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Happy Wednesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job where You can make your own schedule you can Make anywhere between 30 to 38 dollars Per hour according to Glassdoor before I Give you the information make sure that You are watching the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle Remember this channel is all about Non-phone work and home job leads they Go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time so if you're looking for a Work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel so Let's go ahead and dive right into the Job now we're going to be talking about The company bearer's death they're Currently seeking clients representative To work remotely now according to Glassdoor the pay is between 30 and 38 Dollars per hour they're looking for you To have three plus years of relevant Experience as a daily entry of sales Agent experience in sales support roles They will supply your hardware setup so This company will supply your hard work Set up they do offer flexible hours Where you can make your own schedule and Basically you would connect with clients And your team through their chat system

To obtain all relevant information Needed and to give you information about Bears Dev it is the leading North Share Technology solution company engineer Scalable and high performing software Solution to meet the business needs okay So we're going to go more into details About what you're going to be doing on The job here you're going to upload data Of new leads to the Erp database in the Market spreadsheet you're going to Forward extension information to other Teams such as recruiting in HR you're Going to perform extensive searches on The web to find leads in companies Contact information and then again when You go a little bit further There are looking for someone that has Um experience in software development And web technology there is a platform Where you can go in for free and Practice all of this uh when you go here Um there's free online sales course in The description it talks about that you Have to have experience right here in Sales support roles you got to go in and Educate yourself and learn these things So you can go ahead and apply for the Job and get the job so they do have Something free on Allison and power Yourself so there's a free online sales Course that you can go through and learn As much as you can as well as when They're talking about web technology you

Can teach yourself well technology there Are free Um websites that you can go for learning Web development as you can see on here Free code cam code academy Udemy YouTube a red XCS tricks and JavaScript script 30. so go check these Out these are free three places where You can learn um web development so you Can go ahead and get that job they're Also talking about Advanced English Level there's also a free online Advanced English course that you can go In and check it out in order to Understand and get the job so you have To do what you have to do is if you're Applying for a job and you feel like you Don't have the knowledge go and research Things you Google is your friend and you Can found free things that you can go in And get you where you need to be that is What I did years ago I didn't know I Think it was I forgot what it is but I Know it was one job that I didn't Understand word excel I Google it Um I learned how to do excel within Three minutes I understood how to do Excel and was able to get that job at That time so that's exactly what you Have to do is research things in order To be able to get land a remote job now I want to leave an encouragement words With you and I always talk about backup Plan that is very important is to have

Multiple strains of income multiple jobs Because you can't depend on people I Speak about that a lot of people love it When you have to depend on them for Everything like if you're not working um A lot of times stay-at-home moms um and I was a stay-at-home moms where you know Your spouse said well I'll pay for Everything you don't have to worry about Nothing but just you know take care of The kids but you know that sounds good And everything but you got to think About what What would you do if something happened To your spouse how will you pay the Bills or if your spouse become disabled How are you going to pay the bills and That's how people get into the situation Where they become homeless is because They don't sit back and think about Things Um things happen taste changes Um people if you don't do what they want You to do they will not give you the Funds that you need in order to have Money to pay or you know some bills or Whatever the case may be Um some people like to control so that's Why I say you have to have multiple Strains of income because again you Cannot depend on people you know um when You depend on people they will take it To the bank and they would do everything That they can to keep you from reaching

Your goal so you know people stay in Abusive relationships I know Um a lot of people stay in abusive Relationships because they do not have The funds to get it out they don't they Don't have a plan they don't have a side Hustle they just stay at home and take Care of the kids which it is a job but In the midst of you taking care of a Child you need to do something whether It's mystery shoppers or um do something In order to build an income just in case You know that something goes down you'll Be able to get your place you'll be able To make it on your own and take care of Your children so that's why it's very Important to have multiple strains of Income and remember you know don't Disqualify yourself also before you Apply for these jobs let the company Do It um you got to speak life I keep Saying that you have to speak life over Yourself And the power of the tongue determines Life and death if you feel like you know If you think negative negative things Are going to happen if you think Positive positive things are going to Happen and I talk about surrounding Yourself around people that's going to Uplift you instead of tear you down you Want people to cheer you on because You're all in the same team and you Should be happy for everybody but

