jump right on in now it Says here For this role we are seeking a Specialist to work directly with the job Seekers on converting more job Applications into interviews by Collaborating on submitting high quality Applications facilitating introductions And sending code Outreach this is an Opportunity to support our fellows During one of the most critical moments Of the job search you can make a real Impact which is a great thing so it's Kind of like you're a recruiter that's What it seems like you're going through Applications and you're sending out the Best application or the best resume to The jobs or to the companies now I do See here requirements one plus years of Experience working in the recruiting Space or as a coach excellent written in Verbal communication skills knowledge of The job research I mean job search Process and different platforms ability To review resumes and make sound Adjustments essential duties build an Understanding of a fellow's profile Resume LinkedIn Target roles to help Them with their job search meet with Fellows for working sessions to share

Best practices for submitting Applications in each session source and Apply to jobs on behalf of the fellows During the work sessions proofread Resumes to make sure they are error free And organized make resume edits per job Application to increase the matching Percent for a Target role write and send Personalized code Outreach emails on Behalf of fellows run a working session With the fellow where both of you are Applying to jobs on their behalf now for This one guys I do see here flexible Schedule and remote work US and Canada Prefer so if you live in Canada and I Know we do have some people that do Reach out to us that live in Canada if You are watching the video you can apply For this job I do see here the hourly Rate of pay is 25 to 35 dollars and an Hour plus a five dollar bonus per Interview generated which is not a bad Thing at all now it's stated part-time Guys but it did not say how many hours You guys would be required to work maybe They don't have a minimum or an hourly Requirement however I don't know because I don't work for the company now I will Leave a link posted right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out path rise again this is a Part-time non-phone job that is paying Between 25 to 35 Plus a five dollar Bonus per interview generated so you

Guys could get up to forty dollars per Hour which is a great thing if you live In Canada you can apply for this job I Did not see any state restrictions Listed over on their website make sure You guys do your own research make sure You share the video leave us a comment And then hop over to Facebook join the Group KISS that cubicle goodbye and make Sure you guys follow us on on our two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page because we are going to do A giveaway over there now over there we Are trying to get to a hundred thousand Followers and once we do we will be Giving away two brand new laptop Computers and I'm thinking about giving Away some extra things over there maybe Some keyboards mouse pads things like That so make sure you guys hop over There follow you can start sharing from Over there as well or tag your people on The post it does not matter how many Times you share just share the Information and leave us some comments And then follow us on Tick Tock Twitter Also on Instagram we are going to do a Pop-up giveaway on Instagram guys but I Can't tell you guys when it could be This month or we could hold off and wait Till December so make sure you guys are Following us over on our Instagram page It is two chicks with the side hustle Also Tick Tock and Twitter we are trying

To build those platform arms up so make Sure you guys follow us and leave us Some comments and you can share whatever Information you would like to share over On Instagram but make sure you leave us Some comments under the videos as well My name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing fantastic People in the next video bye

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