Everybody's not happy for you you know If people like to see you starving People like to see you homeless some People get a kick out of that when you Don't have a job Um you know people will make fun of you Because you don't have a job so you have To start getting out there making things Happen if you don't know how to do a job You got to Google it and you got to Learn it use YouTube for free to go and Find out how to do Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint whatever the job description Is requiring you to have it's always Somebody that is giving you that Information how to do web Um development how to you know be an Expert in sales support so you just have To use the tools that you know and have In order to be able to be able to go to The next level so you have to again you Know you got to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there and Grab these jobs it is very important you Know that to have a backup plan and That's what you're going to find on this Job is having multiple strains of income Coming in just in case don't wait till The lights go off before you actually Take action take action today go out There and grab what is yours there is a Job out there with your name on it so go And apply today now speaking of a backup

Plan I always talk about backup plans is Very important one thing that you got to Learn is you got to prepare and plan the Holidays are coming up Thanksgiving is Coming up and you gotta if you're gonna Have guests over your homework whether If you're cooking for your family you Gotta plan what you know I'm gonna Prepare what kind of sides I'm going to Prepare what is the main dish so you can Go out there and purchase those items And then you start preparing it that's The same thing about with business I Believe in multiple strains of income I Believe in eight so you got a plan you Know because things happen you know a Lot of people been on a job for 30 years Or two years and companies decided that They're going to lay off and they're to The place where okay what is I'm gonna Do now you know um I need a job you draw Your unemployment it's not enough Um your some people are disabled get Disability checks they say it's not Enough some people get Social Security Checks and they said it's not enough to Pay your bills you need to get into Book Boat In Book boat you're creating low content Books and for those who don't know what Low content books are these are journals Law books Diaries coloring books many Many many more low content books out There that you can make passive income

When you do your research people are Making anywhere between the Thousand to Ten thousand a month creating low Content books but again you have to put In the work what come easy won't last And what last won't come easy how you Promote this is with Facebook ads said You got to pay Um in order to get it and you know you Don't have to pay but some people do pay For ads in order to get in front of the Right audience some people use free Social media platforms to promote this On if you have a website you can promote It on your website the great thing about Bookboat you can work anywhere in the World you can be in the United States so You can be out of the country and do This and you don't have to have Inexperience no interview Um I'm not I'm not experienced I'm not a Graphic designer I pay somebody on Fiverr anywhere between Five and Twenty Dollars in order to create a cover for Me so the great thing about the platform Is that you could always research the Product before you actually make it to See if it's sale and you can also spy on Your competitors and see what kind of Keywords they're using and Implement Those in your titles and descriptions Not to copy but to be expired bookboat Has upgraded they got a new book Studio Where you're getting cover creators

Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customizations over 1 200 plus Free fonts more than one million royalty Free image and pattern scalable designs Filter in much more and again you're Able to make puzzle books activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create you need books for Your audience and yes people buy these Here okay now when you're talking about A business there is pricing when you go Here to prices I believe is very Affordable you cannot complain about the Situation until you invest use the job That you have as a crutch to invest in Your business that is a part of Self-care okay now you have 9.99 per Month for newbie 19.99 per month for pro The only difference with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included but if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of sweat all in lower Cases you will receive 20 off of the 99.99 per month and that is Lifetime or If you choose 19.99 per month you'll get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime the Great thing about this platform is you Can try that for three days for free and See if you like it I guarantee you're Gonna like it so you need to think about Having a business mindset have multiple Strains of income you can be very Successful on this I have been doing

Book for probably about six months and I Have literally made any over eight about Eight hundred dollars offers selling low Content books I am not where I want to Be but I am getting there I'm learning Um the great thing about this platform Is that on Tuesday or Thursdays they do Have webinars live webinars where you Can go and get your questions answered As well as there are also giving you More information to help grow your low Content business they do have a lot of Tutorials if you spend an hour a day you Will get that knowledge you need in Order to be successful on creating low Content books okay I made two videos About Um how easy it is to create a coloring Page and a journal so go check that out So remember You got to invest to grow you know you Got to have that mindset of being a Business an entrepreneur leave a legacy For your children children get out there And have a backup plan don't wait until The lights turn off and you try to do Things because it's going to be kind of Too late so go sign up today you sign up Today you can start creating low content Books and upload them on Amazon kdb Etsy send out pay help Um free webs your website of free social Media platforms that you're able to do So go ahead and check that out today

Okay now Make for sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in all of my Videos as well as I would love for you To be a part of the family by Subscribing to the channel so hit that Red button that says subscribe and don't Forget to turn on your notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're No longer available don't forget to Check your community tab that is where I Engage with you I do pose I give quotes When I upload new videos I posted in There as well okay so make sure you go Ahead and check that out and remember Don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It you got to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there and Grab what is yours go ahead and apply For these jobs today there is a job out There with your name on it thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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